Surge in iPhone 5S sales take Apple to No.3 slot in China

Flagship Apple smartphone big hit in People’s Republic

3rd largest smartphone player in China - Shah

Chinese smartphone buyers are turning to Apple’s iPhones in the their droves, latest figures suggest, with the device comprising 12 per cent of sales there during October 2013. According to market research company Counterpoint, the sales in China also propelled the top-end 5S – which has a built-in fingerprint reader – to becoming the best-selling phone worldwide that same month. Said Counterpoint’s Neil Shah, “Apple’s smartphone market share climbed to the 12 per cent mark in China in October [2013], instantly making it the third largest smartphone player in the [Chinese] market – up from a modest three per cent share in September.”

As the world’s largest smartphone market, it’s reckoned that in the third quarter of this year some 87.7 million devices were sold, with sales growing at 52 per cent year-on-year compared to 40 per cent for other parts of the globe.

Korean giant,  Samsung,  still takes the lion’s share of sales, averaging more than six million phones each month.

Meanwhile Counterpoint’s latest figures come ahead of what’s expected to be the official announcement of Apple’s tie-up with China Mobile next week [December 2013], coinciding with the launch of a new 4G network able to support the iPhone.

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