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Retailer-in-a-field-at-a-music-festival payment system from mPowa

Rating: It’s British but it ain’t quite here yet

Talk about cryptic ways on announcing the launch of a new product. mPowa‘s Rye Starr just left up a comment against one of our stories. What she should have done is left the message against this story’Eventbrite takes on PayPal with At The Door reader‘. That news item covered two payment solutions aimed at the mobile retailer. One was PayPal Here (see our previous story) whilst the other was from Eventbrite. Both focus on iOS devices and have a distinctly US-orientated flavour. By contrast, Mpowa looks very British and claims to have a BlackBerry OS client, too. The one snag – well, mPowa isn’t actually available yet. Continue reading

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Re-charge your handset by pedalling

Rating: Pedal powered phone chargers found @ WOMAD

It’s easy to get carried away with mobile web surfing (especially if you’re using Wi-fi) and drain your mobile’s battery. What do you do if you’re at a music festival? You dig out your Portable Phone Charger which you won as a prize from Carling (the beer company). And, if that doesn’t work, what could you do then? Pay £3 to one of the stall holders at the festival. Or you could pedal like mad and recharge your mobile for free thanks to Electric Pedals. That’s what we did last weekend at the WOMAD festival in Wiltshire, England. Well, almost. Continue reading

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