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New Motorola handsets can cut MNOs & channel out of loop

Heavy emphasis place on 2 day battery life, too

And so to The Brewery in the City of London [England], where the GoMo News team has been attending the biggest launch of Moto products – ever. There were simultaneous events in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and NYC, USA – incidentally. The newly invigorated Motorola introduced not one but three new smartphones today [July 28th 2015]. A new Moto G, the Moto X Style and the Moto X play. (And no new watch). One of the new models – confusingly still called the Moto G also goes on sale globally today [July 28th 2015]. Cutting through the hype, GoMo News sees to major themes here: – massive stress placed on battery life and the ability to bypass any reliance on the MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] to ‘range’ their handsets. Continue reading

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OnePlus has missed a trick by bundling Google apps

GoMo had big hopes for this CyanogenMod based handset

When we first heard that there was a handset being shipped with a version of the CyanogenMod mobile OS, here at GoMo Towers we got quite excited. That’s because we like the software and until now, ordinary consumers had to go through the complicated process of ‘rooting’ the handset to get it. However, OnePlus (which is part of the Chinese group – Oppo) has done a deal to ship its much-hyped ‘One’ handset with CyanogenMod version 11. [Not a first because the Oppo N1 shipped with CyanogenMod]. Anyway, the one thing we knew about CyanogenMod is that it doesn’t come as standard with all of Google’s apps. Sadly, the One does so we think OnePlus has missed a big trick. Continue reading

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Bango launches Operator Billing for app stores in Africa, LatAm and the Middle East

Focuses on expanding payments in the new smartphone economies

Press release

May 13th 2014. Mobile payment leader Bango has announced continued momentum in 2014, confirming its growing influence as the global platform that connects app stores with Direct Operator Billing (DOB). Since the beginning of 2014, Bango has launched additional DOB for app store partners with Saudi Telecom and Mobily in Saudi Arabia, Mobinil in Egypt, Telkom in South Africa, Telefónica in Mexico and Telenor in Hungary. In many cases these are brand new DOB deployments, the first time the operator has enabled charge-to-bill for app stores. DOB gives customers the ability to charge the cost of a digital purchase to their phone bill, in just one click. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Is the Nokia X seeing stars?

by Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager, Upstream

Nokia’s attempts to break into emerging markets bore fruit in the shapely form of the X. The device combines what Nokia considers to be the best of Android with what makes Nokia the third most desired brand in India – great style, great heritage and a simple UI. In fact, 17 per cent of Indian consumers polled in our [Upstream's] latest consumer attitudes report said they would like to buy a Nokia as their next phone. Compare that to China where only 4 per cent of consumers lust after a Nokia handset, and you would imagine that the Nokia X would sell much more easily in India than it would in China. Continue reading

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OTT players hit by change in UK VAT loophole

Amazon & Apple may raise prices on digital music sales

In a move which will at least bring some satisfaction to Blighty’s [UK's] MNOs [Mobile Network Operators], the UK Chancellor has moved to close a tax loophole. The major OTT players such Amazon, Apple & Skype, take advantage of the tax system to pay their VAT bills in an EU country where charges are low. For example, in Luxembourg the VAT rate is a mere 3 per cent whereas in Britain it is currently 20 per cent. New rules will mean that Brits Revenues & Customs will be able to levy 20 per cent VAT on downloads executed in the UK. OTT players could respond by raising prices. Continue reading

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2 new indexes for game/app marketers launched

Fiksu aims to help marketers gauge the true mobile costs

In order to help app and game marketers reach their user acquisition goals, Fiksu has created two new indexes. These are designed to help app marketers analyse and benchmark mobile app advertising strategies, with an eye on engagement. The new Fiksu Cost per Install (CPI) index focuses on download costs, measuring the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising. The second new Fiksu index measures the Cost per App Launch. It focuses on engagement and ongoing value, tracking the cost of each repeat app launch over time. Significantly, over Xmas the price difference in reaching Android users rather than iOS users disappeared, Fiksu found. Continue reading

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GoMo loads Android version of Netflix onto BlackBerry Q5

Running Android apps under BB10 10.2.1 is easy

Having read that Nokia claims that around 75 per cent of Android apps will run straight ‘out-of-the-box’ on its AOSP [Android Open Source Project] based X platform reminded GoMo News, that we haven’t tried the same trick with BlackBerry 10. So we tried to identify an iconic Android app that appears to be missing from the BlackBerry World app store and came up with Netflix. Given that it requires video streaming, we consider this a suitable challenge. We loaded the Android app onto a Q5 and it worked without modifications. Continue reading

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Anti-distraction apps to beat information overload

Why is Google Ventures man disabling an iPhone anyway?

