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As IDC lowers WP8 expectations GoMo touts Tizen

We’re also big fans of NFC, too

As one of the leading publications in the cellular/mobile sector, GoMo News was recently asked to give its views on what the future might hold for the leading players. Being very cleverly interrogated, we were quite surprised by some of our own answers. It seems that we’re not unique in modifying our views on who will actually survive the next three years of the mobile industry’s very predictable expansion. Research giant, IDC – for example, appears to have changed its view of who the leaders will be in the mobile OS stakes. Although enjoying a heavy US bias, IDC still doesn’t appear to believe that the Redmond giant, Microsoft, gain make inroads into the duopoly of mobile ecosystems which are Apple iOS and Google’s Android. Continue reading

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GoMo tries MusicQubed’s O2 Tracks on Windows Phone

Rating: O2′s site thought that we were using an iPhone not WP7.5

Having just chatted to Chris Gorman who’s in charge of MusicQubed, the company that created the technology and service behind O2 Tracks on iOS, Android and Blackberry, we thought it best to try out the service.  Especially since the company has only just announced availability of the app for Windows Phone which you can find here. It is already available via other devices’ app stores: - AndroidBlackBerry, and iOS. We had a bit of fun and games downloading the WP7.8 version, of course. Continue reading

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Big surge in UK sales of Windows phones

Consolidating position as No.3 platform

Sales of Windows smartphones have grown by a staggering 240 per cent in a year and now account for 6.2 per cent of the UK market, latest figures from research firm Kantar reveal. In the past year some 700,000 new Windows users were added, while in the three months up to end of January 2013 the Microsoft-based devices – spearheaded by Nokia’s Lumia 800 and HTC’s 8X – surpassed those of BlackBerry in Britain. Continue reading

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Windows Phone will fail to rule the world by 2017 says Analysys Mason

Rating: Apparently this will happen sometime in 2017

According to new research from Analysys Mason, Microsoft will ship as many Windows Phone units by 2017 as Apple will ship in 2012. This is taken from a recently published report, ‘Smartphone markets: worldwide trends, forecasts and strategies 2012–2017′. The firm reckons that Windows Phone will become the fastest-growing mobile OS in terms of number of shipments within the next five years. GoMobile News has followed the fortunes of Microsoft for many years and this conclusion is indeed very hard to swallow. Continue reading

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Revolutionary messaging app, ZMS, confuses GoMo

Rating: it’s nothing to do with SMS

When the authors of the ZMS app for Android and iOS , inZair, described the product as, “Set to revolutionise smartphone messaging,” – they managed to confuse us here at GoMobile Towers. We thought the product (because of the name) was revolutionising the text/SMS market. The blurb talked about ZMS users specifying the time and/or the location that recipients receive their text, picture, video or voice messages. Initially, we thought that would enable us to trigger an SMS when we reached a particular venue, for example. Sadly, this ability only applies to those with the app loaded and the app creates a ‘ZMS’ rather than an SMS or MMS. Continue reading

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Rumours point to Windows Phone 7.8 being imminent

Rating: Plus there’s something called Windows Phone 7.x

Well there has been a spurgle of stories about the impending release of Windows 7.8 for those with existing W7 Mango (7.5) smartphones. As we all know now such handsets will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8, so we will just have to be content with 7.8. Or will we? One site says there is something called Windows Phone 7.x. The drawback to these stories (for us here at GoMobile Towers at least) is that the main source of the leak is a Chinese site – WinP whilst the secondary source is a German site WParea. So we can’t be 100 per cent sure what exact details have been leaked. However, both sites have anonymously received Windows Presentation slides which appear to have emanated from Nokia itself. Continue reading

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Nokia investors braced for more disappointment

Storm clouds are thought to be gathering over Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia as it braces itself for its Q3 results tomorrow [18th October 2012] when results are expected to be weak.
Analysts will be looking to see just how poor Nokia’s performance has been in the period, especially for sales of smartphones which are expected to be sluggish despite the introduction of new Lumia handsets based on the Windows Phone operating system. Continue reading

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Ex Nokia workers to unveil first fruits of new mobile OS

