T-Mobile UK’s customer service disappoints

Rating: Apparently iPhone 5 demand overwhelms support desk

GoMobile News doesn’t normally get involved with individual consumers’ cases, but we were completely surprised by the situation facing one reader who has been with T-Mobile UK (now owned by EE) for many years. Like many Brits, she had received a brand new handset (in this case a BlackBerry Torch) as an Xmas present. So she needed to get through to her mobile network operator to ask for BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) to be activated. However, she can’t currently get though. And amazingly, T-Mobile is blaming Apple.It sounds crazy but the pre-recorded message presently being played to all T-Mobile UK’s customers seeking technical support is blaming unprecedented demand for Apple’s iPhone 5.

It’s not as if the iPhone 5 was launched yesterday [January 2nd 2013] ¬†which might have provided an excuse.

So in terms of PR, we’d say this is a big mistake, huge.

Hopefully, T-Mobile will either sort out the iPhone 5 backlog or send more staff to answer the help lines.

It’s not exactly the best way to start 2013 if you intend to retain existing customers.

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2 Responses to T-Mobile UK’s customer service disappoints

  1. gregory burr says:

    i got this phone for free nd i got a plan for $4o.00 and the bill says i owe $117.00 i did not agree to that and im going to the b.b.b.to complain about false advertizing and i am calling my bank to stop payment plus i am disabled and i am going to a disability lawer and i am going to warn everyone on you tube about t-mobile ripping people off

  2. admin says:

    You are obviously talking about T-Mobile USA. We were talking about T-Mobile UK. Same brand. Completely different company.

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