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Dell confirms hobbled Android mobile launch for China

dell-mini-3iSo Dell has confirmed that its long-awaited smartphone launch will take place in China and Brazil by the end of the year. As we have come to expect from Dell, the announcement contains so little information that it almost wasn’t worth making. But we can piece together a lot of info from what has come before – and honestly, it doesn’t look all the great. Continue reading

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Dells Chinese smartphone is anticlimactic, but Dell and China Mobile have exciting announcements

dellmobile5Pictures and information about Dells long-awaited mobile device have finally surfaced. Rumours about a Dell smartphone have been floating about since 2007. Dell fueled the fire itself this year, with CEO Michael Dell talking about a possible MID or smartphone. One week ago, TechCrunch broke the rumour that we might see a Chinese launch within days. Sure enough, 7 days later we’ve got a Dell phone in China – and much to everyone’s disappointment it seems to be a 2G device. Continue reading

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