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ZTE quietly releases Éclair source code

Rating: Includes code for ZTE Androids like Racer and Blade

It’s very difficult to predict the implications but GoMo News made the totally unexpected discovery that Chinese handset giant, ZTE, has been quietly releasing the Éclair source code for a number of its Android handsets. The list includes several handsets which are readily available in Europe including the ZTE Racer and Blade models. These are highly competitively priced handsets which should now be upgradeable from Android 1.6 (Donut) to 2.1 (Éclair). It’s now just a question of tracking down the instructions. Continue reading

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ZTE maybe deserting Windows Mobile for Android

Rating: Soft launch of own brand handsets

Curious machinations over at leading handset vendor, ZTE. Having launched the first ever Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets (see here), the company is now displaying a massive interest in the Android OS. While simultaneously launching its own brand after saying it wasn’t going to do so. Continue reading

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