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QRlicious claims America is going through a QR Code Crisis

Rating: Serious over -exaggerations of our time

Here we go .. tenuous links to the London Olympics of our time. Matt Jones, co-founder of QRlicious writes, “As the political atmosphere heats up here in the USA and tensions grow during the heated competitions going on in the Olympics, we here at QRlicious felt it was the perfect time to address America’s QR Code Crisis. Jones then goes on to ask us to sign a petition. There’s no real petition and we’d hardly describe the situation as a ‘crisis’ but Jones has put all of GoMobile News’ gripes about the amateurish use of QR codes by marketers in one place. On the QRlicious web site. Continue reading

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Brit firm Ensygnia gets QR code Patent for log-in process

Rating: New service will consign forgotten IDs and passwords to thing of the past

We’re not quite sure what the major 2D barcode players like neoMedia and ScanLife will make of this but a UK start-up company Ensygnia has confirmed  that – it had been granted its first technology patent by the UK Patent Office. This win had taken a mere 18 months to achieve. What the company is effectively providing is a secure log-in and check-out services using QR Codes – OneScan. The company claims that thanks to its encrypted QR (eQR) codes, OneScan service marks the beginning of the end for multiple passwords and log-in credentials for anyone accessing Internet services or private networks. Continue reading

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Weekend QR code roundup with FluCamp & MCN

Rating: We were impressed with FluCamp’s graphics

Every weekend GoMobile News carries out arbitrary testing of the 2D/QR barcodes we encounter in real life. Our research is sometimes flawed but at least we bother to investigate how QR codes function in the real world. This time we ran into a campaign from FluCamp which worked well but wasn’t entirely mobile-friendly. We also discovered 2D barcodes buried on the pages of UK bikers’ publication, Motorcycle News (MCN). There codes proved exceedingly difficult to scan in. Continue reading

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Coca-Cola hooks up with ScanLife for QR codes in Spain

Rating: Give the punters what they want – footie content

Well it seems that soft drinks giant, Coca-Cola, has very definitely identified the potential of 2D barcodes in Spain. The company has decided to form a pact with barcode specialist software supplier – ScanLife www.scanlife.com. In Spain the company is behind BIDI which has become something of an industry QR code reader app in the region. The aim is to supply content which will appeal to Spanish mobile phone users and what better than football [soccer]? Now QR codes will be placed on packaging and sends users to content such as UEFA’s EURO 2012 videos. Continue reading

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A couple of drinks related QR codes which don’t quite work

Rating: Does anybody else ever bother to check?

It has always been GoMobile News contention that the drinks [alcoholic beverages] industry is one of the biggest implementers of QR [2D] barcodes as a business sector. Certainly in the UK. And we quite agree that there is some very creative thinking behind the majority of their campaigns. Our only question is … Do you guys ever bother to check these things actually work? GoMobile News has just struggled with one QR campaign from Jameson and absolutely failed on a second one from Guinness. This really isn’t helping build consumer confidence in QR codes, you guys. Continue reading

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ScanLife report shows how marketeers are using QR codes

Rating: Biggest barcode readers are currently Germans not Americans

Barcode scanning specialist, ScanLife, has just released its latest [Q1 2012] report on mobile barcode trends. What’s interesting is that out of all the barcodes processed by Scanlife, Apple iPhone users have started to scan more. The traffic generated by iPhones grew 6 per cent from Q4 2011 and represented 45 per cent of all traffic. That’s almost equal to Android OS users with 48 per cent. BlackBerry OS only just managed to pip Symbian (4 per cent vs 3 per cent). Of course, there are other firms handling barcode traffic but this report gives a clue as to the size of the market. Total scans processed by ScanLife rose to 13 million scans which represent a 157 per cent increase from Q 2011. There was also an interesting change in which countries had the top number of scanning users. The USA dropped out of the Top Five whilst the UK entered it. Continue reading

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GoMobile News struggles with BARKCODE pet finding solution

Rating: We really don’t get on with ScanLife’s EZcode

You probably wouldn’t have noticed it but here at GoMobile Towers we’re extremely pet friendly. Indeed Rox the cat visits us so often we’re thinking of renaming to Hotel Chat [That's French for cat –Geddit?] Anyway, we were delighted when BARKCODE’s Laura Erickson sent us three BARKCODE ID tags for our cats – Pickles, Poppy and Rox. Unfortunately we struggled to make the technology work. That’s because BARKCODE utilises ScanLife’s EZcode technology (see our original story here. Laura herself has ardently defended the use of EZcode to GoMo News previously here. However, GoMobile News only managed to successfully scan the EZcode on one handset. Three others refused to recognise it. Continue reading

