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Rumours point to Windows Phone 7.8 being imminent

Rating: Plus there’s something called Windows Phone 7.x

Well there has been a spurgle of stories about the impending release of Windows 7.8 for those with existing W7 Mango (7.5) smartphones. As we all know now such handsets will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8, so we will just have to be content with 7.8. Or will we? One site says there is something called Windows Phone 7.x. The drawback to these stories (for us here at GoMobile Towers at least) is that the main source of the leak is a Chinese site – WinP whilst the secondary source is a German site WParea. So we can’t be 100 per cent sure what exact details have been leaked. However, both sites have anonymously received Windows Presentation slides which appear to have emanated from Nokia itself. Continue reading

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Big scoop for Nokia with Red Bull app

Rating: Forget iOS and Android, it runs on Series 40

Here’s a complete scoop for Nokia www.nokia.com. The struggling handset maker has done an exclusive deal with Red Bull Media House to launch a ‘World of Red Bull’ phone app for its Lumia (W7 Mango) and Asha handsets. The app provides users with access to all of Red Bull’s music, sporting and cultural based content. For Formula One fans this is something of a scoop because red Bull doesn’t just have one team it has two [Red Bull & Toro Rosso]. The application aggregates the latest news, interviews, interactive maps (based on the Nokia’s Maps platform), localised events – along with real time access to athletes, videos and still images. And it’s free. Continue reading

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Nokia’s W7 Mango phone now cheaper than Motorola RAZR

Rating: Asda supermarket sparks handset price battle in UK market

What a significant development. UK supermarket Asda – which is effectively the UK incarnation of the USA’s Walmart, has sparked off something of a price battle over leading smartphone models. It has decided to drop the price of Nokia’s premier W7 Mango (WP7) handset down to £199. Asda is now offering the Nokia Lumia 800 for £40 less than even Amazon and a whopping £200 less than leading High Street electrical goods retailer, Currys. What cheered GoMobile News up is the price Asda is asking for the Motorola RAZR. It wants £50 more than the Lumia 800. Just goes to show what a great handset the RAZR is, ahead of the official launch of the latest RAZR models in the UK tomorrow [September 18th 2012]. Continue reading

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Official National Rail Enquiries app clocks up 1m users in 10 weeks

Rating: BlackBerry & WP7 users must use 3rd party apps

How about this? In only 10 weeks over a million Brits have installed the official National Rail Enquiries (NRE) free smartphone app since its launch in May 2012. This instantly makes it one of the most popular travel apps in the UK. It’s even more remarkable since the app is only available for iOS and Android users. Tough luck BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone (W7 Mango) owners. Anyway, GoMobile News can exclusively reveal that the split in the usage base is 7:3 in favour of the iPhone with 70.5 per cent of downloads being iOS and the remaining 29.5 per cent being Android. The NRE is also a prime example of a mobile app which successfully leverages geolocation capabilities. Continue reading

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Actual Windows Phone usage jumps massively in July

Rating: Word of mouth rather than waiting for W8 Osbourne

We all know that calculating market shares from units shipments can be notoriously inaccurate as they don’t truly reflect the number of handsets actually in use. So some bright spark at mynokiablog had the clever idea of utilising stats provided by Statcounter. This company provides figures based on actual web browsing numbers which it then extrapolates into an estimate of OS market share.  Statcounter  provides monthly figures for the OS of all current handsets in use here. What mynokiablog did what feed in the paramenter for Finland only and came up with a comparative big jump in Windows Phone (W7 Mango) usage. Which is good news for Nokia. Continue reading

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appMobi tackles App Store Fragmentation with free app

Rating: Unites stats for multiple leading app stores

It’s surprising how little information the big players in the app store market provide to developers. The only analytic provided by Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market) is download count. That’s all you get! Hence HTML5 specialist, appMobi www.appMobi.com, created storeView for its own internal use. Finding it to be an invaluable tool, the company is giving it away to anyone who’s using HTML5 to create apps. This particularly applies to those using the open source PhoneGap offering. Continue reading

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GoMobile solves the W7 Mango auto-answer problem

Rating: But are ‘intelligent’ rear view mirrors the real answer

Regular readers may recall GoMobile News bemoaning the fact that when our trusty Nokia Lumia 800 W7 Mango handset was paired with a Bluetooth headset, there was no way to force the handset to auto-answer incoming calls. (See our previous story here. )Which is a major failing in our eyes. However, we managed to find one solution in the shape of Jabra hands-free car kit courtesy of our old friends at GN Netcom. You can pair your W7 Mango handset with this device and it has a button which you can push to answer an incoming call. Simples. The future, however, many lie with an intelligent rear view mirror system. Continue reading

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Parrot launches hands-free text/email messaging