Picking up where Finnish phone giant left off

A new mobile phone using discarded Nokia software is to be unveiled next month by a group of ex-employees capitalising on patent violation fears elsewhere. With the feud over design and intellectual property rights between Apple and Samsung showing no signs of abating, and growing concern it could spill over into Android phones, the former Nokia executives and engineers believe the time has never been better for an alternative operating system. Their Finnish start-up business, Jolla, has already raised $258 million with the help of unnamed partners said to include a telecom operator, chip manufacturer as well as device and component firms. Continue reading

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Guest Post: What does the Firefox OS mean to me

by Rob James, occasional blogger for Boxmodeldigital

The Mozilla Firefox OS has been receiving a lot of attention, and for good reason. As an alternative to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone – an open source, HTML 5 based OS could be the solution to problems with the former, and an excellent way of getting hold of lower cost, but still effective, smart phones. For me, the prospect of an OS that can replicate the speed and performance of a web browser without the problems of a proprietary system would be an excellent way to customise and simplify how I use my phone. Continue reading

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appMobi tackles App Store Fragmentation with free app

Rating: Unites stats for multiple leading app stores

It’s surprising how little information the big players in the app store market provide to developers. The only analytic provided by Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market) is download count. That’s all you get! Hence HTML5 specialist, appMobi www.appMobi.com, created storeView for its own internal use. Finding it to be an invaluable tool, the company is giving it away to anyone who’s using HTML5 to create apps. This particularly applies to those using the open source PhoneGap offering. Continue reading

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Amobee launches user generated mobile ads for Windows Phones

Mobile Advertising company Amobee, has launched a new ad unit for the Windows Phone OS. These ad units are called User Generated Ad (UGA).

The UGA is an ad that will allow consumers to enable consumer to determine which ads they want to receive on their Windows Phones. This will be determined by their personal preferences and user patterns.

From the press release
Continue reading

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RIM pair win accolade for all the wrong reasons

Rating: Balsillie and Lazaridis in hot water with The Canadian Press

If you’d won the award for The Canadian Press’ ‘business newsmakers of 2011′ in an annual survey of editors and broadcasters, you might expect to be proud. Unfortunately, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis – who together run Research in Motion (RIM) – won it for making headlines as the BlackBerry maker slipped off its pedestal. Worse still a group of activist investors are calling for their removal and there have been constant rumours of a takeover. Plus hints that a new generation of BlackBerries could well be delayed. The fact that RIM won the award indicates exactly the problem GoMo News has always highlighted – the company is terrible at PR. So we’re inviting RIM to make a good start in 2012 by telling us some good news. Continue reading

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UK Nokia boss says W7 Mango will triumph

Rating: Apparently there’s such a thing as iFatigue

UK and Ireland general manager with Nokia, Conor Pierce, appears to have coined the term ‘iFatigue’ to describe British retailers attitude towards the very latest iOS devices from Apple. He was speaking to The Sun here, which just so happens to be the UK’s best selling printed daily newspaper. Nice scoop, Conor. Apparently, Pierce reckons that W7 Mango (Windows Phone) is the company’s secret weapon which will enable the Finnish mobile handset producer to claw its way back in the UK smartphone sales charts Continue reading

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Nokia adds gig guide to Music for Lumia

Rating: We’ve no idea how you get the update, of course

Only days after the final release of its W7 Mango phones, Nokia has apparently created an update to its Music for Lumia app. The key addition here is a gig guide – Gigfinder. GoMo News has yet to discover whose technology powers this app. There are a few scant details on an official Nokia blog here. It says that the app, “Starts with your location and today’s date and lists the nearest, soonest gigs happening round you. Where available, you can click through to booking information. You can now also share the gig details with friends using SMS, email or social networks.” Great. But where do you get this update? The Mobile Indian here says, “Customers will get this update as and when they purchase and activate their devices.” Continue reading

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Nokia dodges Qualcomm and goes with ST-Ericsson

Rating: Chips for Windows Phone and maybe Android

There’s definitely more to this deal than meets the eye, we reckon. Specialist chip supplier, ST-Ericsson, has just announced it’s been selected by Nokia as a “supplier for future Windows Phone devices” using its NovaThor platform. This will apparently “enable Nokia to extend Windows Phone devices to new price points and geographies.” Hmm. We always knew that Nokia would feel uncomfortable using chips from old rival Qualcomm. Now it’s selected ST-Ericsson which was established as a 50/50 joint venture by STMicroelectronics and Ericsson back in February 2009. Could this be connected with the fact that Ericsson no longer has any connexion with making handsets having recently been bought out by Sony – its former partner? Continue reading

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