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Synchronised fails to win Grand National for GoMo

Rating: Guess we bet on wrong app, too

Well, the horse GoMobile News picked for the UK’s Grand National horse race – Synchronised, failed to even finish the race – let alone come in the Top Four places. However, we had much worse luck with the app we’d chosen to place our bet via mobile – Bet2Go. We fell at the first hurdle – trying to actually put funds in so we could place a bet on Synchronised. It didn’t help that we wanted to use our W7 Mango Nokia Lumia 800 handset, either. Continue reading

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GoMo News tries to place mobile bet on Grand National

Rating: What’s the betting it own’t work?

Every year, there is one horse race in the calendar here in Blighty (the UK) on which even Joe Public bothers to have a flutter. That race is the Grand National and it is today [14th April 2012]. Given that betting has always been one of the applications quoted as being entirely suitable for the mobile web (even back in the dark old days of WAP), GoMobile News has always decided to investigate how easy it is to do. This year there is a twist. We are determined to place the bet from our W7 Mango Nokia Lumia 800 handset. It’s about the one mobile OS that the British bookies (betting shops) don’t seem to support. Let’s see if it works. Continue reading

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Bet on the Grand National by smartphone

Rating: A lot easier if you have an iPhone

From the very beginnings of the mobile Internet, it became clear that a desire to gamble could entice even technophobes into learning how to place bets from their handsets. So it is something of a tradition to investigate every year just how difficult it is to bet on the UK’s Grand National race at Aintree – which takes place tomorrow [April 9th]. In the early days, the solution meant accessing WAP sites and to some extent things remain the same today. The big difference is that if you’re an Apple iPhone user, it is now very easy. For other smartphone users, things are a little different. Continue reading

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Mission impossible: watch the racing live on a handset

Rating: Or how the Beeb defeated my attempts to do so
One of the UK’s major sporting and social events is the Grand National horse race which takes place today [5th April] in Aintree. So I set myself the task of trying to discover if I could watch the race live on a mobile phone.
In theory [...]

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