Rating: GoMobile News discovers how to do so with Nokia Lumia 800

French supplier, Parrot, best known for its Android power vehicle audio centre – the Asteroid, has just launched a service which it is calling ‘TextFriendly’. The whole aim is to provide a service whereby any mobile phone user can manage his or her own communications such as text messages or emails – hands-free. Obviously, TextFriendly works using voice recognition technology but weren’t not sure which major player has provided it. Nuance, perhaps? We’re also guessing that it is actually a white-labelled offering – possibly from a company called QRC. Anyway, GoMobile News has tested the system out and provided it works really quite well. The snag is that we don’t quite know what the costs are. Continue reading

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Home Finder app for iOS & Android features augmented reality

Rating: Grapple & Halifax get together for home buyers

A team of UX and visual designers; senior native Apple iOS and Android developers; and QA testers put together by Grapple Mobile has produced the Halifax Home Finder app. It’s already been named ‘app of the week’ by the Guardian newspaper and amongst its leading features is support for augmented reality (AR). Simply by holding up their smartphone and panning around the vicinity users will be able to view properties currently for sale in the surrounding area. The app also offers property search facilities; mortgage affordability calculators; local area information; and property buyer guides. The app is already available for free from Google Play and the Apple iTunes App Store. Continue reading

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How to personalise Mix Radio on your Nokia W7 Mango phone

Rating: GoMobile News finally gets this feature to work

Ever since GoMobile News bumped into an official ‘Nokia Trainer’ in Basingstoke for the Lumia W7 Mango range, we’ve been intrigued by its music facilities. He convinced us that there was a whole wealth of facilities buried deep inside the ‘Nokia Music’ hub which regular fans of W7 Mango never quite discover. We must have misunderstood because we could have sworn he claimed there was Nokia’s answer to the popular Shazam app built in, too. That would be the kind of app which listens and then identifies music tracks. We can find no such facility. However, we did manage to totally personalise the ‘Mix Radio’ feature – in the end. Continue reading

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Switching from Bing to Google with a W7 Mango phone

Rating: It’s possible but not very elegant
yapf screenshot
We’re strong believers in using the right tool for the job here at GoMobile Towers. One of the niggling problems with using a W7 Mango handset such as the Nokia Lumia 800, is that the Bing search engine is integrated heavily into the mobile OS. There doesn’t [...]

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Everything Everywhere Nokia W7 Mango users finally updated

Rating: Third update for Nokia Lumia 800 is damp squib

As we recently reported, Nokia has just released its third OS update for the Lumia 800 (W7 Mango) phone. Out of all of the UK mobile networks, those on T-Mobile and Orange (which together make up Everything Everywhere) were the last to be able to receive this update. As GoMobile News is connected to the Orange network with its Lumia 800, we can now finally update you on the process. Initially, we’d believed that there’d be no formal notification of this update’s availability. We were wrong. You do actually get a message sent to the handset. Ours came on Friday 13th April [2012] – unlucky for some but not us as we’d been expecting to receive it a couple of days from now. Sadly, the whole update has proved to be something of a non-event because there are no visible massive changes. Continue reading

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GoMo News tries to place mobile bet on Grand National

Rating: What’s the betting it own’t work?

Every year, there is one horse race in the calendar here in Blighty (the UK) on which even Joe Public bothers to have a flutter. That race is the Grand National and it is today [14th April 2012]. Given that betting has always been one of the applications quoted as being entirely suitable for the mobile web (even back in the dark old days of WAP), GoMobile News has always decided to investigate how easy it is to do. This year there is a twist. We are determined to place the bet from our W7 Mango Nokia Lumia 800 handset. It’s about the one mobile OS that the British bookies (betting shops) don’t seem to support. Let’s see if it works. Continue reading

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Apple will decline and WP Mango will shine 51Degrees.mobi says

Rating: Too juicy 2012 predictions for us not to publish

GoMo News isn’t normally a big fan of predictions for the mobile industry in 2012 but those from James Rosewell, CEO with 51Degrees.mobi, are so compelling we can’t resist publishing some of them. A personal favourite prediction which will cheer up W7 Mango fans is that Microsoft will double its mobile market share by the end of 2012. That’s followed swiftly by the suggestions that brands will abandon creating their own native mobile apps and that Apple will lose its shine in 2012. There’s also a prediction that Vodafone will move into the US market in a big way. Continue reading

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W7 Mango fans should read Essential Windows Phone 7.5

Rating: A comprehensive introduction to Windows Phone 7.5 development
Here’s a very handy tool for W7 Mango fans, a definitive guide to the very latest Microsoft mobile OS. Entitled ‘Essential Windows Phone 7.5′, it has been written by a highly experienced Microsoft insider, Shawn Wildermuth. This work is available as a standard printed publication although the [...]

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