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BlackBerry’s BBM roll-out re-ignites

Get going quick if you signed up at BBM.com

Oh, the power of the Press. The next working day after our Open to letter to BlackBerry’s Bocking, the company re-commenced its roll out of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Android and iPhone. The good news is that if you had signed up on the BBM.com site (and apparently six million of us did), then you can get up and going now with BlackBerry’s industry leading IM [Instant Messaging] service. Significantly, BlackBerry appears to have been closely co-operating with Samsung Africa on this because non-Samsung African users will have to wait three days for BBM to appear on Play. That’s because it is going to be exclusively available via the Samsung App Store. Continue reading

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SMS isn’t dead it just smells funny

Rating: Texting won’t be replaced by IM quite yet

JF Sullivan
GoMo News has just had a very interesting chat with JF Sullivan, CMO with Acision, which has just finished research into ‘real world’ usage of SMS/text. On paper, the good news for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) is that text isn’t dead by any stretch of [...]

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Guest Post: The power of messaging

Why it so important in today’s hyper-connected world

by Arnold Rijpma, vp for business development with Acision

This Summer [2012], over 400,000 people descended upon London to witness sporting history being made before their very eyes. Currently, with the Premier League and the Rugby Union in full swing, we can see that during truly global events, fans at home and abroad use their mobile devices to send text and picture messages of the action as it happens. Or they browse the internet to get the latest news and follow results. Although Facebook and Twitter are great ways of sharing instant snaps and statements publicly, SMS and MMS are widely used (and in demand) to share private thoughts and pictures between family and friends around the world. Continue reading

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Privacy apps could fall into the wrong hands

Rating: Phone data extraction terminals might be fooled

A worrying report* appeared in yesterday’s [March 22nd 2012] Sunday Times alleging that British police forces are storing personal data from the mobile phones of suspects – even if they are not charged. Apparently only seven forces have openly admitted to renting the extracting terminals but the real figure is probably much higher. One source suggested that 22 forces in England and Wales might be involved. The equipment maker – Radio Tactics, claims that its latest terminals can crack popular Android social media apps. GoMobile News wonders if criminals will start to use sophisticated apps such as Cate (see here) to beat such machines. Continue reading

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Reports of SMS’ death greatly exaggerated says Acision

Rating: OTT services still not much of a threat

Apparently, the industry has recently been hit with a number of reports that SMS/text is on the demise. That would be stories like ours – ‘Smartphones’ unified mailbox are helping to kill SMS says Strand‘, then. Well, Acision says its recent (2012) research on consumer messaging habits, shows that 93 per cent of smartphone owners communicate via SMS, despite having access to Instant Messaging (IM) and over-the-top (OTT) services. The company actually says that, “The over-the-top (OTT) messaging services market is highly fragmented, and so far we have not seen one service establish itself as a main challenger to SMS.” Hence,”Predictions of the ‘death of SMS’ have been unduly presumptuous, as SMS continues to be a large part of operator’s revenues worldwide,” Acision says. Continue reading

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Will services like BBM be the death of SMS?

Rating: Apparently not because there’s something called RCS-e

There’s been a great deal of doom and gloom cast over the fast growth of instant messging (IM) services such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Apple’s iMessage, MXit, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat and Skype. Some are predicting that these so-called OTT (Over The Top) messaging services will spell the end for SMS/text. One figure banded about is the fact that last month [October 2011], it was revealed that over one billion messages are now being sent in a single day via the popular WhatsApp app. These developments have to be put in context and one such commentator is Tom Veldman, director of product marketing with Acision. He argues that the imminent demise of SMS at the hands of OTT service is an over-exaggeration. Continue reading

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PingMe aims to make texting thing of past

Rating: Isn’t a BBM killer coz Blackberry version not out yet

A new division of the mobile ad network, RadiumOne, has decided to launch the free messaging app – PingMe Messenger. It’s cross-platform app alright because there are iOS and Android versions. Other news sites may tell you there’s a RIM/BlackBerry version out, too. But it ain’t out yet because GoMo News actually checks these kind of things. So RIM won’t have to worry that its BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service is in danger quite yet. And the London rioters can’t switch to it, either. But, hey, PingMe makes it simple for friends and family to share their location with each other. And – providing you’re on the right kind of data tariff, then the service is absolutely free. Continue reading

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An IM service like BBM is best to use in a hurricane

Rating: Text/SMS or email also consume little bandwidth

It seems that mobile phone users weren’t given much good advice on the best way to use their cellular mobile phones during Hurricane Irene which recently hit the East Coast of the USA. Eventually the US Federal Emergency Management Agency urged the public to “Use email or text messages…so that emergency officials can continue to receive and respond to urgent calls.” This definitely sounds like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. It came after so many people tried to call friends and relatives to check on their safety that the cellular networks became overloaded. GoMo News reckons that the best thing to have used would almost certainly be an Instant Messaging (IM) service such as BlackBerry Messenger offered by RIM. Continue reading

