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Xmas present for all Power Bar owners from EE

Swap your mobile power charger for £20 voucher

Originally aimed at those attending the British Glastonbury music festival, leading UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE, is recalling all of its Power Bars. That’s the brand name for its mobile power charger. Previously the company had just recalled the batch which had a “Model No: E106″. Now, it seems that in rare cases any of the Power Bars can potentially overheat. EE is informaing existing owners by text [SMS] message. What the message doesn’t mention, however, is that those who surrender their Power Bar get a free £20 voucheer just before Xmas [2015] to use before the end of January [2016]. Continue reading

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Apple is working with Brits on iPhone fuel cell

Could have major implications for markets like India

Rumours have emerged recently that Apple is working with a British technology company has developed a  hydrogen fuel cell that is small enough to be factory fitted inside one of its smartphones. The company is Intelligent Energy and in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph here, Intelligent Energy’s CFO, Dr Mark Lawson-Stratham, mentioned working with a partner. He said while the tech is still a couple of years away from being ready for the general public, “But it’s about how quickly does our partner want to press the button and get on with it?” Naturally, with Apple be notoriously harsh to suppliers who leak information, the company refused to confirm that the smartphone manufacturer was Apple. However, Intelligent Energy has strong links with Apple which already sells its Upp fuel cell charger in its stores. The technology has, of course, major benefits for emerging markets such as India, where traditional mains electricity supplies can prove difficult to find. A whole new market for reusable cartridge could open up for retailers, too. Continue reading

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GoMo kind of likes the WOMAD festival app

Improvement on previous years

We should actually be in a field in Wiltshire right now but circumstances beyond our control meant we haven’t gone to the WOMAD world music festival this year [2014]. Nonetheless we decided to review the events’ Android app anyway. Especially since our gut feeling is that the app is a lot better than previous years. Once again it has been created by App Majik and it only appeared a few days before the festival started. Our view is that apps like this should be released a few weeks in advance and it should be left to users to download the updates. Continue reading

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Keep consumers’ spirits up all summer with IDT Systems’ in-store phone and tablet case personalisation

Telecoms retailers can offer customers with post-football and holiday blues a chance to instantly personalise their latest device accessories with happy memories

Press release

One of the first things consumers do when they get a new mobile device is personalise it, often with images of treasured memories, friends or teams. With IDT System‘s new easy to use in-store Case Stations, telecoms retailers can help customers personalise their device cases before they leave the store, delivering increased customer satisfaction and additional revenue. Continue reading

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Caller Tune goes viral in India

What a way to put ringback tones onto the map

A chance remark made by OnMobile‘s Florent Stroppa during his chat with us has led GoMo News to discover that ringback tones [RBTs] have recently gone viral in India. Probably because this type of service is known by the far more sensible name of ‘caller tune’ rather than RBT. There’s actually a smash hit song called Caller Tune and is sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Neeti Mohan. Better still has been created for a Bollywood movie – Humshakals. What a way to put RBTs onto the map. Continue reading

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Take quality panoramic shots using a smartphone

All you need is the Panoramic Pod for about $26

Here’s one for the budding photographers and a great way of showcasing the full capabilities of high quality cameraphones. The site selling it in the UK (I Want One of Those) says it is “compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.” Here at GoMo Towers we think this is because there are panoramic apps available on the Apple iTunes app store (360 ) and on Google Play (Panorama: 360 by TeliportMe). We reckon that those with Nokia’s mega cameraphones like the Lumia 1020. After all the Panoramic Pod is basically a tripod with a clockwork motor in it. Continue reading

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Cook full English & simultaneously charge your iPhone

Good for some music festivals which hopefully includes WOMAD

The sun is shining here in Blighty [UK], so our thoughts naturally turn to hopes of a balmy [sunny] Summer of music festivals. What’s an Englishman/woman’s major challenge when camping out in the middle of nowhere – as is the case with most music festivals? Answer: – How are you going to cook a full English breakfast?* Oh, and what are you going to do about re-charging your iPhone (or any other smartphone for that matter)? We came across one device which sounds like it is the answer to any English person’s prayers. The Biolite Camping stove. Basically you can burn wood to heat the frying pan and charge your smartphone simultaneously. Camp fires and barbecues are banned at most music festivals but some such as WOMAD Charlton Park allow camping stoves. Continue reading

