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Bango launches Operator Billing for app stores in Africa, LatAm and the Middle East

Focuses on expanding payments in the new smartphone economies

Press release

May 13th 2014. Mobile payment leader Bango has announced continued momentum in 2014, confirming its growing influence as the global platform that connects app stores with Direct Operator Billing (DOB). Since the beginning of 2014, Bango has launched additional DOB for app store partners with Saudi Telecom and Mobily in Saudi Arabia, Mobinil in Egypt, Telkom in South Africa, Telefónica in Mexico and Telenor in Hungary. In many cases these are brand new DOB deployments, the first time the operator has enabled charge-to-bill for app stores. DOB gives customers the ability to charge the cost of a digital purchase to their phone bill, in just one click. Continue reading

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More mobile web satisfaction in Hungary

Press release

Today [February 24th 2012], Vodafone Hungary and Opera Software launched a special version of the Opera Mini mobile web browser, available now for almost all internet-capable phones on the Vodafone network, as a part of an extended agreement between both companies. This special version of Opera Mini for Vodafone’s subscribers provides a better and faster browsing experience for both smartphones and non-smartphones. With its new Speed Dial website shortcuts, users get instant access to their favorite local websites and services, such as Vodafone Live and Vodafone Kedd.

Opera Mini is the most popular mobile browser in the world, used by 160 million people. It works smoothly on all major mobile platforms and devices. With its speed, cost savings and platform integration, Opera Mini usage is booming in Hungary, and Opera Mini for Android is already almost as big there as Opera Mini for Java. Continue reading

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Nokia’s Elop displays incredible naivety over Windows phone

Rating: That’s going with Microsoft in the 1st place

It’s either an incredible display of naivety or a clever publicity stunt but video footage has leaked onto the Net of Nokia’s current CEO, Stephen Elop, showing off the company’s first ever Windows based handset to a select gathering. In the video, Elop asks everyone to turn their cameraphones off. That’s coming from the CEO of a handset vendor which prides itself in supplying cameraphones with 12 megapixel resolution. Anyway, somebody obviously didn’t and a video has shown up on the Hungarian blog, Technet. naturally the whole thing has gone global and GoMo News has linked to one of the uploads of the video on YouTube. The general consensus (from translating the original Hungarian) is that the Windows phone is codenamed Sea Ray and is almost identical to the Nokia N9 Meego based handset. Continue reading

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