Swedish cider firm claims worlds most stealable glass

We think that Google fanboys will have something to say about this

world's most outrageous claim

We always thought it foolish of Google to name its AR [Augmented Reality] eyeware – Glass rather than glasses or specs. so now the inevitable has happened. A Swedish designer cider manufacturer – Kopparberg is boldly pronouncing that it can boast, “The world’s most ‘stealable’ glass.” Google fanboys eat your hearts out. How has the company reacted to this discovery? It has developed a security tag, on trial at Jaguar Shoes in London’s Shoreditch, which is designed to explode with ink when the glass is taken more than 100 feet from the bar.

Now GoMo News would argue that Google Glass as an object is far more theft-prone than a mere receptacle for holding cider.

However, by pure co-incidence it might have accidentally come to Google’s rescue.

Imagine you’re sitting in a bar at a Google IO conference and you put your Glass down.

If any geek tries to steal it, he or her will end up covered in ink designed to match Kopparberg’s new Cloudberry and Elderflower & Lime varieties.

So the culprit may literally end up being red-faced (depending on what flavour they are drinking).

The sensor is placed on the door to the bar. We’d suggest that it is cleverly positioned more than 100 feet away from the toilets [restrooms] so that villains couldn’t attempt to prise the tag off in a cubicle.

Perhaps Kopparberg should also get in contact with Apple? After all, the company has a history of employees losing prototypes of its latest handsets in bars.

It could offer to fit its tags to the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 (or whatever it gets called) before the handset falls into the hands of unscrupulous journalists (a common sight in bars).

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