Subtle differences between IoT & M2M revealed

Effectively the  Internet of Things is  not B2B but B2B2C

IoT is B2B2C - aitken

We recently had the chance to have a cosy chat with Colin Aitken, business development direct with NextG-Com in the lovely environs of Staines-upon-Thames [UK].  He was helping GoMo News out with one of the great current quandaries in the cellular sector. Are there any real differences between machine-to-machine communications [M2M] and the new vision of the world with everything linked up together in an Internet of Things [IoT]? Aitken pointed out that there are subtle differences in the ecosystems. With IoT. services will be sold by one business to another business which then markets that on to the consumer. So B2B2C, then.

With M2M, the driving force behind an implementation was an operational one. Where’s my van disappeared to? Are there any bottles left in my dispenser? How much beer have I just dispensed?

With the IoT, however, your car will be communicating with your nearest vehicle concession owner. But the information which is revealed will be marketed to the consumer as a benefit.

So a Ford, for example, might market the fact that your SUV is connected to the IoT and your local dealer can keep track of its condition.

The important aspects to the IoT will be the collection of data and the intelligent analysis of that data. So that services can then be marketed and sold to consumers.

There’s going to be a big difference between the ecosystems of the IoT vs M2M. The crucial difference is that the hardware costs have to be extremely low with  an IoT.

So you’d really want to build an IoT capability into an existing chipset. Which is lucky for NextG-Com because that is exactly waht the company does – write protocol stacks.

Chatting with Colin, GoMo News realised what we were dealing with. NextG-Com is going to be the ARM of the IoT world.

Where’s the cellular connection? Well, for IoT to work, you’ve got to have some kind of network connexion. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what MNOs possess.

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