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Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8

Latest smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC go on sale in November

Press release (US Version)

Microsoft has debuted Windows Phone 8, the latest version of the company’s smartphone operating system. Windows Phone 8 offers a truly personal phone experience, connecting you to the people and things that matter most. As part of the announcement, Microsoft revealed new features, including Kid’s Corner and Rooms, along with details and pricing for a range of beautiful new smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC, each with their own differentiated designs, colours and features. Windows Phone 8 devices will go on sale in November at in the USA as well as at carriers and retailers around the world. Continue reading

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Microsoft launches Windows 8

New offers, apps and range of hardware options offers choice and opportunity for customers as Windows 8 becomes globally available

Press release (Hong Kong version)

October 26th 2012. Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 8 for its customers in Hong Kong and around the world. Starting today, consumers and businesses worldwide will be able to experience all that Windows 8 has to offer: a beautiful new user interface, and a wide range of apps with the grand opening of the Windows Store, available on more than 1000 Windows 8 certified PCs and tablets. Continue reading

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Windows 8 may be one step too far

Rating: Biggest loser will be Nokia

As Microsoft prepares to launch yet another version of its mobile OS, GoMobile News wonders whether this is one step too far. It certainly is ambitious. Windows 8 has been designed for use on mobile phones, tablets and PCs with the purpose of providing a common look and feel. A noble goal but what happens if the one-size-fits-all approach fails? Well, obviously the biggest loser is going to be Nokia which has more than bet its future on Microsoft’s mobile OS – when it could have stayed with Symbian; moved to MeeGo; or caved in and offered Android based smartphones. Continue reading

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Top mobile execs in secret talks to halt patent rifts

Cripplingly expensive lawsuits that threaten to tear the mobile industry apart could end if the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) succeeds as peacemaker.
Executives from top firms, including those from arch rivals Apple and Samsung, last week attended an ITU roundtable in a bid to end the feuds, it has been revealed.
Also present were representatives of Microsoft, RIM, Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Microsoft’s new tablet, will it be secure enough

by Beth Janick, a copywriter with iphonespyapp

Microsoft recently announced its Surface tablet, due in Q4 2012, and users can’t wait for the new gadget. Apple’s iPad ruled the tablet market but many users want something different and new to the eye. Microsoft has exactly that and the success of the tablet is already gauged in the variety of views that are springing up about the tablet and the excitement amongst potential users about this gadget. The only question that remains unanswered concerns the security of this tablet. Continue reading

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Samsung now asked to pay $3bn in damages to Apple

Apple lawyers will tomorrow [21st September 2012] ask a Californian judge to triple patent damages against rival Samsung to a collossal $3 billion.
It comes as the two sides meet again since a jury ruled that Samsung had wilfully copied Apple’s iPhone and iPad designs, awarding the world’s biggest company $1.05 in damages and paving the way for a US sales ban on about a dozen Samsung devices. Continue reading

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Wall Street traders bet on further slides in Nokia shares

Nokia’s shares continued their downward spiral in New York last night [12th September 2012] as it was revealed investors were increasingly taking up short positions againist the Finnish handset maker.
In the wake of Apple’s iPhone 5 launch, Nokia’s shares dropped 1.43% to just $2.75 – not as low as it has been this year, but still a far cry from the manufacturer’s heyday in 2000 when its shares commanded $56. Continue reading

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Motorola to announce Intel based phone “in next few days”

UK chip designer ARM’s domination of the smartphone market could be facing a major upset in the next few days when Google’s Motorola subsidiary unveils a new Android device expected to be powered by an Intel processor.
Invites are currently being sent out for the US launch of the device in two days’ time [5th September 2012] and in London in just over a fortnight. Continue reading

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Major hole in Windows Phone 7 still exists

