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Amazon Fire just might revolutionise online shopping

But who will carry the smartphone in the UK for what price?

After yesterday’s [June 18th 2014] launch by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos of its new Android-forked Fire smartphone, expects are once again predicting that the online giant could revolutionise shopping. The handset’s key feature is Firefly, a facility that lets the smartphone identify any of 100m products within a second and link to the product on Amazon’s website. Iin a rare media appearance, Bezos actually demonstrated Firefly. The company also said the $199 (£117) smartphone would ship on July 25th [2014] initally in the USA with AT&T. No news of a UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator] carrying the product on an initial exlcusive basis was given but the smart money is on Vodafone. Continue reading

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First reactions to Amazon’s Fire phone

Actually we think it’s Shazam that’s in deepest trouble

It’s amazing how dazzling Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, must be because the hype seems to have buried the fact that his company has launched a smartphone running a ‘forked’ version of Android. Um, just like that massive success the Nokia X, then? [Sarcasm]. Now GoMo News has read nothing to suggest that the new Amazon Fire smartphone when it is introduced will seriously damage Samsung or Google. Unlike Android which killed Symbian. The thing that strikes us most is the existence of ‘Firefly’ as an app on this phone. This facility can apparently identify songs. Continue reading

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AdBrain steals Gubbins from Weve

François Deschênes from InMobi Analytics & Elisa Huh from Turn

It seems thatAdbrain , which claims to be the advertising industry’s first self-service, real-time, multi-screen ad platform, has acquired a whole bunch of new talent. Topping the list is Weve’s former head of display, Paul Gubbins. He’s followed by InMobi’s, François Deschênes and Elisa Huh from Turn. The new recruits should ensure Adbrain continues on its rapid growth trajectory in the lead up to its beta launch. Continue reading

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Shazam claims our story on “boss” Fisher is inaccurate

Rewriting history is always good clean fun

It seems that GoMo News has ruffled a few feathers chez Shazam with our recent story on Shazam’s Fisher here. He’s described as “boss” by the Sunday Times, when he’s not actually the CEO – Rich Riley is. Shazam PR lass, Rica Squires, has taken umbrage at our criticism and described our piece as containing “a couple of things that weren’t quite accurate.” Oh, really? See our piece below republished from WAP Insight. We’d also dispute her claim that our story was neither fair nor an accurate representation. Continue reading

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Shazam boss moving heavily into advertising

TV advertising that is, not necessarily mobile ads

A really intriguing interview with Andrew Fisher who is currently executive chairman with Shazam in the UK publication, Sunday Times.* GoMo News regards Shazam as a pioneer amongst mobile apps because (the company of the same name) achieved something which nothing else had before. Rather than being merely the mobile version of a desktop app, it was unique and groundbreaking. The Sunday Times interview reveals that Fisher is taking the company in a direction which nobody could have predicted – TV ads. Yup, this British techno success story is moving from being purely a mobile into a multi-channel player. In fact, it has embraced TV advertising big time. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Apps and games we can’t live without

by Christopher Austin, a freelance writer who sometimes works with Army Games 365

Who doesn’t love a good app on their smartphone? Those beautiful, colourful squares have become vital tools to our daily existence. Shazam, MyFitnessPal, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous others, are keeping our lives in motion. Social media is now more powerful than ever, and with the advent of technology there’s no better way to stay connected with your friends than through a good app. Games should not be overlooked either because they’re just as valuable and engaging as the most popular apps out there. Continue reading

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Amazon celebrates 1st year of Android App store

We grapple with allowing apps to be installed on Android devices

Well, online store powerhouse, Amazon, has decided to celebrate the first year of its Kindle branded App Store operations in the UK at least with what it is calling a ‘Free App of the Day Anniversary Bundle’. This is shades of RIM/BlackBerry which offered free apps to its customers as compensation for a server outage. This time, GoMo News has been struggling to download the free set of apps. They are worth £20 but you have to do it today [August 30th 2013]. One of the apps is Shazam Encore. Continue reading

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Shazam releases WP8 app with links to Nokia Music

Purchasing recognised tracks made easier on Lumias

The latest music recognition app, Shazam for Windows Phone 8 (WP8) is not only free to download, it also includes popular Shazam features such as unlimited tagging (unlike some versions where users have to pay). It means that Windows Phone users can tag all the music, TV shows and ads they like. Better still, anyone with a Nokia Lumia (WP8) smartphone can go directly to Nokia Music and purchase a track that they’ve just identified. Continue reading

