Take quality panoramic shots using a smartphone

All you need is the Panoramic Pod for about $26

Here’s one for the budding photographers and a great way of showcasing the full capabilities of high quality cameraphones. The site selling it in the UK (I Want One of Those)  says it is “compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.” Here at GoMo Towers we think this is because there are panoramic apps available on the Apple iTunes app store (360  ) and on Google Play (Panorama: 360 by TeliportMe). We reckon that those with Nokia’s mega cameraphones like the Lumia 1020. After all the Panoramic Pod is basically a tripod with a clockwork motor in it.

The IWOOT site says the Panoramic Pod enables users to take 240 degree panoramic shots with a smartphone.

It takes the shot over a 25 second timeframe, so it’s perfect for taking landscape photos or ffriends & family in huge group shots.

The IWOOT site is selling this device for £15.99 ($26) and shipping is free in the UK. Currently, it has run out.

We reckon it will also be handy for taking great photos at music festivals like WOMAD Charlton Park UK 2014.

The device comes with a tripod mount and to hold the device steady – not that easy if you try it manually.

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