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Cimbal has at least 1 fan for its 2D colour barcode tech

Rating: Old chestnut of the Datamatrix code re-appears

Following our recent story ‘ScanLife enters tech spat with logo-centric QR codes’ here, an avid reader – Chris Boone contacted us concerning another alternative to colour QR codes. In this case, they are an alternative ‘Open’ 2D barcode technology – Datamatrix. Loyal readers may remember companies such as Abaxia championing the Datamatrix format in Europe against the rise of the QR code. It preferred to refer to such 2D barcodes as ‘mobiletags’. Continue reading

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HTC buys Abaxia: is it moving away from mobile OS?

htcandroid HTC is one of the most popular handset manufacturers in the world – and it has been a pioneer when it comes to the Android operating system. Yesterday’s revelation that it has bought French mobile software company Abaxia has caused a lot of speculation. The question is: does HTC intend to create its own mobile OS, or does it want to avoid the whole thing? Continue reading

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Orange response to our article on Google Apps and Abaxia idle screen mobile search

We wrote this article on the Orange Google Mobile Search Widget deal and this is the response from Orange. Continue reading

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iPhone OS 3.0 software update – the new spotlight search reviewed

I have developer release of the new iPhone 3.0 software and tested it out last night.
My first thoughts:
1. Finally cut and paste has come to the iPhone and its super easy.  It took me 3 or 4 times to get used to it but then its a dream.
2. Now I definitely need a MobileMe email [...]

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CTIA White Paper on Mobile Barcodes Part 2 – Bena Roberts turns green

OK. So I went to CTIA knowing about mobile barcodes but a stream of events plus talking to founders of DataMatrix codes has left me feeling a bit like a guru.
I spoke to Scanbuy for its side of the CTIA saga. I got a response but was asked not to publicise it? I also got [...]

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Mobile Barcodes in France – Interview with CEO mobiletag Domenico Surace and Christian Viala

So, I just had an honest and interesting conversation with Domenico Surace the CEO of French Mobile Barcode company mobiletag and Christian Francois Viala (mobiletag).
mobiletag was part of French mobile search and idle screen company Abaxia – but is now a spin off (since 2006).
Both Domenico (Italian) and Christian-François have very heavy Italian and French [...]

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MobileTag, the AFMM and French Mobile Barcode Standardisation

I just got this from French Company Mobile Tag (formerly part of Abaxia).
A major step has been achieved in the standardization of the 2D Barcode.

The mobiletag company, the AFMM (French Association of Mobile Multimedia) and the 3 French mobile operators, Orange, SFR and Bouygues, have signed a mutual license contract concerning the specifications of the [...]

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Are Mobile Barcodes nearing tipping point?

At the recent Mobile World Congress, I visited the stands of many of the major new mobile barcode companies. Each company stand showcased the potential of barcodes -but the corporate identity and drag queen back stabbing of the players in the industry could hurt the future of the barcode industry.
The way forward is and has to be standardisation, [...]

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The Orange Idle Screen and the barcode issue

Rating: the idle screen is one of the hottest available
In 2003, the Orange Home Screen was put on all SPV devices. The Home Screen is an idle screen service from Abaxia.

This is extremely important as I have been trying to figure out why Orange boasts one million OrangeWorld hits a week and is still complaining [...]

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