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Use your mobile to stage your own mini music festival

Ultimate Ears’ MINI BOOM Bluetooth speaker works up to 50 feet away

It appears that Ultimate Ears – a Logitech brand, has introduced a powerful new portable speaker which it is calling the UE MINI BOOM. It’s so powerful that it can receive a streamed music feed from any Bluetooth-enabled device located up to 50 feet away. So your mini festival goers won’t notice where the source is. The supplier claims the Bluetooth speaker offers “clear highs and deep bass, giving you great stereo sound.” Continue reading

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WOMAD Charlton Park, UK 2014

[ July 24, 2014 8:00 am to July 27, 2014 11:30 pm. ] Organisers: WOMAD
Venue: Charlton Park
Location: Malmesbury, UK
Web:  www.womad.org

Tickets available from here.

The Festival of WOrld Music Arts and Dance. Probably the best world music festival in the world.

Line-up includes artist from around the world such as India. Continue reading

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Now debate on 4G device owners’ Wi-fi usage

EE says it goes down, Devicescape says it goes up

It would seem logical that once consumers get their hands on a 4G device and realise just how fast applications such as video streaming can be, then their use of Wi-fi hotspots should decline. That certainly seemed to be the case in the recent experience of EE (formed from T-Mobile UK and Orange UK).  In its recent 4G Mobile Living Index (well worth a read here), almost half of users are using fewer or no public Wi-fi hotspots since signing up to 4G. This is completely the opposite finding from a comprehensive study – carried out by Devicescape, which analysed Wi-fi usage. The results clearly show that, on average, Wi-fi usage doubles for consumers with 4G subscriptions. So can we only ponder why the findings were so different? Continue reading

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Festival app is a bit too elitist

Guardian’s Android app for WOMAD disappoints
As a global news site, it is hardly surprising to find GoMo News at the UK’s world music festival – WOMAD Charlton Park. We are, however, more than a little disappointed with the events’ main media partner – the Guardian. When we finally tracked the newspapers app down, it only [...]

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EE apparently supports WOMAD

GoMo News has just discovered that EE (the UK network operator) apparently supports the WOMAD Charlton Park music festival. Which is a stroke of luck since we use Orange which now forms part of EE. There is a tie up with South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo.

In co-operation with the Guardian newspaper, Spoek is urging attendees to [...]

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Lloyds to offer Monitise’s MPOS solution to Brits

Enables small traders to accept chip & pin payments

Mobile payment specialist, Monitise, has partnered with with the UK’s Lloyds Bank to develop a mobile payment system aimed at sole traders and small businesses in Britain. There are over 3.5 million sole traders operating in the UK – most of whom currently have no access to a mobile payment service. The pair expect to offer a suite of mobile payments products by Autumn [Fall] 2013. This solution will also provide the basis for a number of broader mobile banking initiatives which Lloyds is currently developing for clients. It’s based on the new Monitise mPOS service launched back in May [2013]. Continue reading

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Music promoters could open new mobile ad niche

They know your musical tastes & have your mobile number

Regular readers will know that GoMo News is an avid supporter of live music and the WOMAD - world music – festival in particular. However, remarks made by Live Nation’s CEO, Michael Rapino, struck a cord over the w/e. Whilst Live Nation is more heavily associated with venues like the O2 rather than an alternative music festival in the wilds of Malmesbury, it illustrates how diverse technological trends are rapidly converging. Big data and prime content meet mobile advertising. Continue reading

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EE picks Glastonbury when it could have had the world

EE picks Glastonbury when it could have had the world
Backs popular UK music festival instead of WOMAD

It seems that EE (which owns the Orange brand as well as T-Mobile) has decided to maintain its establish links with the Glastonbury UK music festival. Here at GoMo News we were kind of hoping EE might have defected to WOMAD (the UK version of the World music festival event) that is. EE is, of course, hoping to showcase the fact that it is the only UK network capable of providing the festival with 4G coverage via 4GEE. You have to wonder, however, how many mud soaked revellers will realise they can stream their Glastonbury experiences live to friends who couldn’t get tickets. Continue reading

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