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IM services like WhatsApp overtaking Facebook

And MNOs are ideally positioned to take advantage says Acision

Recent research by On Device here found that IM [Instant Messaging] app leader, WhatsApp has overtaken Facebook in terms of being the leading social messaging service on mobile. The report also confirmed that social messaging apps – including WeChat, Twitter, BBM and Skype – are the dominant way in which people communicate on their mobile phones. This ties in neatly with Acision‘s own research which revealed that 80 per cent of UK smartphone owners are now using Over-the-Top (OTT) or IM services, with 76 per cent of these using both SMS and OTT/IM messaging services together. “Multi-channel messaging is a reality and consumers are utilising different messaging platforms to fulfil their different messaging needs,” claimed Koby Amedume, global director of communications with Acision. Continue reading

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Top venture capitalist shuns ‘over crowded’ chat apps market

Plans to invest in less risky firms

Developers of fast growing chat apps are unlikely to get any backing from venture capitalist Atomico, its CEO has revealed, despite the fact it has just put together a new $476 million war chest to invest in tech firms. Niklas Zennström, CEO of London based Atomico and who previously founded messaging service Skype, says the sort of start-ups he’ll be looking to invest in instead will be those with an international outlook and which, more importantly, typically make money from transactions such as online payments firm Klarna, or Supercell – which sells in-game items for players of its titles Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Continue reading

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Skype & TravelSim offer free calls to World Cup footie fans

Aimed at those going to the World Cup in Brazil for Summer 2014

Let’s face it. It has been estimated that for soccer fans travelling from England it will cost around £10, 000 in flights, tickets and accommodation. And that’s just for the three opening group games. Love ones left at home are bound to worry. Which is why two Estonian based technology firms TravelSim and Skype have teamed up to make it free for Skype users to call all TravelSim mobile users. The beauty of this arrangement is that the TravelSim user doesn’t even need a data connexion. Continue reading

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Joyn struggles as operators partner with OTT providers

Research reveals 29% of mobile operators believe GSMA’s offering Joyn is not the solution to successfully compete with messaging service providers such as WhatsApp and Skype

Press release

August 13th 2013. GSMA-backed standard Joyn is struggling to drive significant operator support, limited by its complexity and slow speed to market, according to new research by mobilesquared and mobile interaction service provider tyntec www.tyntec.com. The international survey among more than 40 MNOs (mobile network operators) and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) reveals that only 7 per cent of mobile operators now believe Joyn is the solution to combat the threat of Over The Top (OTT) voice and messaging services such as Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp. Continue reading

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Obscure iPhone Skype bug unravelled

It’s all to do with setting local time zone

If you’ve ever tried to carry on a IM [Instant Messaging] with somebody using Skype on an iPhone that suffers from this particular bug, then you’ll know just how frustrating it can be. Basically, the iPhone keeps reporting an erroneous time stamp. Why should this matter? Well it means that when recipients reply to your current message, you have to go back in time to find their answer. After puzzling over this for ages, GoMo News discovered it was caused by picking the ‘Show My Time Zone’ option within the Skype iOS app. Uncheck that as an option and cure the problem. Continue reading

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MNOs will partner with OTT players to offer premium VoIP services

m-VoIP is the way to go apparently

It seems that market research firm, Infonetics Research, has set the cat amongst the pigeons with its latest mobile VoIP services and subscribers report. The report tracks Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) and OTT [Over-The-Top] revenue, subscribers and deployments for m-VoIP services by world region. The report says that OTT mobile VoIP subscribers will reach one billion this year [2013]. This has led to speculation from the likes of Tektronix Communications and
OpenCloud over how things will play out in the vital m-VoIP sector. Continue reading

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Guest Post: The OTT opportunity knocks

by Michael De Jongh, global dead of sales for mobile Billing with MACH

Historically, mobile operators and OTT [Over-The-Top] service providers have often found themselves at loggerheads. However, things are changing and the telecoms ecosystem has now reached a crucial tipping-point – with operators and OTT players moving from competition to cooperation. Increasingly the two parties are finding synergies in their business models and working together.
Operators have come to accept that the weight that OTT players now carry cannot be ignored. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Q10 is Selfridges’ fastest-ever selling tech product

Rating: Plus you can now run Skype on a BB10 device

The very latest BB10 based handset, the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone went on sale on Friday 26th April [2013] and – in the UK and was exclusively available in Selfridges’ stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester stores. The leading High Street retailer has subsequently claimed that in less than 24 hours the Q10 gained the title as the department store’s fastest-ever selling consumer electronics product. Pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10 on Selfridges.com, which launched on Wednesday, 24th April [2013], have exceeded all expectations with over 30,000 page views of the pre-order page within the first two days of the exclusive announcement. So the Brits obviously still get excited by BlackBerry’s smartphones. Continue reading