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Shazam behind 1 in 14 of all music downloads

Meanwhile iTunes reaches 50 billion app downloads

Figures just released by Apple show that its App Store has now reached its 50 billionth app download. That figure represents unique downloads excluding re-downloads and updates. The winner of a $10,000 App Store gift card Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio, USA. He downloaded Say the Same Thing by Space Inch from here. But ITunes is about more than apps – it’s music too. As Shazam points out, it was behind the 25 billionth Apple music download back in February 2013. Continue reading

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Apple’s App Store marks historic 50 billionth download

Press release

May 16th 2013. Apple has announced that customers have downloaded over 50 billion apps1 from the revolutionary App Store. Customers are downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over two billion apps per month on the App Store. The 50 billionth app was Say the Same Thing by Space Inch which was downloaded by Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio USA who received a $10,000 App Store gift card to commemorate this historic milestone. Continue reading

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Shazam forms exclusive new partnership with Saavn for the best Indian music Discovery Experience

Bollywood’s massive and growing fan base now has a new way to discover, buy and share their favourite songs

Press release

April 3 rd 2013. Shazam, the world’s leading media engagement company, has announced an exclusive new partnership with Saavn, the world’s largest Indian music streaming service. The new partnership gives music fans a great new way to discover the latest tracks from their favourite South Asian artists in Bollywood and beyond, with popular genres such as bhangra, devotional, ghazals, Carnatic, Indipop, and more; and music in regional languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, and Bhojpuri. Continue reading

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Intel hooks up with ITV & Shazam for interactive ad

Rating: Get ready to Shazamduring X Factor final

Here in Blighty (UK), it seems that Intel has been looking at some creative ways to promote its new range of Ultrabook Convertible tablets on the run up to Xmas. It just so happens that ITV has an exclusive partnership to distribute Shazam‘s functionality in UK broadcast advertising sector. So – thanks to OMD UK, a specially modified version of the Intel ad will be aired during the show which will be able to feature user-generated content (UGC) thanks to Shazam’s technology. Of course, this isn’t the first time the Shazam app has been deployed in British broadcasting. ITV aired a Shazam enabled ad back in May [2012] during a Britain’s Got Talent TV finale. (See our previous report here). Continue reading

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Intel puts Ultrabook Xmas TV special ad in hands of consumers

Intel, ITV Commercial and Shazam unveil new interactive Xmas TV ad

TV viewers given the chance to star in a specially adapted version of Intel’s ‘London Train’ ad by submitting festive messages to be live-edited during The X Factor final

The initiative marks an accelerated live edit and approval process for a TV advertising campaign

Press release

December London, 5th 2012 – Intel and ITV Commercial has announced a Xmas promotion to support the new range of Ultrabook Convertibles. The TV spot, to run on ITV1 on 8th December 2012, will culminate in a commercial featuring real-time user-generated content (UGC) submitted by viewers of ITV’s live The X Factor final. It will feature an accelerated edit and approval process for a TV advertising campaign to be seen in the UK and give viewers of The X Factor the chance to star in the specially adapted ad. Continue reading

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Shazam launches Windows 8 version of it music discover app

Rating: Perhaps Jim’ll fix my RAZR i version for me

Somehow we don’t see a rush of desktop PC, laptop, netbook and tablets owners installing Shazam so they can hold their device up to a pub’s loudspeakers. Just because Shazam has launched a Microsoft Windows 8 version of its popular music discovery app. However, GoMobile News suspects this has a lot to do with its imminent Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) version. Shazam is, of course, the leading music recognition app but it only recognises commercial tracks. So there’s little point trying to get it to recognise what old rock number the band is currently slaughtering. We reckon that Windows 8 Users will utilise this version of Shazam for viewing tags saved by their mobile phone. If it works on their smartphone, of course. It doesn’t work on our Motorola RAZR i, though. Continue reading

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Mobile firms do well in Tech Track 100 league

Rating: Keep an eye on Mobilewebadz & Omnifone

Writing about the UK’s Top Twenty ‘cool’ brands today [24th September 2012], (see here) GoMobile News remembered that we hadn’t mentioned the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table which appeared on 16th September [2012]. Just like the CoolBrands survey, high tech companies which are mobile orientated in particular did really well. Two companies which definitely deserve a name check are Mobilewebadz (4th) and Omnifone (20th) which both secured high places. Continue reading

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