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Anger mounts over Barclays ban on rooted Android phones

Activists want users to sign the petition on the Barclays site

A problem which GoMo News identified quite a while back has finally sparked a rebellion amongst users of Barclays Bank in the UK. As we highlighted successfully in ‘Barclays sidelines rooted Android phones with Pingit‘, the British Bank prevents its users from running its two banking applications on Android handsets if they are ‘rooted’. The purpose of ‘rooting’ the handset is to enable you to change bits of the handset’s OS (firmware). The equivalent in the Apple iOS world is ‘jailbreaking’. As GoMo News has pointed out on numerous occasions, some of the most secure apps there are actually require a jailbroken handset. Activists now want Barclays customers to sign the petition against anti-rooting on the Barclays site here. Continue reading

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AV-Comparatives reveals 7,000+ dangerous apps in 3rd-party Android stores

Will this Chinese contagion spread to iOS?

A long-term investigation performed by AV-Comparatives has confirmed an increasing risk of malicious code affecting Android smartphones via third-party app store markets. The research, conducted between November 2012 and May 2013 on 20 major third-party Android stores, found 7,175 malware and greyware programs. Significantly, most of these were hosted in Chinese-based markets. If Apple targets the Chinese market with the iPhone 5C as we predict here, GoMo News wonders whether the same thing will happen with iOS apps? Continue reading

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ThreatTrack isn’t a threat after all

GoMo decides to trust Vipre Mobile Security Android app after all

It’s a well-known fact that a piece of software warning you that your computing device is infected is often the actual virus itself. So here at GoMo Towers we decided to err on the side of caution when Christopher Boyd who is a senior threat researcher for ThreatTrack recomended that we should install a package called Vipre Mobile Security (see here). We warned of the possible danger. Now we have changed our minds. It seems genuine. Continue reading

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GoMo’s protect your smartphone advice for Xmas

Rating: Inspired by Stonesoft’s Top ten tips

.We all know that significant numbers of handsets – especially smartphones, will be given as Xmas presents this year. However, consumers don’t naturally associate mobile phones with threats from hackers, viruses and malware. As Ash Patel, regional director with Stonesoft, says, “To a consumer, cybercrime may seem a distant threat that is mostly related to espionage between nation-states or hacking against big enterprises.” However, mobile devices are very easy to steal as we’ve reported before but they can contain seriously damaging personal data – such as credit card information and even login details for social networks. So Stonesoft has put together its own Top Ten tips on mobile security for Xmas time. Sound advice but not always entirely  practical. Continue reading

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Forget BYOD – BYOA is going to give your IT Dept kittens

Rating: Bring Your Own App is the new black

As if Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wasn’t bad enough, the latest industry trend – Bring Your Own App or BYOA, is going to give the Network Nasties [IT managers] kittens. Rather than utilising approved application which are supplied and managed by the IT department, employees are starting to download and utilise their own favourite apps for business purposes. The implications of such practices are serious for some industry sectors (such as financial institutions) which could find sensitive data floating around on employees’ iPads, BlackBerries and Android smartphones. Luckily, there is a way out of BYOA melt-down. Secure the data and the apps can look after themselves. Continue reading

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AVAST Software shows how to launch a successful Android app

Rating: 10m downloads and highest ranking in class

It’s nice to see one of GoMobile News‘ favourite apps doing so well. AVAST Software has just informed us that its avast! Free Mobile Security app for Android passed an important milestone -10 million installations, by August 1st 2012. The company’s goal is to reach 20 million installations by Q1 2013. AVAST claims that avast! Free Mobile Security is the highest ranked security solution in the Google Play store (formerly Android Market) with 4.7 out of 5 stars. Continue reading

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McAfee says Android malware is getting more sophisticated

Rating: Targets mobile banking users in particular

McAfee is warning that Android malware which attempts to defraud smartphone owners by obtaining their mTANs (Mobile Transaction Numbers) is getting more sophisticated. The security specialist is claiming that it may be possible to obtain the necessary information to defeat the two-factor authentication security scheme which is commonly used by High Street banks. GoMobile News has already covered the banking ‘token generator ‘ scam which seems to have afflicted Spanish banks here. However, McAfee now says that it has now found Android malware that not only has the man-in-the-middle (MIM) functionality but can also be controlled remotely. This means it can grab the initial password from a mobile device without infecting the user’s PC. To avoid being caught out, McAfee has published a number of handy tips of Android owners. Continue reading

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UKFast claims users can’t be sure where a QR code is taking them

