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Is Social Media diluting mobile understanding via unnecessary branding?

Google Gears, Android, oneConnect, onePlace, Yahoo! Go, oneSearch, MSN, Live!, Bluebook, Pikeo…
I could go on stating branded names, but I won’t.

Social media is the rage. Mobile social media is the next step in an evolution. New services that try to make mobile simpler, faster, sleeker and empower the user interface are vital. Yahoo’s OneConnect or OnePlace; [...]

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Google Gears Mobile

I just saw this post on Tech Crunch after writing about Nokia and Silverlight (Mircosoft)
the competitive positioning of these companies is going to start being the biggest differentiator in mobile.

On top of that all these names will get confusing. From Android to Gears (really, really awful name by the way) -
at least it’s just Silverlight [...]

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