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UCMobile is most popular browser in India

Latest Chart of the Week (CoTW) from 51Degrees.mobi

Earlier this week [November 2013], African mobile operator MTN renewed their agreement with Opera software to offer a customised version of the Opera Mini mobile web browser. This time 51Degrees.mobi takes a look at web traffic originating from third-party (non-Google) Android mobile web browsers in India and the USA. Continue reading

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Opera provides smart TV maker with an app store

It ain’t exactly online as you need a Hisense TV to see this one

We were only just discussing the impending rise of the ‘connected’ or ‘smart’ TV with 51Degrees.mobi (see here). GoMo News was pondering what development environment it might be best to pick if you are thinking of breaking into this niche. We may well have spotted the answer – HTML5. That’s because browser specialist, Opera, has just done a deal with a leading supplier of smart TVs – Hisense to build access to its Opera TV Store into the sets. The pair claim this will give Hisense users access to apps for video, music, social media, games, news and utilities. Which is great except you can’t discover which apps are available until you’ve actually bought such a device. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ten Top reasons to procrastinate

Top apps for wasting time

by Slawomir Sochaj, communications manager with Opera Software

While your smartphone can certainly make you more connected and productive, it can also be the ultimate in procrastination tools. So, why not kick your idle time up a notch with the cream of the crop in time-wasting apps? Here are my Top Ten apps for anyone who has some time to kill. Whether you’re bored on a rainy afternoon, waiting in line or simply feel like your day’s plans and chores can wait, these apps will help you truly maximize your potential for procrastination. Continue reading

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Apple leads mobile OS in monetisation and traffic, but Samsung keeps Android in close competition

Opera Mediaworks Q2 State of Mobile Advertising report highlights key trends

Press release

July 23rd 2013. Opera Mediaworks, the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, today released its Q2 State of Mobile Advertising report, briefing the industry on mobile monetisation and advertising trends that unfolded during the second quarter of 2013. The insights are derived from the company’s large trove of mobile ad data, pulled from the platform that serves 60 billion plus ad impressions per month via 13,000 mobile sites and apps, reaching 400 million consumers a month. Continue reading

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Adblock Plus adblocking software still desktop centric

Rating: Even though it zooms past 200 million downloads milestone

Adblock Plus has been trumpeting the fact that it has surpassed 200 million downloads for its adblocking add-on for browser. This has secured its official position as the number one most downloaded browser add-on of all time. However, as GoMo News pointed out in our previous story ‘Adblock Plus warns that 44% have heard of adblocking apps‘, the creators are still very much desktop-centric. We spoteed that only one per cent of those who download the Firefox version of the add-on are Android users. Continue reading

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Opera’s operator sales bolstered by Skyfire acquisition

Rating: The move also has implications for ad-supported data

Two giants in the world of mobile data optimisation - Opera Software and Skyfire Labs are to combine. Opera intends to acquire Skyfire by mid-March [2013]. Significantly, the move will help to boost the range of solutions that both companies can offer to mobile network operators. The pair have agreed, however, that the development of Skyfire’s own popular mobile browser will continue. It will also enhance Opera’s presence in North America and bolster its mobile advertising solutions. Continue reading

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Opera acquires​ Skyfire, broadens i​ts mobile operator s​ solutions beyond the ​browser​

Opera adds Skyfire’s video-optimization and smartphone monetization products to its operator business unit

Press release

February 15th 2013. Opera Software has announced that it has acquired Silicon Valley based Skyfire Labs, a leader in mobile video optimization and cloud solutions for mobility. Skyfire, headquartered in Mountain View, California, is known for its Rocket Optimizer software. This allows mobile operators to leverage cloud computing to optimize virtually any video and other multimedia on crowded cell towers, including 3G and 4G LTE networks. Continue reading

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Nokia WP7.8 OTA upgrade notification fails

Rating: Stealth release of the upgrade from W7 Mango

Here at GoMobile News we have been awaiting the upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 (which replaces W7 Mango) with bated breath. Virtually every day since early January [2013] we have been going to the ‘phone update’ page within the handset hoping to see that the upgrade had finally been released. The screen kept saying “No updates found” – even though we had ticked the box which says, “Use my mobile data connection to check for updates.” Then on Friday [February 1st 2013] we needed to use Zune on a PC to check for a particular music track. Imagine our surprise when the screen suddenly asked if we wanted to upgrade. Windows Phone 7.8 (WP7.8) was suddenly there! Continue reading

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GoMo’s protect your smartphone advice for Xmas

