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How the UK’s only rock promo ringback tone escaped into wild

Rating: GoMo News finally solves the mystery

GoMo News has always agreed with Cool Tones from Cooltonesblog that in the UK there’s an enormous gap in the market for ringback tones (RBTs). As he says here,”One of the most obvious uses for a ringback tone which we’ve identified is to promote an unsigned (rock) band. Our research has shown that at least one UK act – Craig Custance Starman – did this very thing back in April 2010.” Sadly the trail went cold there and GoMo News was unable to discover how on Earth Starman had managed to produce its ringback tone. Until last night! GoMo News can exclusively reveal that it was actually an inside job. Continue reading

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Top 10 App Promotion Tips

Rating: GoMo News reviews this hot guide from PepperMobi

And so to the LVPO Bar in Dean Street (London) last night where GoMo News ran into the team that’s running digital/mobile PR specialist outfit, PepperMobi. Like many other companies in the mobile space, PepperMobi has noticed that the key thing driving this industry at present is apps. Unlike the majority of their rivals, though, this company has actually done something about it and produced a small brochure entitled, ‘PepperMobi’s Top 10 App Promotion Tips’. We’ve managed to blag a copy and it’s got some really dynamite tips in it. Must get them to make it available as an Adobe PDF file. Obviously the intention is to encourage app developers to sign up for PepperMobi’s writing services but there are plenty of great tips in this publication. Continue reading

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