T-Mobile says British holiday-makers are a nation of ‘Smoasters’

Rating: That’s Social Media Boasters

Six out of ten Brits can’t live without ‘Smoasting’ (Social Media Boasting) whilst on holiday, according to research from T-Mobile UK. It also found that:- four in ten Brits log-on to Facebook and Twitter at least once a day whilst abroad; and almost half of Brits (45 per cent) will only tag themselves on a holiday photo if the location is glamorous and it will make them look good. Naturally this research has been timed to neatly coincide with T-Mobile’s Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters launch. When a traveller wants to ‘Smoast’, the network will automatically re-direct them to a page where they will be prompted to buy a booster. Wonder whose software’s behind this, then?“The T-Mobile research shows that we Brits have totally embraced the concept of social networking, so it’s no wonder that 60 per cent of people need to feel in contact when they are on holiday,” commented Jo Hemmings, a leading psychologist.

Hemmings continued, “We’re not an especially boastful nation but social networking has enabled us to post updates and photos about what we’re up to anywhere in the world.”

The research also shows that celebrities are not immune to Smoasting. It says the Top Five most prolific are: – the whole cast of TOWIE; the Made in Chelsea cast; Rhianna; Tulisa; and Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham),  naturally.

The Northern Irish are the most likely to ‘Smoast’ whilst they are away (70 per cent) with the Scottish and Londoners coming in closely behind (65 per cent).

By contrast, people from East Anglia (74 per cent) get angry about other people’s Facebook and Twitter updates, with over half (52 per cent) saying it is because they are showing off.

In all, 50 per cent of Brits having admitted to checking themselves in at a famous landmark; uploading smug shots of themselves at the beach; or enjoying a fancy meal whilst on holiday. All to show off to friends.

“Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters gives our customers the unbeatable re-assurance that they will never pay more than they expect, anywhere in the world for the use of any mobile data,” a T-Mobile spokesperson claimed.

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