Tablets outperform smartphones on CTRs by 250%,says Adfonic

Rating: Android tablets increased share by 40% over Xmas

There is absolutely no doubt about it any more. According to Adfonic, the mobile ad buying platform, information contained in its ‘AdSnap: Tablets’ report shows that clickthrough rates (CTRs) on tablets outperform those for smartphones by 250 per cent for branding campaigns. In other words, for every one clickthrough on a smartphone, there are 2.5 additional clickthroughs on a tablet. Tablets increased their share of ad requests by 40 per cent in just 2 weeks over the Xmas [2012] period – driven primarily by Android tablets (especially the Kindle Fire HD). However, Adfonic says that role for smartphone campaigns.

Based on billions of ad impressions from across Adfonic’s platform, the report is available from here.

Adfonic’s AdSnap also demonstrates that the typical daily profiles of tablet and smartphone use are complementary.

Advertisers can maximise the value of their campaigns by planning around the profiles provided by this report.

For example, to maximise campaign value, advertisers need to reach tablet users in the evening (63 per cent of tablet ad requests come after 2pm) and smartphone users in the early morning.

Tablets are proving stronger for direct response campaigns – such as cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per click (CPC), or cost per impression (CPI).

However, they are significantly stronger for branding campaigns based around cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

These are two distinct campaign types which would typically involve different creatives or user journeys, yet tablets outperform smartphones in both instances.

“This new AdSnap analysis demonstrates that tablets are outperforming smartphones in many scenarios – but that there remains a distinct role for smartphone campaigns planned and executed to complement their larger cousins,” observed Victor Malachard, CEO with Adfonic.

Read the full Press release here.

tablets beat smartphones on CTRs by 250%

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