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Bizzby wants to be the Uber of handymen discovery

Better move fast to fend off Big Guns, then

In the Bad Old Days [BODs], if you had a great bit of software, you only had to worry about one deadly foe – Microsoft. Nowadays, mobile entrepreneurs have multiple potentially lethal competitors. The list includes Google, Amazon and Apple. Plus possibly Microsoft, still. And the only major escapee to date is Uber. So what do you do? Well, if you are Rohan Sinclair Lugvaglio, founder of the Bizzby app, you start cuddling up to VCs [Venture Capitalists] PDQ [Pretty Damn Quick]. And that is exactly what he’s done. Lugvaglio is reputedly in last stage talks with two Californian based VCs and aiming to break into two out of the four BRIC countries: India and Brazil. What does Bizzby do? Essentially it puts you in touch with local handymen. Then there’s Bizzby Sky which will enable customers to have items picked up or delivered by drone. Ambitious or what? Continue reading

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Mobile is crucial for brands targeting young mums says IAB

Only 5% of Millennial Mums in China have no smartphone

Brands should definitely be concentrating on mobile as the prime channel to reach the so-called ‘Millennial Mums’ according to a new report produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and BabyCenter. Not only is the reported time spent by these feamles on mobile exceeding or approaching parity with TV, but they are incredibly likely to switch brands. The report is entitled ‘2015 State of Modern Motherhood: Mobile and Media in the Lives of Moms‘ and it looks at young mothers aged 18 to 32 in the USA, Brazil, Canada, China and the UK. According to the report, motherhood triggers new priorities when it comes to purchase decisions, sparking a substantial brand shift moment in a wide range of categories. Continue reading

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World cup fever hits ringback tones

Sadly for us Brits it will only work in Spain

It seems everyone in the UK has gone World Cup (soccer) mad. Even the Barley Mow in Shepperton has an ale called Maracana from Windsor & Eton for the occasion. So it was no surprise to learn that ringback tone [RBT] specialist, OnMobile, has created a special mobile app (Android only) for the World Cup. It’s purpose? To enable users to show support for their favourite team with a footie style ringback tone. Only problem is that this app only sets an RBT in Spain at present. OnMobile is hoping to get it going in Brazil soon, too. Continue reading

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TravelSim launches data only package ahead of the World Cup

World’s leading international pre-paid roaming service offers regular or data only

Telecoms specialist Top Connect has added a new service to its regular TravelSim voice and data roaming service ahead of the soccer World Cup. It’s a data only option with what it claims are unbeatable rates and free incoming calls. The new TravelSim Data is a completely independent SIM card from its other well-known TravelSim services. It has more options in terms of cheap data usage in numerous countries. Voice and SMS messaging are also included with the data only card. Continue reading

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Cellular only 32% of data consumed on smartphones says Mobidia

However, 4G users are buying larger data plans

4G subscribers consumed dramatically larger amounts of data than 3G subscribers for the 100 plus MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] who have already installed LTE. However, Wi-fi continues to be a primary means of connectivity for smartphone subscribers, both 3G and 4G. Only 32% of data consumed on smartphones is via cellular. These are some of the crucial findings revealed in a White Paper entitled ‘Understanding Today’s Smartphone Users‘, created by Mobidia Technology, a leading provider of mobile usage data, in collaboration with Informa, a leading London-based analyst firm. The research indicates a positive impact for LTE ready MNOs. Despite the growing Wi-fi usage, 4G subscribers are buying larger plans. Continue reading

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New global research on LTE usage from Mobidia

Demonstrates 4G’s positive impact on MNOs’ business usage

Data from Mobidia’s mega-panel shows increased cellular usage and migration to larger volume data plans by LTE subscribers in leading LTE markets

Press release

Mobidia Technology, a leading provider of mobile usage data, in collaboration with Informa, a leading London-based analyst firm, today released new research, and the latest update, to their popular White Paper series, ‘Understanding Today’s Smartphone Users‘. The White Paper offers new insights into LTE usage from an extended analysis of the leading LTE markets of the USA, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Korea, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the UK. Continue reading

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Omnifone reports 600% increase in platform streams from non-Western and emerging markets during 2013

Press release

February 19th 2014. Omnifone the leading global cloud music platform provider, has announced that streams from end-users in non-Western and emerging markets grew six-fold on its cloud music platform since January 2013. Non-western and developing countries account for 20 per cent of total global streams compared to just 14 per cent in 2012, a significant increase when taken into account the speed with which the emerging markets are growing. Continue reading

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Movile helps app developers get into massive Latin American & Brazilian consumer markets

The Movile Marketplace lets developers upload their apps to a site where they can they be pre-loaded to smartphones

