Survey finds 99% of US mags had at least one 2D barcodes

Rating: Most mobile campaigns link to video

A survey of the Top 100 US magazines (by circulation) carried out by Nellymoser has found that the use of some kind of 2D barcode is almost universal. The percentage of magazines with at least one such code went from 78 per cent in Q1 2011 to 99 per cent in Q1 2012. Marketers overwhelmingly favoured QR codes over other types of 2D codes with a share of over 80 per cent. Significantly, Microsoft Tag held a 14 per cent share with other types of codes (SpyderLynk SnapTag, Digimarc watermark) having only a 6 per cent market share. GoMobile News is unsure if Microsoft would have such a share globally. Interestingly most codes pointed to a video of some kind.Nellymoser found that 35 per cent of mobile campaigns led to a video experience such as a product demo, entertaining clip, or behind-the-scenes look.

Mobile commerce (which lets readers scan an action code and immediately purchase a product), and social media sharing (to enable Facebook, Twitter and email sharing) both had around a 20 per cent share of links from codes.

Roger Matus, an executive vp with Nellymoser, commented, “The fact that virtually every Top 100 US publication featured advertisements with mobile action codes in Q1 is evidence that they are an essential marketing tool for engaging readers and building brand loyalty.”

“Given the trajectory of growth we’ve seen to date, we anticipate an even faster rate of mobile action code adoption throughout 2012,” Matus added.

Some of the other stats unearthed by Nellymoser are equally impressive.

For example, the total number of action codes in magazines grew by an impressive 288 per cent – from 352 in Q1 2011 to 1365 in Q1 2012.

Brands certainly seem to have caught onto the power of 2D barcodes. More than 450 brands ran at least one advertisement during Q1 2012 which included a code, which is up from only 137 in Q1 2011.

GoMobile News would love to know how these brands broke down into industry sectors. In the UK, brewers seem particularly big users of 2D barcodes, for example.

A free copy of this study is available from here.

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2 Responses to Survey finds 99% of US mags had at least one 2D barcodes

  1. Dan Reese says:

    I think we’re past getting excited about how many marketers are using QR codes. I’d like to see statistics on the number of scans, or the percentage of codes scanned based on circulation. And then statistics on measurable results of readers scanning the codes.
    If a QR code falls in a forest and nobody scans it does it make a sound?

  2. Roger Matus says:

    Tony –

    Happy to oblige with the industry information that you requested. Here is a chart of the top 10 industries using action codes in Q1 2012 for the top 100 U.S. magazines:


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