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MNOs should fight back with their own VoIP & VoLTE services

Rating: Go with the flow and buy into ‘open’ ecosystem

It’s easy to forget that until very recently, voice was the key revenue generator for mobile network operators (MNOs). However, the voice call sector is now being fought over by numerous players, including OTT providers such as Skype and Viber. Plus Internet giants, Facebook, has just announced the availability of its VoIP application in the UK. However, there is an opportunity for MNOs to fight back by offering there own VoIP based services. Continue reading

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BBM Voice for 5.0 OS is a fight back too late for BlackBerry

Rating: Seems a tad user unfriendly, too

First the good news. Recently [March 12th 2013], BlackBerry announced that there was a brand spanking new version (7.0.1) of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which features a new facility called BBM Voice. This feature provides voice chatting over a Wi-fi connection and will work now with BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry OS version 5.0. What this effectively does is to put BlackBerry smartphones in direct competition with the likes of Skype. Don’t forget that Skype only ever produced an official Skype client for BlackBerries on the Sprint network. So it is BlackBerry fighting back. In our humble opinion, it is too little too late. Continue reading

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Skype goes live with MACH Direct Operator Billing

MACH enables new mobile payment option for Skype Credit in three markets

US rollout connects with mobile operators through partnership with payvia

Press release

February 5th 2013. MACH, the world leader in direct operator billing, has announced that Skype now supports a new mobile payment option for Skype Credit in Russia, and soon the U.S. and Canada, using its direct operator billing service. With this new payment option, Skype users can now purchase Skype Credit from their mobile devices through a browser-based transaction that is secure, seamless and convenient. They can pay for this transaction either as part of their monthly cell phone bill or using their mobile carrier’s pre-paid account balance. Continue reading

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GoMo rant: RIM’s PlayBook let down by lack of Skype

Rating: Skype app doesn’t migrate over from Android

A loyal GoMobile News reader recently acquired a RIM PlayBook tablet from her local electronics retail outlet in the UK. She wanted a low cost tablet and the Playbook fits neatly inside her handbag [pocketbook]. Imagine her anger when she discovered that the PlayBook doesn’t possess an official Skype app. What’s the point of providing a front facing video camera with your tablet if it isn’t capable of supporting the world’s most popular video conferencing system, was her reasoning? And she’s got a good point. The PlayBook was conceived as a useful adjunct to a BlackBerry smartphone and it shows. Hopefully, in 2013 RIM will be offering a new tablet which is designed to go head to head with the market leaders – like the iPad. Continue reading

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Guest Post: What to expect in the global telecoms industry for 2013

by Stefan Zehle, CEO with Coleago Consulting

In 2012, the main buzzword in the global telecoms industry has been 4G. Over the last few months, we have witnessed some interesting spectrum auctions taking place around the world. As this has developed, carriers, operators, service providers, businesses and consumers have been busy educating themselves about the benefits of what it is and what it will mean for them such as faster connectivity speeds and reliability. At this time of year it customary to predict what to expect in the mobile space in 2013. I expect to see an increased emphasis on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS); the beginning of the end to roaming charges and even the end of geography being a factor for mobile users. Continue reading

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OpenCloud helps put operators back in driving seat

Rating: especially when it comes to developing premium voice services

The ‘cloud’ is helping to “put mobile operators back in control” – especially when it comes to voice based services, according to Mark Windle, head of marketing at OpenCloud, Until very recently, mobile operators were severely limited on the scope of ‘innovative’ new services which they could launch because they were almost entirely dependent on their infrastructure suppliers – the likes of Ericsson, Nokia Siemens and Alcatel- Lucent, to implement such services. Typical IN (Intelligent Network) back-ends were effectively proprietary but Windle claims the solutions his company’s software can provide are truly ‘Open’. Consequently, operators can utilise OpenCloud’s ‘Open’ platform to launch services which directly compete against OTT (Over-The-Top) providers – like Skype (and Apple with Facetime). Continue reading

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Rakuten welcomes Skype Wi-fi initiative as good for retail

Rating: Bricks & mortar can benefit from free online access

In partnership with Wi-fi installation specialist, Wicoms, VoIP service provider, Skype, is to launch Free Skype WiFi across the UK and Ireland. The service is aimed at owners of shops, restaurants and cafes on the High Street. The aim is to drive consumers into bricks and mortar stores with a view to making purchases. Such a scheme is inline with recent research which found that shoppers searched online whilst in-store but still made their purchases in situ. The move has been welcomed by Rakuten LinkShare UK md, Mark Haviland. “The news that Skype is launching free Wi-fi is a call to action for retailers to realise that online has an integral role to play on the high street – the channels should be working together, not competing against one another for sales,” Haviland claimed. Continue reading

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