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PhraseMeme QR scanner app for WP7 discovered

Rating: Nice pointers for WP7 tools revealed, too

If Nokia gets its way then Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will be the next very big thing. It might just happen because Microsoft has a knack of getting there in the end. So it dawned on us that what GoMo News readers might just want is a fully featured QR/barcode reading app for a WP7 smartphone. We’ve found one with the PhraseMeme Scanner. It looks like the developer came across the demand for such an app by accident when it was actually supposed to be creating a game. Reading the company’s Facebook page, this app seems to have proved very popular in the UK. Users from the UK are the second biggest download group for PhraseMeme Scanner as the app has regional support for the United Kingdom (local search for Google/Amazon/eBay). Whilst visiting PhraseMeme’s site we also found loads of pointer for people considering developing for WP7, although it does seem to have a very strong US bias. Continue reading

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