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Telefonica launches “Second Line” – a cloud-based 2nd number for your mobile phone

fonYou has been touting its “carrier grade” mobile service for a while now – and it has finally bagged a big one. The Barcelona-based company provides cloud-hosted mobile functions for operators; and Telefonica, one the biggest telecoms groups in the world, has become the first Tier 1 operator to launch a fonYou service. Continue reading

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Over 55s are smart enough to use smartphones

DialToSave.co.uk is a mobile phone comparison site based in the UK – it’s designed to help you find the best deals on mobile devices as quickly and easily as possible. Richard Cappin, the company’s owner, has today declared that the mobile industry is missing out on a major revenue source by not releasing smartphones specifically targeting over 55s, which he calls “Silver Surfers” (which, I have to admit, is a really good name for that segment). But I don’t think that’s really true. Continue reading

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India fails to stem the illegal mobile phone flood

Last year, we reported that India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade decided it had had enough of illegal mobile phones entering the country – especially after several unregistered devices were used to co-ordinate the gruesome 2008 terrorist actions in Mumbai. But it seems that the measures against these cheaply imported phones have not been working. Continue reading

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Can mobile and fashion ever be comfortable together?

Every once in a while, someone tries to combine the disciplines of mobile phone technology with high street fashion. Sometimes it’s not too bad – a bluetooth company called Novero is displaying it’s wares at MWC this year, and they were eye-catching enough for me to stop and find out more… Continue reading

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mHealth: FDA approves incredibly cost-effective mobile ultrasound

An mHealth launch today strikes me as being particularly smart and cost-effective. By combining the computing power of Microsoft smartphones with a reasonably small hardware add-on, Seattle-based Mobisante is releasing what is perhaps the cheapest ultrasound system in the world – and it has just been approved by the FDA. Continue reading

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An Android tragedy in three parts

I wiped a brave tear away as I swept my Nexus One into the bin last night. Then I cried tears of joy this morning as I booted up my beautiful new Galaxy S. Why didn’t I wait until the Nexus S was available in Ireland? Read on… Continue reading

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Hey, Google: I think Android 2.2.1 broke my Nexus One

Before we get started, let me say that I love my Nexus One. Ok, so Google made all sorts of wild claims about it (including that it wouldn’t be a smartphone, it would actually be a superphone… yeah), but it really is a lovely device. Except that since Android 2.2.1 rolled out, it just keeps crashing and crashing and crashing. Continue reading

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mHealth: using your phone for early cancer detection

Indian hospital Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH)is one of the largest and most efficient medical facilities in the world. It’s also a centre for mHealth, and has announced a partnership with Harvard/MIT to create mobile technology that could help in the early detection of debilitating diseases. Continue reading

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mHealth and the impact of new mobile technologies

As mobile technology becomes more sophisticated, so too does mobile healthcare. Many consumers now carry extremely advanced devices in their pocket as a matter of course. They now do far more than just communications – thanks to location technology, bluetooth, NFC, cameras and other “sensor” technology, the devices can be used for more than just sending information.

The Telecommunications Software and Systems Group are exploring how new technology can be used to further mobile healthcare. This is part of their ongoing work in the EU FP7 PERIMETER project where a novel and innovative user-centric paradigm for mobile device usage is being explored. In this project, network selection is based on the users’ preferences with regard to the cost, security, quality, etc. of their selected network. Continue reading

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New Casio watch is remote control for smartphones

Mobile phone watches are so passé. The technology exists – thanks to miniaturization it’s been possible to build an entire phone into a watch for years now. The problem is that very few people really want on. It’s been tried before. But Casio has come up with a brilliant new idea. Rather than having a watch that is a mobile phone, they’ve just used bluetooth technology to make your watch an extension of your phone. Continue reading

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Synchronica picks up Indian phone maker

Not content to merely ink deals with mobile operators, mobile messaging company Synchronica has nailed a deal with a Top 10 device manufacturer in India. The contract will see the companies working together to provide a low-tech Blackberry-like device to Indian consumers. Continue reading

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JUST Mobile and Data Select bring new phones to Ireland

JUST Mobile is something of an anomaly: it’s a newly launched, independent Irish mobile operator. It’s the first “pre-pay only” mobile operator in Ireland – and today it has announced it will be the first operator in Ireland to support devices from Data Select. Continue reading

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Mobile games show Big Five phone makers in trouble from smaller manufacturers

Just earlier this week, news reports claimed that Nokia is not just in trouble thanks to Apple and Android. It stated that competition also comes from “white box” phone makers – smaller companies that build very cheap mobile phones and sell them in modest quantities. Today, mobile media company BuzzCity has claimed that it’s not just Nokia – based on games downloads from it’s Djuzz service, BuzzCity reckons all the major phone makers could be in for surprise. Continue reading

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Betrayal at the point of sale? Price comparison Windows 7 Device vs iPhone 4 on Telekom in Germany

After leaving the Telekom shop in Darmstadt’s Luisen Centre with my iPhone I felt betrayed. The first betrayal was that I actually left the shop without my phone as there wasn’t one available.

To add to the pain the teletubby sales guy was incompetent and didn’t move an inch in trying to sell me the phone or allow me the best tariff. Instead he arrogantly informed me that the “iPhone 4 sold itself”. Continue reading

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Mobilethink launches analytics tools for mobile operators

Mobilethink is a device management vendor for mobile operators – and today it launches a new mobile analytics service for mobile operators. The Ultimate Mobile Intelligence Solution comes from the Mobilethink Analytics business unit, and claims to be the most comprehensive device analytics tool available. Continue reading

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