T-Mobile’s maverick Legere turns US operation around

Describes the US MNO as an ‘Un-carrier’


It seems that the favourite way of describing current T-Mobile USA CEO, John Legere, is to portray him as some kind of maverick. Shock, horror he has abandoned blue suits [aka IBM] in favour of wearing t-shirts. Um, isn’t that what the likes of Bill Gates did? Hardly revolutionary in US culture but in the cellular world which has been a tad more formal, then yes he is a bit of a rebel. But Legere seems to be a rebel with a major cause – that of re-establishing T-Mobile as a major player in the US market. Which is littered with mobile network operators [MNOs]. It’s just that the main analysts pretend that T-Mobile’s only opposition is from Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and At&T. Well, nver mind that since September 2012, Legere appears to have achieved the imagined impossible task of turning T-Mobile around.

What many US observers also fail to appreciate is that T-Mobile is not merely an off-shoot of a successful European based MNO, it is also a GSM network.

And GSM has won the battle for dirt cheap handsets on a global basis. Which kind of helps in terms of customer acquisition.

The proof of the pudding is that at CES T-Mobile said that it had added 869,000 monthly subscribers last quarter, topping the average analyst estimate of about 650,000.

Which made Q4 2013 the best quarter T-Mobile has had in eight years, and the company the fastest expanding MNO in the USA.

When its says its LTE network is “reaching” more than 200 million users, what T-Mobile means, however, is that 200m could potentially switch to Superfast 4G.

Here are GoMo Towers we think that Legere’s best move has been to announce that it will cover early termination fees for those North Americans who switch to T-Mobile USA.

Whch is what is needed over here in Europe. MNOs have shot themselves in the foot with contracts which tie the user into 24 month contracts. Effectively leaving consumers with an out-of-date smartphone for around 18 months.

Legere apparently likes to refer to T-Mobile as an ‘Un-carrier’. Whatever his choice of terminology, Legere seems to have struck a note with the US public and is currently reaping the benefits.

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