Tablets to outshine smartphones & PCs says Gartner

We blame Windows 8 for PC sales slump

fatigue in smartphone replacements - milanesi

A galaxy (excuse the pun) of useful stats from Garner (see below) show that tablets sales will boom whilst smartphone sales slow and PC sales stagnate. Unlike others, GoMo News blames Windows 8 entirely for the sales slum in desktop and laptops. We recommend holding out for Windows 8.1. In the meantime, Gartner says iOS continues to dominate tablets; Android smartphones; and Windows PCs. Gartner has also cut its prediction of circa 7 per cent growth in mobile phones to 4.3 per cent in 2013.

It’s very clear that Microsoft is failing to break out of the PC market which is actually set to decline by 10.6 per cent in 2013, Gartner says.

However, Android has failed to take advantage of the slowdown in momentum behind Apple to snatch a share from iOS.

Indeed, out of all iOS devices shipped, 60 per cent of them were tablets in Q1 2013 according to Gartner.

Carolina Milanesi, vp for research at Gartner, commented, “Apple is currently the more homogeneous presence across all device segments, while 90 per cent of Android sales are currently in the mobile phone market and 85 per cent of Microsoft sales are in the PC market.”

Ms Milanesi observes that, “We continue to see fatigue in the [smartphone] replacement cycle.”

She continued,”Even with hot devices such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is hard to keep the initial momentum going.”

“Consumers are saying they’ll hang on to the same phone for another year and spend some money on a tablet instead.”

In other words, the IPad mini continues to inspire Apple fanboys but Apple desperately needs an iPhone 6 or 5S, GoMo News firmly believes.

It’s a small thing but having rumoured the possibility of a iWatch for months, Sony has just launched one. And it supports NFC.

With enterprises’ growing acceptance of bring your own device (BYOD), there is an increase in consumer-owned devices in the networked computing world.

Gartner forecasts that computing devices bought by consumers will grow from 65 per cent in 2013 to 72 percent in 2017.

This signifies the growing importance of designing for the consumer inside the enterprise.

Gartner’s detailed market forecast data is available in the report, ‘Forecast: Devices by Operating System and User Type, Worldwide, 2010-2017, 2Q13 Update’. The report is available here.

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