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ScanLife enters tech spat with logo-centric QR codes

Rating: Even support colour like Microsoft Tag

Probably because it was feeling a little bit left out, ScanLife (Scanbuy) has decided to enter the current spat over 2D barcode technology. Avid readers may recall that SpyderLynx has just announced it has received a patent for its SnapTag technology. See here. One of the things which SpyderLynx claims SnapTag can offer is “the only logo-centric mobile activation tool in the marketplace today.” (See here). So what has ScanLife just done? Only gone and sent GoMobile News examples of its latest service for customers. Yessiree, the ability to embed logos into various 2D codes including QR codes. If that isn’t throwing the gauntlet down, then what is? Continue reading

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Scanbuy hooks up with Taco Bell & Viafo @ SXSW 12

Rating: Creates ScanSocial game tied into your Twitter account

It seems that Scanbuy is using the SXSW show in Austin to pump up QR codes by running a competition in conjunction with Taco Bell and Viafo. The competition is called ScanSocial and the aim is to be people scanning codes as much as possible at the show. All you have to do is scan the initial QR code (printed here) and then enter your Twitter login. Viafo’s software ensure this links to your existing Twitter profile (thanks to APIs). The system will then generate your own unique code which you need to get other participants at SXSW to scan to earn points. Continue reading

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Print 2D joins the 2D barcode controversy

Rating: EZcodes aren’t always the best 2D barcode to use

Following a searching piece on why BARKCODE picked EZcodes not QR codes here, Beth Silverstein, a publicist with Print2D has responded with her take on the EZcode versus QR and other rival 2D codes battle. She says … I think it’s great that this technology is used to help pets. ScanBuy’s EZ code does print smaller, but so do Data Matrix codes and MS Tags. The problem is not the code, it’s the platform. Continue reading

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ScanLife report shows barcodes far from dead

Rating: Stats signal mass consumer adoption of QR (2D) barcodes

Whoever suggested that QR codes are just a passing fad (OK, step forward Which? magazine) really ought to have a quiet word with Scanbuy. That’s because the stats provided by its latest ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend report are nothing short of impressive. In 2011, the company saw a massive 1,000 per cent growth in barcode scanning over 2009, and a 300 per cent increase over 2010. Scanbuy sincerely believes its stats from the ScanLife Q4 Mobile Barcode Trend report finally signal mass consumer adoption of barcode technology thanks to the addition of three million new users. Continue reading

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86% of US marketers plan to use 2D barcodes

Rating: Results of study for Scanbuy amongst US marketers

A quantitative study amongst US marketers across a wide range of industries has shown that 86 per cent of key decision makers in the USA plan to use 2D barcode technology in the future, whilst 50 per cent of are already using 2D barcodes as a part of their overall marketing strategy. This survey was conducted through uSamp’s SurveyBuilder platform which includes an audience of over five million panellists worldwide. Representing more than 100 marketers from both large and small businesses in industries such as healthcare, retail and entertainment, the study illustrates high awareness and adoption of 2D barcodes. The study reveals new data from the marketer’s perspective that can be used to gain a better understanding of current adoption rates, and how campaigns are being implemented and assessed. Continue reading

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Scanbuy delivers MTV and Taco Bell with QR Codes – but, shock, we like it

Taco Bell and MTV have teamed to promote this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. They have partnered with the help of mobile company Scanbuy. The ScanLife QR Code has been placed on boxes and packages or Taco Bell food and branded “Big Box Remixed”. Once scanned the codes will deliver all forms of VMA content to the user. These include videos, interviews and performance footage.
Continue reading

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Mike Wehrs CEO Scanbuy interview from Bnettv

Continue reading

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Mobile barcode scan growth still explosive

Following on from 3GVision’s report that the USA is now the world’s biggest scanner of barcodes on it’s platform, Scanbuy has released it’s new trend report. The last report showed an incredible growth in scans over a short period – and while the upward trend definitely continued during Q4 2010, it wasn’t quite exponential as during Q3. Continue reading

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