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A brill excuse to go to Brighton – BDMF 2014

Keynote line up for BDMF  ’14 extended to include Argos’ James Finch

Hands up those old enough to remember the brilliant excuse for visiting Brighton, England in the shape of the Telecoms Managers Association (TMA) exhibition? It’s been long dead but here’s another jolly good reason for visiting England’s gay capital. The Brighton Digital Marketing Festival (BDMF) 2014. Even better rather than the stormy days of November as was the case with TMA, this one is being held in the much more pleasant month of September . The organisers (Purepromoter – trading as Pure360) have lined up a pretty impressive array of speakers. Indeed, they’re delighted to announce that James Finch, Argos’ customer & digital insight manager will be joining the list of keynote speakers. Plus there’s a party to rival the TMA’s. Continue reading

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Orange builds on own branded smartphone range

The new Hiro – manufactured by Alcatel & 4G Yumo by Huawei

On the back of its highly successful own branded competitively priced smartphone, France Telecom/Orange has launched two new models: the Orange Yumo (made by Huawei) and the Orange Hiro manufactured by Alcatel (TCL). orange revealed that its own branded Daytona smartphone (also made by Huawei) sold 50 per cent more than all other phones sold by Orange in Spain- whether featurephones or smartphones. In fact, the handset outsold all other mobile brands. Similarly, the Orange Nivo (made by Gigabyte) was the best-selling smartphone in Romania. The Yumo is, in effect, Orange’s latest entry level 4G handset. Continue reading

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Firefox OS arrives in Latin America

Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open Firefox OS smartphones go on sale through Movistar in Colombia and Venezuela on 1 August

Firefox OS to launch in Brazil during Q4

Press release

August 1st 2013. Telefónica has announced the next wave of Firefox OS launches with the Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open devices going on sale in Colombia and Venezuela. This follows the launch of the ZTE Open through Movistar in Spain on July 2nd. In Colombia, both devices are now available through Movistar stores and priced at COP 199.900 on prepay or COP 99.900 on a 12 month contract at COP 39.900 per month. Continue reading

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Vodafone launches updated entry-level Android – Smart II

Rating: We think this one is supplied by TCL/Alcatel

If anyone has spotted a niche in the market for a good, entry-level Android (Gingerbread) smartphone then it is very definitely Vodafone. (Or maybe, 3 – Ed). Anyway, Vodafone has decided to follow up the success of the original Vodafone Smart handset with the Vodafone Smart II. As you’d expect, the Smart II outperforms its predecessor in every way. It offers a bigger display; better camera; longer battery life; a more powerful processor ; and more memory than the original Smart handset. To give readers an idea of the price, this Android 2.3 handset should cost around £70 on a prepaid tariff. We’re pretty sure the original Vodafone Smart handset was supplied by Huawei (probably its U8160 model). Runours are that the new Smart II is supplied to Vodafone by TCL which owns the Alcatel handset brand. It previously supplied Vodafone with the 555 Blue. Continue reading

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Vodafone claims first Facebook phone with 555 Blue

Rating: INQ can’t be bothered to argue the toss over Cloud Touch

When we first saw the phrase, “The world’s first designated prepay phone specifically designed to put the Facebook experience into the heart of the handset”, alarms bells rang. The phone in question is Vodafone’s Facebook 555 Blue handset. Yes, it goes extremely heavy on Facebook integration but it is other aspects of its specifications  (see here) which are more significant. For starters, this ain’t no Android phone. It’s actually being made for Vodafone by Chinese manufacturer, TCL, which has acquired the Alcatel brand. As such the 555 appears to be running a proprietary OS with all the Facebook bits shoe-horned in. The other thing is that this ain’t really no smartphone either. It’s not 3G – its top speed is EDGE (just like the original iPhone]. What the 555 does is download all of your Facebook stuff in the background – a technique pioneered by RIM with the BlackBerry (only with email not Facebook being trickled down). So we ought to nickname it the BlueBerry, really. Continue reading

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Deutsche Telekom claims first LTE voice call using VoLGA

Rating: We’re obviously getting closer to real LTE
It’s frequently overlooked when discussing 4G networks that, besides providing high speed data links, such networks need to carry the boring stuff too – voice and SMS. Well, thanks to the VoLGA Forum, Deutsche Telekom claims it has made the first LTE phone call. Sadly, VoLGA is not [...]

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Pure genius or pure confusion Alcatel-Lucents mobile advertising service on the E-Plus network

Gettings.de E-Plus and Alcatel Lucent Mobile Advertising

Alcatel-Lucent has announced that German mobile operator E-Plus is now using the new Advertising Selection Server for mobile advertising. Continue reading

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MWC: Everybody keeps writing Motorola off

Rating: Alcatel says the Chinese are coming
Talk about kicking a man when he’s down, a favourite pastime @ MWC is predicting the imminent demise of Motorola’s handset division. Today it was the turn of Dr Fei Liu, CEO with Alcatel/TCL.
He reckons that a Chinese manufacturer will soon join the Top Five handset vendors and singled [...]

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