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Subtle differences between IoT & M2M revealed

Effectively the Internet of Things is not B2B but B2B2C

We recently had the chance to have a cosy chat with Colin Aitken, business development direct with NextG-Com in the lovely environs of Staines-upon-Thames [UK]. He was helping GoMo News out with one of the great current quandaries in the cellular sector. Are there any real differences between machine-to-machine communications [M2M] and the new vision of the world with everything linked up together in an Internet of Things [IoT]? Aitken pointed out that there are subtle differences in the ecosystems. With IoT. services will be sold by one business to another business which then markets that on to the consumer. So B2B2C, then. Continue reading

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Burnside uses the cloud to attack telecare market

Rating: Monitor care equipment from your mobile phone

It seems that Burnside Telecom has managed to combine cloud based technology with mobile phones in order to launch a renewed attack on the burgeoning ‘telecare’ market. Basically it’s new app – Monicare – is aimed at care homes and local authorities charged with providing adequate care for the old and vulnerable. Burnside’s main proposition has always been that cellular/GSM/private networks are a viable alternative to traditional landlines. The introduction of its Monicare app takes that argument one stage further by providing wardens and care home managers with the tools to monitor vital equipment. Continue reading

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Old Foggies won’t give up landline says Burnside

Rating:But youngsters like idea of desktop mobile

According to research carried out with over 3,000 UK consumers, there’s a hard core of old Foggies (aged 65 and above) who are just plain unwilling to give up their landlines. It’s hardly surprising that this discovery was made Burnside Telecom which specialises in Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCTs). FCT isn’t a trendy enough term so they’re now called Premicells, OK? Anyway, this research proves the need for further market education about FCTs. Because, out of the 20 per cent of respondents who saw the benefits of a desktop handset which was really a fully-fledged mobile phone, 24 per cent (the biggest group) were in the 18-24 bracket. So there’s hope that FCTs could really be hip  cool awesome. Continue reading

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Burnside/GAI-Tronics offer the hill top phonebox

Rating: Pair to produced solar-powered ruggedised phones

There are plenty of instances where running a copper cable – say half way up a mountain – is simply impractical. Yet, as we know well, you can still get a cellular signal in such places. So why not install a GSM phone at specific help points? That’s exactly the thinking behind a new rage of ‘ruggedised’ GSM phones which have been jointly developed by Burnside Telecom and GAI-Tronics. The first model – the Commander – should go on sale in Q2 2011 and there are plans to introduce 3G versions later in 2011. Continue reading

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