Rating: No Adobe Flash support means no webcams

An enormous gap in the Windows Phone 7 (W7 Mango) OS which we thought had been fixed a long time ago has just caught us out. Unlike our rival publications, GoMobile News actually eats its own cooking. So we were trying to view a live webcam feed on our Nokia Lumia 800 W7 Mango smartphone. After hours of messing around, we discovered that Adobe still hasn’t created a version of Flash for WP7 – even though it was rumoured to be working on such an offering as long ago as 2010. The net effect was that we couldn’t view a webcam feed on our Mangophone despite our best efforts. If WP7 wants to oust Android, then it has got to do a lot better than this. Continue reading

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Apple court victory: first Samsung handsets for the chop named

Eight older Samsung phones have already been put in the firing line by Apple in the aftermath of its crushing US court victory, with injunctions against the Korean giant’s flagship Galaxy S2 possibly also on the way.
In trading around the world yesterday and early this morning [28th August 2012], it was becoming clearer how the court ruling would translate into corporate triumph and misery. Continue reading

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Billions wiped off Samsung’s cap in wake of US court ruling

Investors desert South Korean maker for fear things can only get worse

More than $12 billion was wiped off the value of Samsung in early trading in Seoul today [27th August 2012] as the ramifications of Apple’s Californian court victory sank in. On Friday, US jurors delivered a sweeping victory to Apple in its battle with the South Korean giant, ordering it to pay  $1.05 billion dollars in damages for violating its patents on smartphone technology. More critically, Samsung could now be forced to stop selling handsets in the US that are deemed to violate those patents. Continue reading

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NeoMedia bags Microsoft as an IP licensee

Rating: Might be a death knell for the Microsoft Tag

Regular GoMobile News readers have always urged mobile barcode speciallist, NeoMedia Technologies, to take full advantage of its IP portfolio. This now consists of over 74 patents awarded and pending worldwide. The latest milestone is that the company has now granted worldwide rights to license its patent portfolio to none other than Microsoft itself. Neither side seem to mention the fact, but this is a major triumph for QR code technology because Microsoft itself was desperately trying to push a rival technology in the shape of the Microsoft Tag. Continue reading

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Whatever you do, don’t lose a WP7 handset

Rating: No means of restoring all your data to a replacement handset

Having upgrading our existing Nokia Lumia 800 to the very latest release of Windows Phone 7 (Update 7.10.8773.98) see ‘GoMo bricks its own Nokia Lumia 800 W7 Mango phone’ here, the handset just would not reboot. Luckily we’d possessed the handset less than six months so Orange sent a replacement by the next day. We’d backed up the original handset using the Zune software suite on a PC, so we thought we were safe. Wrong. Bizarrely, Zune correctly identifies the replacement handset as a new device. So it starts all over again. Efforts to force Zune to recognise the replacement as your previous phone fail miserably. GoMobile News couldn’t believe this was the case until we found this thread on the official Windows Phone/Microsoft Answers forum. It confirms that you still can’t get all you data back. Continue reading

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Samsung stretches lead over Apple and Nokia

Korean powerhouse now accounts for over fifth of handset sales

New figures released today [14th August 2012] by analysts Gartner show Samsung pulling further ahead of rivals such as Apple and Nokia. In Q2 2012 Samsung sold 90.43 million mobile handsets, giving the South Korean manufacturer a 21.6 per cent market share, compared to 20.7 per cent in Q1 2012 and up from 16.3 per cent the same quarter a year ago. Much of the boost was from sales of its Android-running Galaxy handsets, says Gartner, which adds that smartphones now account for more than half of its mobile device sales. Continue reading

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Nokia exploits gap between Apple and Samsung launches with own phone debut

Pre-Xmas gambit hinges on Windows 8 take-up

Nokia has jumped into the gap between the launch dates of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note and Apple’s iPhone 5 to debut its latest handset running Windows 8. The struggling Finnish manufacturer is due to unveil its latest phone range at Nokia World in Helskini on September 5th [2012], a week after Samsung but a week ahead of Apple. Former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop, who was brought in two years ago to revive Nokia, is gambling on a big advertising push by his former employers to push the new operating system and, with it, sales of his Lumia handsets. Continue reading

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