Press release

December 20th 2013.  Movile, Latin America’s biggest mobile content platform, is announcing a new app marketplace that brings together Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), carriers, and app developers. The Marketplace lets OEMs and carriers choose to preload apps that app developers have uploaded in a single, central site. It builds on the success of a similar initiative that preloaded over ten million apps onto phones built by Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Huawei amongst others. The Movile Marketplace solves common problems developers experience when trying to expand into Latin America and Brazil, and gives them a valuable opportunity to be pre-loaded on phones. Continue reading

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Skype & TravelSim offer free calls to World Cup footie fans

Aimed at those going to the World Cup in Brazil for Summer 2014

Let’s face it. It has been estimated that for soccer fans travelling from England it will cost around £10, 000 in flights, tickets and accommodation. And that’s just for the three opening group games. Love ones left at home are bound to worry. Which is why two Estonian based technology firms TravelSim and Skype have teamed up to make it free for Skype users to call all TravelSim mobile users. The beauty of this arrangement is that the TravelSim user doesn’t even need a data connexion. Continue reading

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Free calls to World Cup soccer in Brazil next Summer from TravelSim

Estonian technology firms Skype and TravelSim in unique link-up meaning families from all over the world can keep in touch for free with football fans at the World Cup in Summer 2014

Press release

Mobile travel expert, TravelSim has teamed up with fellow Estonian based company Skype making it free for Skype users to call all TravelSim mobile users. This first of its kind agreement means families can stay in touch for free with football fans in Brazil for the World Cup soccer next Summer [2014]. Continue reading

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Guest Post: How mobile advertising companies should find success in 2013

by Vincent Clarke, a marketing analyst with USB Memory Direct

Mobile advertising has also continued to flourish in 2012, surpassing $4 billion in annual spending, according to Mashable here. This is up an astonishing 320 per cent from the $1.25 billion that was spent on mobile advertising in 2011. That’s close to $0.70 spent per existing device!* Given the extent of change felt in 2012 alone, it can be fairly assumed that the exponential growth of mobile device users will only continue to persuade marketers to shift their ad spending to the mobile platform. Continue reading

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HUNT Mobile Ads poaches Microsoft man for its Brazilian operations

Rating: Jordao to manage market where 94% notice mobile ads

Brazil is a fast growing mobile ads market and Brazilian smartphone owners are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices. According to HUNT Mobile Ads, 94 per cent of smartphone users notice mobile ads.  The company also claims the tablets market is growing fast in Brazil, too. Styling itself as the leading mobile advertising network for Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets, HUNT needed a Brazilian team and Alexandre Jordao is the man to manage the HUNT Sao Paulo office. Impressively, Jordao was poached by HUNT from a senior position with Microsoft Advertising. Continue reading

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Workings of Firefox OS ecosystem revealed

Rating: GoMobile news spends day with top Telefónica execs

There has been a great deal of talk about building an ecosystem around the very latest mobile OS – Firefox from Mozilla. However, from a developer or end user’s perspective, a good deal of questions were unanswered. Until now. GoMobile News has just spent a day with key Telefónica Digital executives and unearthed some key facts. For example, it is very obvious that initially the body which will offer an app store for Firefox/HTML5 compatible apps will be the Mozilla Foundation itself. But, how are you going to pay for them? That’s where Telefónica steps in neatly with is ‘Direct to bill’ payment system. Continue reading

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Telefonica Digital to attack Brazilian mobile ad market

Rating: Utilising its expertise built in London’s Soho

As the name clearly implies, Telefónica Digital is the global business division from Spain leading mobile operator. It has just announced it intends to make make a € multi-million investment in Brazil to kick start its mobile advertising business there. As Mathew Key, CEO with Telefónica Digital told press and anlaysts today [June 6th 2012], his company intends to build on its already highly successful mobile advertising business based out of London. This is already turning over in the region of £60 million delivering personalised advertising from its servers. Key’s company believes that the Brazilian mobile ad market is growing faster than in Western Europe. Brazil’s ad market is currently around €15 billion, Group M says. This represents an increase of 11 per cent over 2011 (according to figures from ZenithOptimedia).

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Sony Ericsson losing out in UK Android battle

Rating: Latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech

Sony Ericsson was being squeezed out by HTC and Samsung as its share of UK Android sales dropped down to just 8.5 per cent compared to 20.5 per cent last year [2010]. Meanwhile HTC has managed to maintain its grip on the British Android market taking 44.8 per cent of Android sales in the past 12 weeks. – according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech (KWC). Samsung is close behnind HTC with sales of the Galaxy S II and Ace handsets driving its share of Android sales up to 37.9 per cent compared with 25.2 per cent in 2010. Other interesting findings are that RIM is still second in the UK smartphone market whilst Nokia is the lead phone supplier in Brazil. Continue reading

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