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Verizon developers get access to network location data

Along with Verizon’s announcement last year that it was going to launch it’s own app store, it also created the Verizon Developer Community (VDC). This was a way for developers to stay up to date with the Java-based applications platform that Verizon was using to push apps to all the phones on its network. And now it has announced that developers will be able to access both coarse and fine location data from the network itself – along with almost 20 other APIs covering location, messaging and network functions. Continue reading

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Verizon news barrage before CTIA includes Google deal

verizonfloodIt’s Tuesday 6th – the morning before CTIA begins. And what was waiting in my inbox this morning? A huge raft of press releases from Verizon Wireless, hammering out news before the flood begins tomorrow, revolving around mobile app developers and Google. Let’s have a look! Continue reading

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Verizon focusing on mobile applications and partnerships

Verizon caused some surprise last month when it announced its upcoming mobile application store. The plan also comprised a set of open APIs, so that third party developers could get on board and create apps for the Java-based platform. And now Verizon is promoting it’s first Developer Community Conference, later this month. The entire conference [...]

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