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As ZTE sells over 2m Blades, Froyo update imminent

Rating: Sending coals to Helsinki and Tokyo

Leading Chinese handset maker, ZTE, has announced that it has now sold more than two million ZTE Blade (Android Éclair) handsets – making it one of the top selling smartphones in the world. The company takes particular delight in the fact that this entry level Android phone has done well in Japan and Finland, the home markets for two major ZTE competitors (Nokia and Sony Ericsson). Talk about coals to Newcastle – this is smartphones to Helsinki and Tokyo. Nokia’s decision not to go with Android is looking worse and worse every day. Better still, there are strong indications that an update to Froyo (2.2) will be available this month (June) in Orange’s key markets. So if you own an Orange San Francisco, you can rejoice. Continue reading

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Update your Motorola Defy to Froyo in 10 mins

Rating: Got to be the easiest Android OS swap ever

This is exactly how all Android OS upgrades should be – easy as pie. Here at GoMo News we’ve just upgraded our Motorola Defy (which came with Android Éclair (2.1) as standard) to Froyo (2.2). The process took ten minutes and we have to admit to being surprised at the simplicity. The whole thing happen only a day after first reports emerged that in the UK, Vodafone was now offering the Éclair to Froyo upgrade to its users. See report here. We can see no reason, however, why any Defy owner wouldn’t be able to achieve the upgrade if he or she took the same steps as us. Continue reading

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We like Motorola’s Motoblur and Moto Phone Portal

Rating: Useful software to go with an Android handset

Most news sites review a handset by telling you what tin is inside the box; give you a brief description of its capabilities and may mention what software is preloaded. To break this mould, GoMo News thought it would describe what it has been like migrating from an Android handset updates to2.1 Éclair handset over to another 2.1 device with 2.1 already installed. Both handset are from Motorola – the Dext and the Defy respectively. The exercise showed how useful the Motoblur software is in real life. It also highlighted the fact that Motorola really ought to push the existence of its Moto Phone Portal software a bit more vigorously. Continue reading

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Brits most likely to drop their mobile into the loo

Rating: Survey for Motorola’s DEFY reveals stark truths

In a thinly disguised attempt to plug its DEFY, Android Éclair (2.1) handset, Motorola has resorted to commissioning a survey from the eponymous YouGov research company. The idea was to discover which out of Western Europe’s Top Five nations [,France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK] possessed the most clumsiest mobile phone users. Luckily, the Brits didn’t win. Neither did the Germans. The Spanish and Italians are the worst. Strangely enough, this is exactly the kind of data an insurance company selling a mobile handset policy would have a field-day with. Continue reading

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How to migrate an Android handset to Froyo

And how 2.1/Eclair from v 1.5 was reached

The whole quest to upgrade an existing Motorola MB220 Dext/Cliq Android handset (which was stuck at version 1.5) was triggered by a reader’s scathing comment on GoMo News here. How could I hold my head high as ‘Tonethefone’, if I couldn’t ‘root’ an Android handset like the rest? How could I ever reach the Mecca of upgrading to Froyo (v 2.2) on an Android device without the ability to ‘flash’ a ROM? Continue reading

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Official Motorola support advice puzzles GoMo News

Rating: Upgrade Dext/Cliq using Milestone 2.1? Surely, not

For a moment, it looked like it was possible to upgrade a Motorola Dext (Cliq) handset to Android 2.1 using the settings provided for the Motorola Milestone. Especially since this was ‘official’ advice coming from the Motorola Mobile Devices Contact Centre (UK). Disappointingly it doesn’t work. Attempting the alternative suggestion – a full factory reset, prompted immediate interest in apps backup software. This opens up a new quagmire. Continue reading

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Browser problems with Desire Froyo on Voda

Rating: Users report it’s a Flash in the pain
In the UK, Vodafone appears to have started rolling out the much-anticipated Froyo upgrade for HTC Desire handset as from Monday 23rd [August]. A problem with one of the most desirable features of Froyo/2.2  – Adobe Flash support – has already emerged. Another user who has attempted [...]

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Xperia X8 – it may or may not come with Android 2.1

Rating: O2 and Sony Ericsson have us on tenterhooks

Some eagle eyed bloggers have noticed that O2 UK has recently posted a page here promising that the Sony Ericsson X8 Xperia Android handset should become available this September [2010]. Whilst the pages offer a good deal of technical information about the handset, the version of Android which it will be released with is most notable for its absence. Will with be 1.6 or 2.1. Or even Froyo (2.2). Continue reading

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Motorola Droid X will support 2.2 by mid-September

Rating: Apparently it’s Adobe Flash Player 10.1 ready. Brace yourself, Sheila

Well, Verizon/Motorola/Google have tried to be obscure with the exact date as to when the very latest Droid X from Verizon Wireless will get its OTA[Over-The-Air] update to Android 2.2 (Froyo). They are quoting “the latter half of the summer.” Given that New England’s switch from Summer to Fall is blatant from the foliage change, that gives the trio until mid-September. Continue reading

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Stop Press: Droid X will run 2.1 not Froyo

Rating: Huge disappointment for Android 2.2 fans

A posting from the On The Street blog beamed life from the Verizon Wireless press event for the Droid X handset from Motorola has just confirmed that the handset is currently only running version 2.1 not 2.2 (Froyo) as widely expected. Continue reading

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