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Moto fans should install Contextual Services

A good idea for increasing the Motorola’s location detection

The other day a little message popped up on our loan Motorola G indicating that a custom facility for Motorola Android handsets needed an update. It’s called Motorola Contextual services. We read the benefits derived from installing the updated version and they were – “Added support for location detection and improved driving detection using audio.” Sounded intriguing especially since the software is designed to work with the Motorola Assist and Motorola Touchless Control apps. It also shows that Google is still working away at improving the Motorola brand even though it intends to sell the division to Lenovo. Continue reading

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Verizon R2-D2 DROID is pretty cynical cash-in

Verizon has launched one of the nerdiest things I have ever seen: a limited edition DROID phone with special R2-D2 branding and content. The phone itself isn’t different or special… it’s really just a content thing. Continue reading

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Blogsphere alive with Droid 2 release date

Rating: Verizon will pick August 12th coz it loves Thursdays

The Blogsphere is absolutely jumping with rumours that US network operator, Verizon, will release the Motorola Droid 2 (Froyo) handset on August 12th. Speculation is based on an internal Verizon blog and the fact that Verizon loves Thursdays. Continue reading

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Mobile gamers get ready: the Android Gaming Challenge has begun

If you think you’re a pretty hot mobile gamer, now you’ve got the chance to prove it. Android gaming blog DroidGamers has launched a tournament that will pitch the 40 greatest Android gamers against one another – with the winner bagging a new Android amongst other goodies. Continue reading

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Verizon gets 150k app scans with Scanbuy mobile barcodes

Mobile barcoder Scanbuy has released results from a mobile barcode campaign with Verizon. The goal of the three-month deployment was to get people to download Android apps to their DROID smartphones… and the results are in. Continue reading

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The best of iPhone 4 and Droid X: news, links and updates

The two biggest news stories in the mobile industry right now are the upcoming releases of the iPhone 4 and Droid X – and we’ve got the round up of the hottest stories. Continue reading

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D2-Day (Droid2-Day) should be June 23rd

Rating: Latest news on Android 2.2/Froyo

June 23rd 2010 could well prove to be a D-Day (Droid2-Day) for Android 2.2, according to a report on Cnet here. Look at the speaker line-up. Andy Rubin, Google’s vp for engineering, and Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO. And this is an event being held by Verizon Wireless, a key supporter of the Motorola Droid. Continue reading

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iPhone 4.0 and Droid hot stories

The blockbuster mobile releases of the summer are on their way – we’ve gathered together the hottest stories and links about the upcoming iPhone 4.0 and Droid X. Continue reading

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Motorola throws lifeline to Droid 2.2 (Froyo) wannabes

Rating: Sign up for the newsletter

Such is the enthusiasm for news concerning a release date for the 2.2 (Froyo) version of Android for the Motorola Droid, that Motorola has created a special thread on its support forum. A posting entitled ‘Follow this thread for news about Android 2.2 for Droid’ giving details on how to receive email notification has had an impressive 26,260 views. Continue reading

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Droid users anxious for 2.2 Froyo news

Rating: There’s an unofficial hack for the extremely brave

Nexus One users have already got the latest release of Android – 2.2 which is unofficially known as Froyo (Frozen Yogurt). News has just leaked out that T-Mobile will definitely provide the update for MyTouch3G users. So Motorola Droid/Dext owners are feeling left out.

Continue reading

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SayMyName fills hole in Android UI


Rating: Lesson One in fine tuning a Dect/Droid Continue reading

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Extra battery the new must-have smartphone accessory

Rating: Former arch exponent of twin batteries, Motorola – could triumph

Given that typical smartphones like the Motorola DECT (or Droid in USA), have pathetically low battery life times, something very definitely needs to be done. Maybe the lessons of 10-12 years ago need to be re-learnt? Continue reading

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Google won’t be happy till every developer on Earth has a free Android

free-android-smartphone-googleGoMo News reported on the very smartly managed publicity stunt at Mobile World Congress where Google gave a tonne of free Androids out to attendees. But it turns out that going to MWC isn’t the only way for a dev to get free phones – once you’ve sold a high enough number of Android apps, you’re automatically eligible. Continue reading

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The ultimate in mobile tease shows: Fennec mobile browser shows up on Android

logo-mozilla-fennec-2009-03The eagerly anticipated mobile browser from Firefox, Fennec, has shown another bit of leg this weekend. A picture of the browser in operation on an Android Nexus One has set salivary glands working around the world. Continue reading

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Two desirable handsets, two very different strategies

Rating: Motorola Android vs Apple iPhone
GoMo News can’t help but notice the glaring difference between the opportunities grasped and missed in the run up to Xmas. Expansys had new stock of the Motorola Milestone (aka Droid in the USA) in time for Xmas. Vodafone decides to wait until January 14th 2010 to release its [...]

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