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How brands can utilise the best mobile messaging analytics

OtherLevels says they can help improve customer engagement strategies

In an effort to keep up with consumers’ growing appetite for smartphones and mobile experiences, 91 per cent of UK brands have developed their own mobile app marketing analytics firm, OtherLevels claims. Indeed, the demand in the UK is so great that according to research conducted by comScore for Expedia Media Solutions, the UK mobile market is now outperforming the USA. 57 per cent of the UK now owns a smartphone which is slightly more than in the USA where that figure is 51 per cent. Meanwhile Savvy Marketing reports that 64 per cent of mobile users in the UK are embracing targeted offers via their mobile devices – up from just 24 per cent two years ago [2012]. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Video advertisements will drive data growth in previously bandwidth-light apps in 2014

by Mark Davis, senior director of product marketing, Citrix

Mobile Advertising has already seen significant growth with three out of ten mobile subscribers served ads. However, whilst to date users have typically been twenty times more likely to be served an image-based ad compared to a video ad, the impact of these video ads is ten times that of its image-based counterpart. As video advertising becomes more commonplace on social networks, so the volume of video traffic will be driven up. I predict that in 2014 video ads streamed to mobile subscribers will double the volume of data produced through mobile advertising. Plus the launch of video ads on Instagram and Facebook will transform the mobile advertising market and its impact of the mobile network. Here are the rest of my predictions for 2014. Continue reading

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Guest Post: How the mobile device landscape impacts mobile advertising effectiveness

by Martin Hayward, director of marketing, Mirror Image

Back in September [2013], Apple fans rushed to get their hands on the new iPhone 5s and 5c. The availability of these new Apple smartphones and the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Curve should give mobile advertisers and mobile app developers reason enough to pause. After all, the introduction of new devices can create new challenges concerning how brands work with mobile ads. Brands may need to rework their content and ad delivery strategies to ensure they are compatible with, and fully exploit, the new device features and capabilities. Continue reading

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UK digital ad spend hits record 6 month high of £3bn

Mobile ad spend up 127% YoY – share of digital pie has doubled to 14%
Britons spend 1 in 12 waking minutes online
Mobile video advertising up 1,260%
Consumer goods overtakes entertainment/media as biggest mobile display advertiser – almost doubles its share in a year

Press release

October 7th 2013. British consumers average 43 hours a month online – one in every 12 waking minutes¹ – and advertisers spent a record six-month figure of £3.04 billion to attract their attention, according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) Digital Adspend report, conducted by PwC, with UKOM-approved comScore consumer data. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Exposing global attitudes to mobile marketing

by Marco Veremis, CEO with Upstream

As smartphone usage continues to grow at an exponential rate, reaching global consumers via their devices is becoming increasingly important for major brands and businesses. While this is somewhat commonplace in the West & North America, sights are now set on the emerging markets, where the number of mobile connexions is expected to make a significant leap over the next few years. In fact, by 2017 Ovum expects China, India, and Indonesia, to have 3 billion mobile connexions between them. here i’m going to discuss why I think that mobile is such an integral marketing channel in developing regions. Continue reading

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comScore figures for USA more confusing than helpful

Yahoo! vs Google stats don’t seem to include mobile or search
From the headlines which trumpet the fact that Yahoo! in the USA (the first proviso) has managed to overtake Google (second proviso – just in July 2013),  you would assume that Yahoo! has massively regained its fortunes. Besides the fact that the released data from [...]

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Guest Post on whether the world ready for mobile payments

by James Harrison, UK country manager with Oxygen8 Group

Recently, while working on an internal presentation I ran out of room on a slide to show logos of rival mobile payment providers. This highlighted the fragmented space that we are all looking to compete in. It also highlighted a current lack of universal acceptance of what a mobile payment actually is and how and when consumers are prepared to use their mobile as a payment mechanism. Continue reading

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UK digital ad spend up 12.5 per cent to almost £5.5 billion in 2012

Mobile spend crosses half billion £ mark; now accounting for 10% of digital spend
Digital advertising up £607m; mobile driving over half this growth
Video up 46% to £160m; social media up 24% to £328m
FMCG overtakes Finance as biggest digital display advertiser

