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ECT advocates carrier announce as RBT solution

Rating: Daft idea or practical answer

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that ring back tones (RBTs) aren’t taking off in Western Europe and North America as many had expected. One of the obvious reasons is that the general public don’t understand them. In a recent posting on the ECT Telecoms ringback blog here, Victor del Razo tries to come up with some answers. He suggests that ‘carrier greeting’ or ‘carrier announce’ might be one solution. One facility that his company can provide to mobile network operators, of course. But is this a practical solution or will it just make it even more confusing for the average consumer? Continue reading

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How the UK’s only rock promo ringback tone escaped into wild

Rating: GoMo News finally solves the mystery

GoMo News has always agreed with Cool Tones from Cooltonesblog that in the UK there’s an enormous gap in the market for ringback tones (RBTs). As he says here,”One of the most obvious uses for a ringback tone which we’ve identified is to promote an unsigned (rock) band. Our research has shown that at least one UK act – Craig Custance Starman – did this very thing back in April 2010.” Sadly the trail went cold there and GoMo News was unable to discover how on Earth Starman had managed to produce its ringback tone. Until last night! GoMo News can exclusively reveal that it was actually an inside job. Continue reading

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