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NeoMedia lands its first brand licensee – Kraft Foods

Rating: Proves that QR codes are far from dead

Although NFC (Near Field Communication) might be the proximity technology of the moment, QR codes are far from dead. NeoMedia Technologies which now describes itself as a QR code pioneer (having once fought tooth and nail to keep calling them 2D barcodes), has finally landed its first brand licensee – Kraft Foods Group. In the UK, Kraft is probably best known for taking over Cadburys, the chocolate producer. NeoMedia has apparently awarded Kraft a worldwide, non-exclusive license to NeoMedia’s patents related to mobile barcode resolution. In exchange, Kraft has selected NeoMedia as an approved vendor for mobile barcode management solutions. Continue reading

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Survey finds 99% of US mags had at least one 2D barcodes

Rating: Most mobile campaigns link to video

A survey of the Top 100 US magazines (by circulation) carried out by Nellymoser has found that the use of some kind of 2D barcode is almost universal. The percentage of magazines with at least one such code went from 78 per cent in Q1 2011 to 99 per cent in Q1 2012. Marketers overwhelmingly favoured QR codes over other types of 2D codes with a share of over 80 per cent. Significantly, Microsoft Tag held a 14 per cent share with other types of codes (SpyderLynk SnapTag, Digimarc watermark) having only a 6 per cent market share. GoMobile News is unsure if Microsoft would have such a share globally. Interestingly most codes pointed to a video of some kind. Continue reading

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QR Code use up by 617% – but who’s listening?

In contrast to my earlier post this week – where I called the end of QR codes, some interesting data on their use in magazine ads has been released by Nellymoser, a mobile marketing and technology company.

After analysing 164,255 glossy pages from the top 100 magazines, Nellymoser noted a 617% increase in the use of QR codes, including Microsoft Tags and barcodes between January and December 2011. Continue reading

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CTIA Mobile Search Panel Go2, Yahoo!, Medio, NellyMoser, JumpTap, Slifter

Apart from my personal thoughts that white label mobile search was winning the race against branded at CTIA – there was little more excitement.
Boring questions were asked and the each provider played it safe saying how great they were rather than pitching the future. I suppose that is what they were asked to do, but [...]

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Idle Screen deployments and solutions

The Idle Screen
The idle screen is the most valuable real estate on mobile devices and the number of idle screen services is increasing daily. I have an overview below of the popular ones.
Am I missing yours? Please email me about your service or solution.



Zi Corporation


AOL Tegic




Abaxia [...]

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