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Will Hill experiences 146% growth in mobile gaming

Almost certainly down to betting on World Cup in Brazil

We’d love to claim that we told you so but actually we did. Last November [2013], GoMo News quoted the bookmakers, Ladbrokes, as predicting here that the [soccer] World Cup in Brazil this Summer [2014] “is likely to be the most competitive sporting event on mobile ever – certainly for Brits.” Now Ladrokes’ arch-rival – William Hill has revealed that enjoyed record-breaking World Cup activity with online wagering for the tournament up 211 per cent on 2010. Sadly, the company doesn’t specifically thank mobile for this feat but it’s pretty obvious from some of the other stats. Oh, and the fact that Ladbrokes stole mobile specialist -Chelsea Apps Factory, from them doesn’t seem to have hurt that much. And they’ve got a new CEO. Continue reading

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Skype & TravelSim offer free calls to World Cup footie fans

Aimed at those going to the World Cup in Brazil for Summer 2014

Let’s face it. It has been estimated that for soccer fans travelling from England it will cost around £10, 000 in flights, tickets and accommodation. And that’s just for the three opening group games. Love ones left at home are bound to worry. Which is why two Estonian based technology firms TravelSim and Skype have teamed up to make it free for Skype users to call all TravelSim mobile users. The beauty of this arrangement is that the TravelSim user doesn’t even need a data connexion. Continue reading

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Data roaming for rugby fans Visiting NZ slashed by 3 UK

Rating: Get yourself a Nokia N9 while you’re there?

We knew that 3 UK was into its real ales. Now we know that the guys there are rugby fans, too. That’s because the UK operator has decided to slash the cost of ‘data roaming’ whilst in New Zealand to watch the 2011 rugby World Cup. The company claims that the charges to roam half way around the world on data will be brought into line with European charges for the period between September 9th and October 31st [2001]. 3 UK is prepared to offer a discount of nearly 80 per cent on New Zealand roaming costs. “Despite being on the other side of the world, by getting the data price for roaming in New Zealand down to the same rate as roaming in Europe, Three’s customers can continue to stay connected and share their experience of rugby’s biggest tournament,” commented Thomas Malleschitz, 3 UK’s marketing director. While you’re there you might want to try purchasing a Nokia N9. Continue reading

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Mobile advertising and marketing hot news: barcodes, World Cup and analytics

Here’s our GoMo News mobile marketing and advertising round-up for today. We’ve got Scanbuy moves; mobile marketing for hotels in Austria; bluetooth marketing tested in India and more… Continue reading

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Mobile gaming sees push from World Cup

Now that the World Cup is over and the dust has begun to settle, mobile companies are looking back at their numbers from the tournament. Today we’ve got a report from mobile entertainment company Buzzcity, which reports a massive increase in the number of mobile games it sold through its Djuzz platform. Continue reading

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Never mind the recession ad impressions grow 61 per cent

Rating: Brands take advantage of World Cup footie says BuzzCity

The recession hasn’t dented mobile ad impressions growth. The latest data collected by BuzzCity for its Global Mobile Advertising Index showed an increase of 61 per cent in Q2 over the Q1 period. Adidas, Puma and the South African player, Homeground, took advantage of the World Cup to promote football-related content. Continue reading

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Watch the World Cup in mid-air on British Airways’ new mobile service

mobile-airline-flight-airline-travelInternational airline British Airways has announced a new in-flight service for passengers traveling London to New York. Smartphone owners on a London City to JFK flight will have access to mobile internet services the whole way, through a British Airways portal. Continue reading

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Vuvuzela iPhone app makes tens of thousands in mobile advertising

vuvuzela-iphone-appThis World Cup will be remembered most of all for the hideously aggravating vuvuzela. The buzzing, throbbing sound of the South African horn has dominated televisions all over the world… and now it dominates iPhones as well. Vuvuzela 2010 has hit the top of the free download charts in over 50 countries. Continue reading

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Why Vodafone may be blocking your site

Rating: World Cup streaming story comes to our rescue

For some reason, ten days ago Vodafone‘s mobile broadband service suddenly started to block access to the GoMo News site to all those who hadn’t registered themselves as over 18. Initial attempts to find the cause and overturn the restriction proved fruitless until we spotted this World Cup video streaming story on The Register. The answer lies with K9 listings. Continue reading

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PocketGear cashes in on World Cup fever with price cuts

Rating: Yes, there’s a Vuvuzela app but not for Android or iPhone

Independent mobile app aggregator, PocketGear, has decided to cash in on international World Cup soccer fever by slashing the price of some of its football associated apps by as much as a quarter (25 per cent). And, just in case you were wondering – yes, there is an app that turns your smartphone into a Vuvuzela horn. It’s called WC Vuvuzela 1.0. Continue reading

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Mobile advertising and marketing hot links: World Cup, India and LBS

mobile-marketingWhile Apple is being probed by the FTC, the rest of the mobile advertising world spins on. Check our hot links to the stories of the day – location-based advertising is causing privacy issues; the World Cup is boosting MTN advertising; and more… Continue reading

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World Cup kicks off one of worlds largest mobile marketing campaigns

Wapple helps 1Goal stay on target
11 June 2010: With the World Cup kicking off today, Wapple has lent its skills to the 1Goal education charity campaign to develop a mobile web site that will promote the importance of education for all in the fight against world poverty. Supported by some of the world’s biggest names [...]

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World Cup is driving mobile sports crazy

fifa-mobile-iphone-world-cup-2010With the World Cup starting today, comScore has released some mobile stats about it. The last three months have shown a surge in sports-related activity over mobile devices – but more so in the UK than any other country. And at the same time, Synchronica is predicting an explosion in mobile messaging for the duration of the tournament. Continue reading

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MXit mobile marketing, safe sex and child protection at the World Cup 2010

I just read this great article on the World Cup and its impact on South Africa. In the middle (see text below) it highlights a mobile marketing campaign from MXit

I love this as it shows how mobile use is more than just goals and gossip on football stars or other mobile entertainment.. it can save lives. Continue reading

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‘The Beautiful App’ Launch Lets Fans Score World Cup Nirvana

world cup, mobile, mobile app, football, sport Continue reading

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