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Next iPads will have fingerprint recognition

Should also be packed slid with IBM sourced apps

Cupertino’s finest – Apple, thrives on the hype it manages to create amongst its loyal followers – the Apple fanbois. It also relies on intense media speculation about its forthcoming products such as the alleged iPhone 6 which should make its appearance on September 9th [2014]. Given that the products are actually made by contractors in China, you’d kind of expect major leaks of photos showing what its new products look like but to date there’s been nothing which looks 100 per cent genuine. So instead, Apple fanbois have been contenting themselves with rumours about the next generation of iPad branded tablets. Which might be launched separately in October [2014]. And feature fingerprint recognition plus software sourced from IBM. Continue reading

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Guest Post: 8 guitar apps for an iPad worth considering

by Charlene Sampilo, a writer for Vagueware.com

Nowadays, it’s possible for guitarists to play tunes; record their music; and experiment with various chords with the help of iPad apps. So below are my eight favourite iPad apps which budding guitarists might want to consider. The list includes: – Guitarist’s Reference, AmpliTube, TabToolkit, Capo, ChordMate, Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox, Guitar Tuner, and AmpKit+.

1. Guitarist’s Reference

Guitarist’s Reference is an intelligent guitar application will teach people the right scale on which to play a certain root chord. Continue reading

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Improve you brand and revenue with iPad apps

Think of it as a completely different channel

Attendees at the Publishing & Media show at Earls Court London yesterday [February 25th 2014] were more likely than many to focus on iPad rather than smartphone apps. A presentation by one of the founders of mag+, Staffan Ekholm, focussed on how you might use this particular platform to build both your revenue and your brand.He proposed that a device-specific focus could bring significant rewards. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Great gift ideas for the Nerd in your life

by Rianne Hunter, an independent blogger who sometimes works with Microscope.com

Finding great gifts for technology nerds is a tough task. New tech devices make interesting gifts, but with so many new gadgets out there, it’s sometimes hard to decide which gift to get for the technology lover in your life. Below are five great ideas to give to that someone special who enjoys the latest and greatest in gadgetry. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Android is conquering the tech world

by Kate Merzlova, a frequent GoMo guest blogger now with Nasty Creatures

By 2020, there should be around 75 billion devices connected to the Internet. And in my opinion, it is highly probable that Android will be installed on most of them. Moreover, these devices will be not only smartphones and tablets but also various non-mobile devices such as gadgets; cars; robot assistants; and automated home control systems. Created back in 2003, Android has outgrown itself smartphones and tablets, and become the most popular operating system on the planet over ten years. Thanks to Google’s efforts, more than one billion devices are working using it now. By 2011, Google had launched Android@Home and the operating system [OS] gradually – by trial and error started to penetrate into new areas and connect independent gadgets. And this trend is unlikely to change. Continue reading

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Get★This finds way to monetise mobile TV watching

Could be a boon for MNOs getting a return on their 4G networks

It describes itself as the first social shopping experience for TV and video audiences, and GoMo News strongly suspects that Get★This is very heavily geared towards US audiences. The company points out that Google says 75 per cent of the US TV- watching population is now watching from a second screen. Significantly, the company argues that in addtion to TV, its technology can be applied to blogs and social media networks from YouTube to Facebook. In effect, Get★This has invented a web video widget ( it calls a gidget) that provides brands with a new way to enhance revenues and native advertising. Continue reading

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Falling iPad sales in China underline Apple’s global woes

But deal with China Mobile on iPhone could soon turn things around

Further evidence that Apple is losing ground in the global tablet market has come from China, where latest IDC figures reveal that its share there almost halved in the past year. Apple shipped 1.48 million iPads in China in the second quarter [2013], accounting for 28 per cent of tablets, though this stood in stark contrast to the 49 per cent market share it recorded a year ago. Meanwhile sales of Android-based devices shipped by Samsung rose fourfold to 571,000, almost doubling its share of the Chinese tablet market to 11 per cent. Continue reading