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Review: Poptuit puts all your eggs into one app basket

Rating: All forms of interacting with friends in one place

One of the greatest benefits to owning a smartphone is that it puts all the forms of communications you use inside a single device. The list includes social networks like Facebook and Twitter plus emails and instant messaging (IM). The one device is also a cameraphone so this means you can have all your telephone contacts, text messaging and photos in a single place, too. (You can’t do that with a PC). The only snag is that moving between all of these forms of communication can be a pain. Which is where Poptuit for Android from Apptera comes in. It pulls all the different forms of interacting you have with your friends/family/colleagues (actually the top 3 of them) into a single application. This can prove immensely powerful. You can see immediately if you have called somebody or if you last form of contact was actually a text/SMS. The only sad part is that this app is still in beta. Continue reading

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Palringo’s IM service recovers from hack attack

Rating: This isn’t an alternative to BlackBerry Messenger

It seems that multi-platform instant messaging services are in the news at the moment. GoMo News was surprised to learn that the service operated by Newcastle based Palringo was the victim of a complex and malicious attack last weekend [6-7th August 2011]. This time the attack was on the external part of its network. Although the Palringo service remained online during this onslaught and no information was lost, some of the protective measures meant that incoming traffic from genuine users wasn’t always able to get through. Which is a shame because the attack happened to coincided with some updates to the Android and iOS clients. Certain users may have been unable or were unwilling to get the upgrades, so Palringo is suggesting Android/iOS users should try upgrading now. Continue reading

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Synchronica tries to clarify Android app availability

Rating: It’s not available from us, honest

Like many other Android handset owners, the news (see here) that Synchronica has built an Android app which will work with all the major Instant Messaging (IM) services, attracted our attention. A really good IM client would be available for free. That’s not quite how the company sees things, though. When Synchronica included this sentence in its release, it hadn’t quite thought through the consequences. It said, “The IM client app for Android can be downloaded from Synchronica Mobile Gateway or pre-installed by the device manufacturer.” That’s a could, possibly rather than a definite ability.Eventually, a Synchronica spokesman told GoMo News, “Synchronica does not offer b-2-c [business-to-consumer] software or services and the IM client will therefore not be downloadable from Synchronica [itself].”

What the company actually meant is that the client app, “Will be made available for download from the carrier brands (e.g. Claro).” Which in this case means América Móvil’s web site.

Our source at Synchronica told us, “Unfortunately, I have no information from the carrier regarding the specific URL at the present time.”

Yet, GoMo News suspects that as soon as such a URL emerges, the Android client will escape into the wild.

Synchronica may just as well bite the bullet and put the client on the Android Market now. It would be simpler for everybody involved. Continue reading

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Skype puts video calling into Facebook

Rating: Massive manoeuvrings on Facebook vs Google front

The dust hasn’t quite settled yet but it appears that Skype has made it possible to video chat with friends right from Facebook itself. The situation is complicated because of the technicalities surrounding exactly who owns whom, but this move is obviously a major swipe at Google. It’s a showdown between ‘social’ and ‘search’. Google has always enjoyed the prime Net location slot as surfers try to find stuff. But if you already know who you want to talk to and can now even video chat with them, why bother to search? Particularly since you follow other people’s recommendations within your social network (which is where Facebook is obviously winning). Why not just ask for recommendations? Continue reading

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QR codes hide inside BlackBerry Messenger

Rating: Admit it – you did know it was there, either

Playing around with our BlackBerry Curve and the BlackBerry instant messaging (IM) feature, GoMo News was surprised to discover that there is a QR code hidden away (but fully integrated) inside the app. We’d guess that loads of our readers hadn’t noticed it either. The snag is that there’s a definite knack to taking advantage of the QR code to add a new contact to your BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service. For starters, there’s absolutely no need to download an independent barcode scanner – like the NeoReader from NeoMedia. In fact, NeoReader doesn’t know what to do with it. No. Open up the Messenger app instead and you can scan a friend or colleague’s BlackBerry IM PIN number in and add them to your contacts. Incidentally, we suspect this feature first appeared in BBM 5.0 back in 2009. Continue reading

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Taxing SMS would be disastrous for mobile operators

Last week saw an Irish minister having to make an extraordinary comment – following comments made by a fellow politician, our Finance Minister Michael Noonan ruled out levying a tax on SMS messages. Though, rather ominously, he did use the phrase “at this time.” Continue reading

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Mobile IM heralded as the “voice” killer

According to new survey results, UK phone owners spend far more time using IM on their phone than they do actually making phone calls. It is claimed that the convenience of mobile instant messaging is cannibalizing voice minutes – we take a look. Continue reading

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