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HTC’s One Mini poised to be banned from Britain

Taiwan’s HTC looks set to be banned from selling its One Mini smartphone in Britain by the end of this week following a judge’s ruling that it violated a Nokia patent.
A similar ban could have been imposed over HTC’s entire flagship range of One smartphones, which make up more than two thirds of UK sales, but in London’s High Court an injunction was stayed pending an appeal and given the extent of harm to HTC ahead of the busy Christmas sales period.
HTC has until the end of this week [6th December 2013] to make a similar appeal against a ban on the One Mini phone, which was launched only recently in Britain. Continue reading

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Fury over Nokia ex-CEO’s departure package grows

Bulk of €18.8m payoff coming from Microsoft, which is buying Finnish phone maker

Former Nokia boss Stephen Elop’s proposed €18.8 million pay-off has been slammed by Finland’s prime minister – Jyrki Katainen, as “outrageous,” adding to anger over how the once mighty phone maker is being sold to Microsoft – the company he once worked for as an engineer. Nokia is already facing questions over the size of Elop’s redundancy package, equating as it does to about €1m for every €1 billion in market capitalisation the Finnish group lost under his stewardship. Elop moved from Microsoft to run Nokia in September 2010 and will return to his former employer when the deal is completed. In the meantime the Seattle software giant will fund 70 per cent of his pay-off. Continue reading

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BlackBerry to be ‘auctioned off’ by November

Vultures are gathering..

Ailing BlackBerry could be sold within just two months, taking its cue from this week’s sale of Nokia’s mobile arm to Microsoft. That’s the claim from the Wall Street Journal, which reports that a special body of directors has already drawn up a list of potential bidders since the company announced it was up for grabs last month. It says a fast auction process is now planned, with bidders likely to include a consortium led by former director Prem Watsa – dubbed the Warren Buffet of the North – and Chinese manufacturer Lenovo. BlackBerry’s vast portfolio of patents, aligned with its secure messaging technology, could equally appeal to major mobile players. Continue reading

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Nokia sells mobile arm to Microsoft in $7.2bn deal

Nokia is to sell its struggling mobile phone business to Microsoft for €5.44 billion ($7.2 billion), in another eventful twist to the industry which will also see the Finnish manufacturer’s CEO rejoin the ranks of his old company.
The news, coming just hours after Vodafone shed its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless, will equally have wide ramifications for the industry, given Nokia’s patents and mapping services will also be licensed to the Seattle giant under the deal.
For many, though, Stephen Elop’s decision to sell off Nokia’s business and return to Microsoft, where he is a contender to take over from its outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer, will be considered the last act of a Judas. Continue reading

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Nokia to ‘pull the plug on Symbian’ over next few months

Finnish maker Nokia is reported to be ending shipments of Symbian smartphones this summer, drawing a final veil over the OS as it gambles it future wholly on Microsoft Windows.
It means the 808 PureView has the dubious distinction of being the last new Symbian-phone manufactured by the company, albeit running on a platform that was renamed the Nokia Belle.
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has already incurred the wrath of investors for putting all his eggs in the Microsoft basket, though he has refused to re-adopt Symbian as an operating system, even though it was most popular smartphone OS on a worldwide average until the end of 2010, when it was overtaken by Android. Continue reading

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Nokia no longer top dog even in Finland, new IDC figures show

Samsung shifts 15,000 more handsets in Finnish maker’s home territory, Q1 figures show

Nokia’s prolonged woes have been underlined by new figures from research firm IDC which show that, for the first time, it has been overtaken by Samsung in its home country. With its share price currently hovering around the $3.59 mark in New York, compared to $28 in 2008, its fall from grace has been further emphasised by IDC’s figures revealing that even in Finland – where it is headquartered – Nokia is no longer top dog. That accolade goes to arch rival Samsung which now boasts 36 per cent market share in the country, compared to Nokia’s 33 per cent. Continue reading

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Change before it’s too late, Nokia investors warn CEO

Windows gamble isn’t paying off, they claim

Angry Nokia shareholders have warned the company’s CEO, Stephen Elop, that time is running out to turn the Finnish manufacturer around.
Since Elop abandoned Nokia’s own Symbian operating system in favour of the Windows Phone platform in 2011, the company has had little success in denting the smartphone duopoly of Apple and Samsung.
Elop, himself a former Microsoft executive, was criticised at the time for gambling the future of Nokia with an untested platform. Yesterday (7th May 2013), at the phone maker’s AGM, investors rounded on him again – calling on him to start making Android handsets instead. Continue reading

