Strange time to help consumers switch UK networks

Rating: 3 UK tells us that their not afraid of competition

Just eight days before EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) becomes the sole supplier of an LTE based mobile 4G network, arch rival Three (3UK) has come out in favour of making it easier for UK consumers to switch mobile network supplier. Let us give you an example. GoMobile News has Orange as one of its fixed broadband suppliers. Orange made us an offer we couldn’t refuse to become our landline provider instead of BT. Did we have to handle the paperwork/phone calls to make this happen? Of course not. But if we try to migrate to 3UK from Orange as our cellular subscriber we have to obtain the relevant PUK code ourselves and go through a long wait for the switch to happen. 3UK wants an end to this ridiculous situation.3UK points out that according to according to Ofcom, just 9 per cent of UK customers switch operator each year.

Sadly the company didn’t provide comparison figures for another utility supplier – such as gas.

But we would expect that figure to be at least three times higher.

Anyway,  3UK commissioned a study from YouGov which found that 78 per cent of respondents to its poll want simpler, easier switching in line with other services.

Three CEO, Dave Dyson, commented, “Easy switching for UK mobile consumers is long overdue. In Ireland, Three, O2 and Vodafone customers enjoy no-hassle switching.”

He continued, “It’s time UK customers were given the same rights to easily switch and keep their number when they want a better deal.”

Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert with, observes, “The move to recipient-led switching, where the new supplier would liaise with the customer’s current provider on their behalf, is long overdue.”

What GoMobile News would love to see is the UK government/EU push EE to hand over the 1800 MHz spectrum which it has to release much earlier.

That would enable 3UK to support 4G compatible for the Apple iPhone 5 as well as EE.

UPDATE: GoMobile News spoke to a 3UK spokesman about the issue and was told that his company was not afraid of competition.

That obviously includes EE. 3UK added that it always welcomes working in a competitive environment.

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