A very intriguing article in the London Evening Standard here entitled ‘Get your devices in order with apps to help you switch-off’. It’s basically about the latest fad amongst Londoners who are basically dumbing down or turning off their smartphones in order to beat the effects of information overload. We suspect that the author, Phoebe Luckhurst, is a bit of an Apple iPhone fan because she seems to have missed a massive irony. What is a design partner from Google Ventures doing with an iPhone in the first place? Frankly we are not remotely surprised he decided to dumb down an Apple device. Continue reading

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Tweakker granted international patent for its smartphone connectivity technology

Unique smartphone-agnostic technology for automating APN configuration
settings from power-up eliminates the most costly issue facing device
manufacturers, network operators and MVNOs and could become the instant
connectivity powerhouse for the billions of next generation devices

Press release

November 4th 2013. Mobile connectivity leader Tweakker www.tweakker.com has announced that its cloud-based connectivity technology and companion device app providing automated APN connectivity settings for traditional and over-the-top [OTT] network services has been granted a global patent (PCT/DK2013/050230) under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) of the World Intellectual Property
Organisation (WIPO). The technology is patent-pending and is currently available for Android OS and Tweakker is inviting other OS vendors to contact the firm to be part of the product roadmap. Continue reading

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Roll out of BBM for Android & iOS in total chaos

Unreleased Android version to be disabled, iPhone version paused

What a fine mess. BlackBerry has now admitted that prior to the ‘official’ launch of BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. This apparently wreaked havoc. So BlackBerry intends to disable the unreleased Android app. Astonishingly, some 1.1 million Android handsets became active users of BBM in the first eight hours with the unreleased version. Hence the company has paused “the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone.” However, BBM for iPhone had already been released in several countries worldwide before BlackBerry began pausing – one of them being India and the last being the UAE. Continue reading

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GoMo uncovers some kind of South African WhatsApp scam

Lures you into a ZAR 7 a day dating site

Here at GoMo Towers we received what initially appeared to be a rather innocuous request for publicity for a South African web site which you can find here. It seemed to be offering Whatsapp-like messaging facilities to those who are unable to load the official WhatsApp mobile app. However, on closer inspection this whole thing appears to be some kind of scam from an individual who is attempting to persuade South Africans to sign up to a dating site. The dating site in question is Vaaloo.com and the site does appear to be operated by a Spanish based company called Flexiba. If you want to sign up for a dating service – fine. But this doesn’t look to have anything to do with Whatsapp. Continue reading

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Upgrading Android users need clear path to their apps

Migrating your addressbook is easy – but what about all your installed apps?

On a regular basis, GoMo News has to migrate from one smartphone to another. Formerly, this used to involve major traumas because it wasn’t possible to save our entire addressbook onto a circa 100 entry SIM card. Now – thanks to storing our contact information on Google, we can easily migrate between handsets. Even to a BlackBerry or a Windows Phone 8 (WP8) handset such as a Nokia Lumia. The major obstacle presently, however, is how to take all of your favourite applications with you as you ‘upgrade’ to a new smartphone? Thanks to Prestigio, we may well have spotted a solution. Continue reading

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Google adds Play into Mobile App Analytics

Also provides Tag Manager to update apps already on the app store

Google has updated its Mobile App Analytics facility to integrate it fully with Google Play – the former Android Market. This facility is aimed at aiding both app developers and marketers and provides insights into both Android and iOS apps. It can now measure metrics at all stages: – acquisition, engagement and outcomes like in-app purchases. Continue reading

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Microsoft overtakes Google in direct billing stakes

Not only the future but the present, too

The guys running the Windows Phone development blog here have come up with some very interesting stats on the WP ecosystem since the launch of Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has seen  over a 100 per cent increase in app downloads and a nearly 140 per cent increase in paid app revenue. However, the most interesting revelation is that Windows Phone has added 15 new mobile operator billing partners since August 2012, That brings its total number of supported partners to 25 in 19 markets – which actually surpasses Google Play. As Michael Whelan, CEO with txtNation, points out, “Operator Billing is not only the future, it is the present.” It’s obviously the way to go. Continue reading

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A quicker way to re-install favourite Android apps

Rating: The fastest method GoMo could come up with

In a separate story here, GoMo News was describing the joys of moving the contact entries from one Android handset to another. One of the options we considered to remove the addressbook entries was a remote wipe. That facility used to be part of Motorola Blur but the latest RAZR HD doesn’t support Blur. The obvious answer is to install a remote wipe app but that means migrating all your favourite apps from one handset to another. Continue reading

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