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Nokia Q1 sales on the up, predict analysts, but cash disappearing fast

Nokia is on target to ship 5.6 million Lumia handsets this quarter, up from 4.4 million in Q4, as it also trims its losses.
That’s the view of analysts in a poll conducted by the news agency Reuters. It says that though the Finnish maker’s Lumia handsets running Microsoft’s Windows software have yet to make any real dent in the duopoly of Samsung and Apple, they’re at least helping the company to stop hemorrhaging cash as losses drop to around €0.04 per share from €0.08 a year earlier, if predictions are correct. Continue reading

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ST-Ericsson throws in towel as Nokia fails to deliver on orders

News that a major chip supplier to Nokia is to close failed to bring cheer to investors in ARM last night [18th March 2013], with shares in the UK semiconductor designer down by just under 1 per cent at the end of trading.
Sweden’s Ericsson and STMicroelectronics revealed they were to shut their loss-making joint venture, having failed to find a buyer. Some 1,600 jobs will be axed, possibly including those in the UK where about 100 people are currently employed. Continue reading

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GoMo discovers more behind Nokia 73 difficulties

Rating: At least we manage OS upgrade

The scales have fallen from our eyes over the difficulties our readers are experiencing with Nokia N73 smartphone – especially those hailing from the Indian subcontinent. Being based over here in the UK, we hadn’t fully appreciated exactly where these N73 handsets were being sourced from. We now suspect that a great deal of the problems being experienced by users relate to the handsets being locked into one particular mobile network operator. Having acquired our own N73, we’ve made some interesting discoveries. We did manage the OS update, though. Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Samsung Juggernaut – will it keep being the Next Is what?

by Rupam Gogoi who works with FindYogi

Remember the Samsung ads which carried the ‘Next is what?’ as an advertisement ending monologue? Well, Samsung has moved in the direction that its ads promised it would move. Next is what wasn’t just a tagline or an ad slogan with Samsung, It has been the mantra of the direction in which its products have moved, most noticeably in the last five years. It was the trailer to what its products would soon be in the mobile industry and market. In the ensuing years of the next is what slogan, Samsung went on to launch its most popular products in the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Continue reading

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Nokia’s failings cut CEO’s pay packet in half

Sluggish sales of Windows phones to blame

Finnish manufacturer Nokia has slashed in half the earnings of its CEO Stephen Elop as it battles to restore its fortunes. The former Microsoft executive received €4.3 million in cash and stock options last year [2012], according to US regulatory filings, down by 45 per cent from €7.9 million in 2011 when he received a €2 million “golden handshake” to join the phone giant. Continue reading

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New Samsung phones could usurp Nokia in BRIC countries

Will REX rule?
South Korean giant Samsung has unveiled scaled-down Java versions of its flagship Galaxy S3 handset, pitching the new REX range at emerging markets in a move that could undermine Nokia.
Last month Nokia reported a small profit for Q4 as phone sales increased from 2.9 million in the previous quarter to 4.4 million, suggesting [...]

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A possible problem with WP7.x apps running on the Lumia 820

Rating: Or it could just be a problem with the Register’s news app

Now they say that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (and more on this later) but … a GoMobile News reader contacted us yesterday to complain that he had loaded an app onto his spanking new Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone and it wouldn’t work. Initially we suspected that it could well be a problem that apps designed for earlier Windows Phone handsets – running Windows Mango W7 or even version 7.8, could encounter problem when run under Windows Phone 8. Now we are not so sure. It could be that the app in question – UK news site, The Register, has problems with all of its apps not just Windows Phone. Continue reading

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Android extremely dominant in smartphone sales

Rating: Nokia still hanging on in there says Canalys

Mobile phone shipment tracker Canalys has just published figures for its estimates of shipments in 2012. Both the Android OS and Samsung (as a handset vendor) completely dominated in the phone market. Surprisingly however, Nokia still managed to cling on in third place. That’s because Canalys assembles these figures for the 50 plus countries that it tracks. Continue reading

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