Rating: Don’t blame the QR code – a lack of security is the issue

A Press release put out by a web hosting specialist, UKFast is definitely scaremongering over the dangers potentially involved with scanning in a QR code/barcode from dubious origins. The implication is that if you don’t know what you are doing you can end up with malware on your smartphone. The company claims that a recent attack exposed the security risk after infecting victims’ mobile devices with malware. Those malicious apps then handed over access to all SMS messages, emails and call logs on the device to the crooks, UKFast says. Continue reading

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An Android/iOS app that spies on employees’ smartphones

Rating: Copy9 crosses line between data protection and snooping

When we stumbled across Copy9‘s range of mobile apps, we really weren’t sure whether they were genuine or malware. The company itself describes the product as ‘spyware’ and cites child protection; monitoring cheating spouses or errant employees as reasons to install its apps. The catch is that you have to provide the Copy9 app will exactly the kind of capabilities you would for a nasty piece of malware. So we asked our old buddies at mobile security software specialist, avast! Software, their opinion. This is what Alena Varkockova, Android analyst with the AVAST Virus Lab, said. “This app is an example of the thin line between malicious and PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).” So GoMobile News bit the bullet and installed Copy9 on an old Android handset lent to us by ZTE. The app does what it claims to do. It spies on the handset for you. For free. Continue reading

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avast! free mobile security gets top AV-test ranking for Android malware

Press release

March 9th 2012. avast! Free Mobile Security got a top malware detection ranking in the new study from AV-Test, the independent testing organisation. “avast! Free Mobile Security is available for free, easy to use and has many features to protect your device. With its very good detection rate it is one of the best security products for your Android device,” stated Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test, in the report. Continue reading

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Barclays sidelines rooted Android phones with Pingit

Rating: Funds transfer app won’t work on secured phones

Android users could find themselves in something of a Catch 22 situation should they decide to opt for Barclays’ (UK’s) recently released mobile based funds transfer service. Known as Pingit, this facility is truly industry leading. It enables UK mobile phone users to transfer funds between one handset owner and another. The maximum amount is £300 a day – but that is no different from most banks’ limit on their cash machines (ATMs). Better still, only the sender needs to have an account with Barclays – the recipient can have an account with virtually any bank in the UK. There’s only one catch. Barclays won’t allow owners of Android phones which are ‘rooted’ to run its Pingit app. Continue reading

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avast! Free Mobile Security tops Norton in PC Welt

avast! Free Mobile Security tops Norton in PC Welt’s comparative review of android security apps.

Press release

February 10th 2012. PC Welt, a leading German IT magazine, compared functionality in the new avast! Free Mobile Security with that in the free and paid-for versions of Norton Mobile Security.”The free avast! product is an exceptional alternative, especially when you consider the Anti-Theft features,” wrote reviewer Matthias Schwindt. “Because theft is the greatest danger for smartphone users.” Continue reading

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Android app provides security of Wi-fi links

Rating: Apparently it sees off Cain & Abel, FaceNiff, DroidSheep, and WifiKill

We’ve run plenty of stories about mobile phone security, but we hadn’t noticed that there might be a gap in protection. Yup, attacks over Wi-fi. GoMo News has discovered that there seem to be plenty of these type of attacks doing the rounds. Heinrich Gurke informs us that they mostly come under the category of ‘Man In The Middle (MITM)’ attacks and guess what? He’s built an app that protects Android users from these kinds of threats – it’s called Wifi Protector. Continue reading

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A way to avoid O2′s accidental security breach

Rating: Create your own proxy server

Readers may have seen Press reports that between January 10th and 14.00 on January 25th [2012], those using web browsers on the UK’s O2 network may have accidentally exposed their mobile phone number to third party web site. Don’t worry because O2 has very definitely fixed the problem and has posted a FAQ about the incident here. GoMo News was immediately curious to know – if those O2 customers had been running security software would it have protected them? The short answer is No. But, and it’s a big but, it would have been possible to swerve this disclosure had you been routinely routing all of the traffic from your smartphone through a secure proxy server. Continue reading

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Android security app from Avast goes gold in just 16 days

Rating: As recommended by GoMo News

A security app for Android mobile phones which GoMo News has been unashamedly recommending – avast! Free Mobile Security – has been installed by over one million smartphone users in just 16 days. As Ondrej Vlcek, Avast Software‘s CTO put it, “It required Lookout a full six months to reach the one-million level for their mobile security product.” But Avast managed it in virtually a fortnight. It might have been quicker if Avast had formally informed us the full – rather than beta – version had finally been released. Continue reading

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