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Why Vodafone may be blocking your site

Rating: World Cup streaming story comes to our rescue

For some reason, ten days ago Vodafone‘s mobile broadband service suddenly started to block access to the GoMo News site to all those who hadn’t registered themselves as over 18. Initial attempts to find the cause and overturn the restriction proved fruitless until we spotted this World Cup video streaming story on The Register. The answer lies with K9 listings. Continue reading

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Sniffu – obscure LBS application for good reasons

Rating: It’s fine if your friends have removed child lock
Whilst researching whether 3 UK really has – as I suspect- blocked outside attempts to access its LBS information, I stumbled across an impressive mobile app from MX Telecom – namely, Sniffu.
It would be great except I haven’t been able to get anybody to agree to [...]

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Tanla Mobile Update: the txts have finally stopped coming

Rating: Tanla blames its client, 2Comm

Good news for my bank balance. The premium rate texts for want-tone club have finally stopped arriving on my handset. ( See here.) Tanla Mobile, which owns the shortcode in question, has explained that the service is actually operated by its client – 2Comm.
Devita Michael, who works in customer care [...]

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