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Intel’s $1.4 billion Infineon mobile chips purchase: 2G, 3G, LTE & WiMAX

If the eagerness of Intel to grab a huge share of the mobile chip market was still in any doubt, let it be put to rest today. Intel has just announced a $1.4 billion buy-out of WLS – the wireless chip business of semiconductor manufacturer Infineon. Along with acquiring WLS’s client list, Intel intends to use the acquisition to boost its own properties in 4G and 3G wireless chips. Continue reading

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Intel on Android, Atom, Tunnel Creek, Queensbay and more

intelIntel has been a busy little bee, and today we’ve seen a burst of interesting stories arising from its increasing push into the mobile industry. From Android to third-party co-operation to a new family of chips, we look at all the stories briefly here. Continue reading

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The AMD vs. NVIDIA mobile chip battle – a case of mountain vs. molehill?

zune NVIDIA had some good news today, officially confirming the presence of its Tegra chip on the Zune HD. But rival chip maker AMD had its own announcement. AMD claims that its discrete mobile graphics chips have swept to the top spot in the market, claiming 53% of the discrete mobile market. But is that just a case of trying to rain on NVIDIAs parade, or is it actually a big win for AMD?
Continue reading

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Nvidia claims to have 50 mobile devices lined up for Tegra

zuneAs part of today’s Zune HD launch, Nvidia gave a look into the future of it’s Tegra chip series. These system-on-a-chips are designed for mobile devices and Michael Rayfield, general manager of Nvidias mobile business unit, claims that there are 50 devices planned for Tegra. What can we expect from it? Continue reading

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GoMo Buzzwatch: Intel makes huge strides in mobile chip world with Nokia

intel A report from Bloomberg earlier today has generated a lot of heat – that Intel has won a contract with Nokia to provide processors for its mobile devices. If this is true, it would mark an incredible boost in Intels recent moves into the mobile world Continue reading

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Mobile devices can get faster and more efficient with new Intel chips

Intel yesterday unveiled plans to change the way it designs chips for mobile devices. It’s new system-on-chip (SoC) designs could dramatically reduce power consumption and increase processing power.
What’s system-on-chip?
The trend so far has been to build more powerful microprocessors that can do more things at once. But that generates a lot of heat and takes [...]

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Qualcomm gets huge mobile multimedia boost from AMD

Qualcomm today announced that it has purchased a huge chunk of graphics and multimedia assets from Imageon, AMD’s handheld business. The acquisition will drive the multimedia abilities of Qualcomm’s handsets.
As part of the roughly-$65 million agreement, Qualcomm is offering employment to various design and development teams from Imageon. The focus of those teams are 2D [...]

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