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Mysterious Dreameye finally lifts its skirt

Rating: Aussie mob ad company finally reveals location, etc

For a company which described itself as an “Australian based mobile advertising company with a focus on delivering rich media ads” back in 2008, Dreameye Media Pty Ltd really doesn’t seem to understand what GoMobile News does. It publishes the world’s leading directory to the mobile advertising world, for starters. Instead of helping us out by supplying information on how potential customers can contact Dreameye, head honcho Simon Hunt seems more keen on issuing thinly veiled threats. We’re flattered but Hunt appears to have created an entirely new (HTML) web site just to disparage us. Continue reading

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Locations ousts branding in rich media mobile ads, says Celtra

Rating: 45 per cent of such ads now feature video, too

An interesting new development in the rich media mobile ads sector has been discovered by Celtra in its quarterly Mobile Rich Media Monitor report. Apparently, location-based features have now overtaken branding and presentation as the most engaging ad feature. Location now boasts an 18.8 per cent engagement rate. By comparison, the average ad engagement rate was 13.7 per cent in Q3, nearly a one per cent increase over Q2. Adding gaming features (or gamification) can in second place after location with a 13.9 per cent engagement rate Perhaps the most interesting statistic was that was that nearly half (45 per cent) of all the mobile advertising campaigns analysed by Celltra featured video. Continue reading

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Ad recognition increased by 130% says madvertise

Rating: It’s all about rich media & cross-media

As something of a first, madvertise has revealed the findings from a study into advertising effectiveness study for a rich media campaign. The study was undertaken in Germany in collaboration with Interrogare. Hence references here are to Telefónica’s O2 Germany not the UK. The study analyses the effects of advertising on mobile rich media campaigns. It covered rich media, interactive ads, video,and non-standard banner formats. One of the most amasing discoveries was that ad recognition increased by 130 per cent. This followed a campaign by O2 (Germany) which ran the campaign alongside the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The aim was to promote the launch of a new tariff. Madvertise claims O2 integrated the ‘mobile’ channel into its entire cross-media advertising strategy. Continue reading

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Amobee launches PULSE Create for advertisers

Rating: MRAID compliant 3D mobile ad campaign creation tool

Amobee has launched a mobile ad creation platform which it claims enables advertisers and publishers to create innovative rich media and 3D mobile ad campaigns. Known as PULSE Create, it gives publishers the ability to measure performances of rich media and 3D mobile ad campaigns. Rich media ads generated by PULSE Create will be MRAID compliant, and can therefore run on any large network. The company claims that 3D and rich media mobile ads result in increased time spent in-ad, and better results. Continue reading

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Core differentiator for BlackBerries is now a commodity says Analysys Mason

Rating: The smartphone’s keyboard isn’t key any more

Speculation is rife following the announcement that BlackBerry’s owner – RIM, has called in bankers to conduct a strategic review. This is what RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, actually said … “After the release of our year-end financial results, we engaged JP Morgan Securities and RBC Capital Markets to assist the company and our board of directors in reviewing RIM’s business and financial performance.” He also stressed that, “We will continue to spend and hire in key areas such as those associated with the launch of BlackBerry 10, and those tied to the growth of our application developer community.” However, according to Analysys Mason, the problem lies with the fact that smartphone users now care less about having a keyboard and more about being able to play back media content. Continue reading

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MRAID and its impact on rich media mobile advertising

Here is a guest article from Justin Campbell Sales Director at AdGibbon.

What is MRAID?

MRAID are the guidelines that have been produced from the collaboration of the IAB and ORMMA. MRAID “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” are a set of instructions on how to build universal SDK’s and create rich media campaigns within App – specifically expandable and interstitial ads. Continue reading

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Celtra moves into Europe with rich media ads

Rating: No reason why all banners shouldn’t become HTML5

It’s become apparent that US based, rich media advertising specialist, Celtra, has decided to move into Europe in a big way. To this end, the company has decided to enlist the help of (European) start-up specialist, Jonathan Milne, as gm of Celtra Europe. Milne has worked his magic with Ooyala and Maven Networks. The company has also announced a pan-European partnership with Buongiorno – the multi-national mobile content creator. Celtra claims that it is the only agency capable of putting a ‘self-service’ rich media ad creation tool right into the hands of ‘creatives’. Continue reading

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3D mobile ads finally arrive from InMobi and Cooliris

Back in February, we reported on a deal between global mobile ad network InMobi and a company called Cooliris that uses 3D to make mobile user-interfaces look amazing. Today, we finally see the product of that deal, as they two companies launch what they claim is the first live 3D advertising campaign on iPad. Continue reading

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Sympatico Mobile and Cetra Launch Self-Service Rich Media Platform AdCreator

Toronto, ON, June 22, 2011 – Sympatico.ca hosted the Canadian unveiling of AdCreator at an exclusive event today in Toronto. AdCreator is Celtra Inc.’s self-service rich media ad creation platform which enables advertisers to rapidly create ads that leverage the unique features and capabilities of smartphones, tablets and the mobile web.
“The expertise we have [...]

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Mobile advertising and marketing top news: messaging, rich media and consumer behavior

Welcome to the round-up of the hottest stories in mobile marketing and advertising, from GoMo News! Today we see Hipcricket making a little history, Mojiva reveals it’s lessons about mobile consumers, Celtra takes brand advertisers in hand, and more! Continue reading

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YOC’s rich-media mobile ad format goes cross-platform

Just last week, massive mobile technology and media company YOC Group announced it’s most profitable quarter ever – and it has followed it up today with an announcement that it’s rich-media ad format has gone “fully” cross platform. Continue reading

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Mobile marketing and advertising top news: rich media, tablets and daily deals

Welcome to the Monday round-up of the best in mobile marketing and advertising news here on GoMo News! Rich media advertising is cementing itself on mobile and tablets; daily deal apps continue to launch; InMobi reports crazy ad growth in India, and more… Continue reading

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Mobile rich media ads: what will Celtra and Jumptap be doing, exactly?

Earlier this week, mobile ad network Jumptap announced a pretty effective land-grab in the area of rich media advertising on mobile. It has integrated its systems with five of the leading providers in the world, giving advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to create and serve rich media ad units. Today we look a little closer at one of those deals – with mobile ad creation service Celtra. Continue reading

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Mobile advertising and marketing top news: Medialets, TV and Windows Phone

Welcome to the Wednesday round-up of the top mobile marketing and advertising stories here on GoMo News! Medialets has a great deal going with Adobe; mobile advertising is set to overtake TV; iOS may have issues with recording ad-clicks; and more… Continue reading

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Rich media, US and iAds are leading the way in mobile marketing

Three years ago, one of the biggest marketing bodies in the world jumped into mobile. The Publicis Groupe acquired French mobile marketer Phonevalley – and tasked the company with building its mobile arm. Now it has 30 offices around the globe, and 150 employees. I sat down with Phonevalley CEO Alexandre Mars to talk about where the market has gone since, and where it will go in the future. Continue reading

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