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Don’t like your Android UI? Don’t worry, there’ll be another one in a minute.

android-ui-skin-face-hiplogic-user-interface-logoHere’s a cool story about a new Android service. HipLogic is launching a service that will allow mobile operators and mobile makers to embed their own UI on Android devices they support – and to update those UIs over-the-air, as well as launch new ones. This story wouldn’t have had as much of an impact on me before today, but I was discussing the new Acer Liquid Android phone with a friend of mine this morning – and this service would be particularly great for that phone. Continue reading

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The elders save while the young play: comScore looks at how age affects mobile Internet usage

Mobile analytics company comScore today revealed results from a study into how age and gender affect how people use the mobile web. It found that older users are far more likely to use mobile financial services, while teenagers tend to use their devices for social networking and entertainment. These younger user also access mobile Web [...]

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Mobui launches Mobile Audience Chat Application

Mobui has launched a new mobile product chat room service. In short when you are watching TV you can chat or have a discussion at the same time on your mobile.

The application is called the Mobui Audience Chat. It is made specifically for the TV and its interactive for audiences posting comments or talking about [...]

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