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Apple stock bounces back after markets close

Up 4% on bullish iPhone sales

Apple shares rose in out-of-hours trading last night (23rd July 2013) in response to strong iPhone sales, reversing an earlier dip in the stock when it was revealed profits had fallen by almost $2 billion (£1.3 billion). Some 31.2 million iPhones were sold during the quarter, up by a fifth from 26 million in the same period of 2012. Analysts had predicted sales would be flat, but instead Apple’s revenues rose to to $35.3 billion (£23 billion), up $300 million on the year. Continue reading

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Apple shares down 10% despite record iPhone sales

Lower growth warning spooks Wall Street

Apple shares closed more than 10 per cent down in New York last night [23rd January 2013] after its results for the three months up to Xmas disappointed investors. Ironically, the Cupertino-based manufacturer had posted record profits for its crucial Q1 period, covering October, November and December, but it also warned of lower revenue growth in coming months. A record 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads were sold, though this would have been higher if Apple had managed to keep up with demand. Continue reading

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The low cost tablet market in 2012 will reach $3.44bn

Rating: Cheaper products offer comparable UI to the iPad, says Visiongain

Tablets used to be considered to be high-end and luxury consumer devices. That has all changed over the last two years. Hence, last year [2012] Visiongain Telecoms introduced an in-depth analysis of the tablet sector. The report is entitled, ‘The Low Cost Tablets Market 2012-2017′. Visiongain has determined that the value of the global low cost tablets market in 2012 will reach $3.44 billion. The company classifies low cost tablets as being available on the market priced at or below $250. Continue reading

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madvertise finds developers charge iPad owners more for apps

Rating: Something to do with them being generally young & wealthy

Major insights into European mobile app market are being offered in the the latest madreport from madvertise – one of the largest mobile audience targeting platforms in Europe. Key findings include the fact that there are more than three times the amount of iPhone apps available to download compared to the iPad. That’s despite the fact that over 100 million iPads have been sold to date, with iPhone sales coming in only a fraction higher at 108 million. However, despite less units being sold, the iPad actually has a higher percentage of paid apps. So it’s expensive to own an iPad – that’s official. Continue reading

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Kadrige launches Kadrige iSharing and invents Real Mobility

Kadrige iSharing: the first collaborative application for instant sharing on iPad

Press release

November 23rd 2012. Kadrige Innovative Software, the app publishing division of Kadrige, the European leader in solutions for remote medical calls and SaaS web conferencing, has announced the launch of its iPad application: Kadrige iSharing. Designed for all types of industries that use the iPad as a collaborative work tool, it allows users to share interactive content and organise conference calls and training sessions with hundreds of people, all connected at the same time, as well as offering web app sharing. And all this regardless of bandwidth quality, thanks to the patented technology – Kadrige Everywhere. Continue reading

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Humiliating court rebuke for Apple over its battle with Samsung

Apple has been given a slap on the wrist by a British High Court judge for for posting an inaccurate website statement acknowledging that rival Samsung did not infringe the iPad tablet’s registered design.
In a humiliating rebuke to the Californian giant, Judge Robin Jacob ordered it to to put up an amended version within 48 hours and place adverts in UK newspapers that more accurately stated how it had lost to Samsung at a hearing last month. Continue reading

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Millennial Media launches latest Mobile Mix report

Rating: Tablet market dominated by three players

Millennial Media has released its latest report – entitled ‘Mobile Mix which draws on data garnered from its own mobile advertising platform. The report highlights how the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire were the top three tablets ranked by impressions in Q2 2012, and all three tablets were in the top 20 overall mobile devices on the Millennial Media platform. Continue reading

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Apple and Samsung’s patent clash heads for San Jose

California dreamin’..

Apple’s epic battle with Samsung over patent infrigement goes to court in California today in what may prove a crucial turning point for the fortunes of both smartphone makers. Continue reading

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