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thumbsUp! develops Chameleon Case for iPhone4

Rating: Claims it will make iPhone theft a thing of the past

An ingenious gift and gadget developer, thumbsUp!, claims to have developed the ultimate theft deterrent for iPhone thieves. The company says that its Chameleon Case for iPhone 4 is an intelligent cover that will blend almost seamlessly into its environment. The technology behind the Chameleon Case, developed by thumbsUp!’s in-house product development team, works using a similar premise to an ambi-light. That’s where the light cells on the back of the case change colour according to the surroundings. In effect, each circular cell transforms as it picks up nearby hues, thus creating a camouflaged effect. The CCL*-based developer is offering the case on its web site here at a special price for today only [April 1st 2012] for £24.99. Continue reading

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