Rating: Inspired by Stonesoft’s Top ten tips

.We all know that significant numbers of handsets – especially smartphones, will be given as Xmas presents this year. However, consumers don’t naturally associate mobile phones with threats from hackers, viruses and malware. As Ash Patel, regional director with Stonesoft, says, “To a consumer, cybercrime may seem a distant threat that is mostly related to espionage between nation-states or hacking against big enterprises.” However, mobile devices are very easy to steal as we’ve reported before but they can contain seriously damaging personal data – such as credit card information and even login details for social networks. So Stonesoft has put together its own Top Ten tips on mobile security for Xmas time. Sound advice but not always entirely  practical. Continue reading

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Opera -world’s fifth biggest store, honours apps

Rating: Top Android, Java, BlackBerry & Symbian apps

Claiming to be the world’s fifth-largest mobile app store, the Opera Mobile Store has just announced the winners of its 2012 Top Apps awards. Given that the store is multi-platform, winners were announced for Android, Java, BlackBerry & Symbian OS. So the overall Symbian winner was Nimbuzz’ Messenger Chat and Call; BlackBerry winner was eBuddy’s XMS; Friends, Fun, Free – Queep 2.6 by Blue Lion Mobile; whilst SPB’s Shell 3D – Enjoy Your Phone took the top slot in the Android section. The Store can claim its fifth place because it offers around 80,000 free and paid apps but more importantly it boasts some 50 million monthly users. Continue reading

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Expect a flurry of M& A activity

Rating: Blog draws heavily on Opera & InnerActive research

A very interesting piece from Levi Shapiro, who is a Professor in the Media Innovation Lab at IDC, which appeared on the Jerusalem Post’s blog here. In it Shapiro speculates that 2013 will become a year of consolidation in the mobile advertising world. “Expect to see extensive M&A activity in the next few quarters,” Shapiro predicts. The guy backs his opinions with a whole range of third party research but his chief sources are mobile browser specialist, Opera and ad exchange InnerActive. GoMobile News believes that Shapiro could well be right. look at the recent announcement from inMobi here, for example. Continue reading

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Opera Mobile advertising report finds iOS on top for ad monetisation

First State of Mobile Advertising report from Opera

Press release

July 20th 2012. 4th Screen Advertising’s parent company Opera Software, has launched its first State of Mobile Advertising report, highlighting key data and trends in mobile advertising worldwide. The report contains insights from the world’s leading mobile ad platform, using data mined from a global network of 35 billion plus ad impressions, which will deliver more than £255 million ($400 million) in revenue to mobile publishers in 2012. Continue reading

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Opera report highlights cost of data roaming

Rating: Its tables provide hard stats for data in 9 countries

Roaming charges are making all the headlines at the moment. There are apocryphal tales of consumers spending two weeks data roaming abroad and getting a bill that takes two months to pay off. Just loading your own Facebook home page ten times can cost more than $50.00 – depending on home country and operator plan, of course. So Opera Software decided to take a close look at data roaming charges in the latest (May 2012) edition of its State of the Mobile Web Report. One of the report’s more surprising findings was that mobile users in two of the most advanced telecom nations on the world- Japan and the United Sates, are among those charged the most for data roaming. Naturally, the report shows how much you would save if you switch over to Opera’s Mini browser. Continue reading

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Opera Mini browser finally makes it onto BlackBerry App World

Rating: Will it work if BlackBerry crashes again we wonder?

Although it has actually been compatible with the BlackBerry OS for some years, the Opera Mini browser has finally made it onto the BlackBerry App World app store. Savvy BlackBerry users have been saving money on their data plans by downloading it manually from http:/m.opera.com. Having it made easily accessible on the official BlackBerry App World should ensure much wider usage if nothing else than the fact that consumers trust the official download sites for their brand of mobile OS. You have to wonder why it has taken so long to happen? Perhaps RIM is waking up to harsh commercial realities? Continue reading

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More mobile web satisfaction in Hungary

Press release

Today [February 24th 2012], Vodafone Hungary and Opera Software launched a special version of the Opera Mini mobile web browser, available now for almost all internet-capable phones on the Vodafone network, as a part of an extended agreement between both companies. This special version of Opera Mini for Vodafone’s subscribers provides a better and faster browsing experience for both smartphones and non-smartphones. With its new Speed Dial website shortcuts, users get instant access to their favorite local websites and services, such as Vodafone Live and Vodafone Kedd.

Opera Mini is the most popular mobile browser in the world, used by 160 million people. It works smoothly on all major mobile platforms and devices. With its speed, cost savings and platform integration, Opera Mini usage is booming in Hungary, and Opera Mini for Android is already almost as big there as Opera Mini for Java. Continue reading

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