Press release

April 10th 2013. In 2002 less than £200 million was spent on UK internet advertising – 10 years later, digital advertising spend crosses the £5 billion mark. In 2012 digital advertising increased,
like-for-like*, by 12.5 per cent on 2011 to a record annual high of £5.42 billion – up by £607 million from £4.81 billion according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) digital adspend report, conducted by PwC. Continue reading

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comScore products for measuring web site audiences, mobile usage and advertising effectiveness certified in Europe by ABC and OJD

Successful audits are testament to comScore’s ongoing commitment to transparency and quality in measuring the European digital marketplace

Press release

August 9th 2012. comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, has announced that solutions across its audience measurement, mobile and advertising effectiveness product suites have been certified in Europe by leading industry associations, ABC UK and OJD. ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) is the industry body for media measurement, that manages and upholds standards which reflect media industry needs and offers audit and compliance services to check that data and processes meet these generally accepted industry standards. OJD (Información y Control de Publicaciones) is a Spanish industry body that verifies circulation and audits web analytics and online audience measurement solutions. Continue reading

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comScore’s Wi-fi vs mobile data usage analysis open to question

Rating: Are differences down to Wi-fi hotspots; 4G or tariffs?

Leading mobile stats gatherer, comScore, has just released the results of its analysis of usage of Wi-fi versus mobile data. It covers smartphone running the two leading mobile OS – iOS and Android for users in the UK and the USA. Now this kind of information is extremely useful for individual mobile network operators. However, GoMobile News wouldn’t necessarily interpret it in the same way that comScore obviously does. We’d argued that a higher incidence of smartphones using Wi-fi represents a possible loss of income for operators because the browsing isn’t channel through their own data network. comScore also doesn’t equate higher Wi-fi usage with dissatisfaction with an operator’s mobile data network. Overall, a significantly higher percentage of iPhones rather than Android phones connect to the Internet via Wi-fi. Continue reading

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10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

Dear smart marketers, let’s use QR Codes for our marketing in this year 2012! Here are 10 creative ways to use QR Codes for marketing.
According to comScore, 20.1 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. used their devices to scan a QR code in the three-month average period ending October 2011. In the big scheme of things, [...]

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BSkyB reveals Mintel research on mobile

Rating: While launching another app for the Apple iPad

It seems that leading media company, News International, has definitely been bitten with the iPad app bug. Hot on the heels of our story (here) about a new iOS-centric division, Project Two22, another arm of the company has just annouced a new iPad app. This time it is BSkyB which has released Sky Sports News for iPad. It offers live and on-demand video; rich interactive graphics; and up-to-the-minute data. In a blog on the official Sky site here, the company’s director of mobile, David Gibbs, revealed that it had specially commissioned research from Mintel looking at the popularity of mobile tablets and smartphones. This makes very interesting reading indeed. Continue reading

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Will services like BBM be the death of SMS?

Rating: Apparently not because there’s something called RCS-e

There’s been a great deal of doom and gloom cast over the fast growth of instant messging (IM) services such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Apple’s iMessage, MXit, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat and Skype. Some are predicting that these so-called OTT (Over The Top) messaging services will spell the end for SMS/text. One figure banded about is the fact that last month [October 2011], it was revealed that over one billion messages are now being sent in a single day via the popular WhatsApp app. These developments have to be put in context and one such commentator is Tom Veldman, director of product marketing with Acision. He argues that the imminent demise of SMS at the hands of OTT service is an over-exaggeration. Continue reading

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@ MMA Forum Jeremy Copp from comScore

It was great bumping into Jeremy Copp from comScore – as I knew him really well, before I got ill; when he was at Rapid Mobile.

Continue reading

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Nokia/Symbian smartphone users still hanging on in there

Rating: Results from latest comScore MobileLens service

Nokia users are still hanging on in there. The latest data released by comScore as part of its MobileLens service covers the five prime mobile markets in Europe. These are France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. These figures are gathered from real smartphone users and are not guesswork. The latest research covers up until July 2011 and compared to the same period last year, the number of smartphone users equipped with a Symbian handset dropped to 38.7 per cent compared to 53.9 per cent in 2010. But Symbian is still the leader by a long chalk because the next biggest OS group is Android followed closely by Apple with RIM and Microsoft still clinging on. Continue reading

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