TalkTalk strikes deal with F-Secure for MobileSafe

Extending child protection to mobile phones

f-secure's mobilesafe for talktalk

A bit of a coup for our old friends, F-Secure. The company has just done a deal with the UK’s leading ISP – TalkTalk, to supply Android mobile device users with free mobile security software. If you search for it on Google Play here, you’ll find it should be compatible with virtually any Android device – not just the latest handsets. the clever bit is that if you don’t have a TalkTalk Mobile SIM inside your device then the TalkTalk MobileSafe app won’t load.

We reckon this offer is worth £12.95 to TalkTalk mobile customers because that is how much F-Secure charges for its regular Mobile Security product per annum.

Non-TalkTalk customers can see what they are missing by downloading the F-Secure app from here on Google Play. It’s free but after 30 days you have to pay.

Although the emphasis is placed on parental controls with this new MobileSafe offering, it will also provide TalkTalk Android customers with anti-virus, safe browsing, anti-theft, and call/SMS filtering.

By extending its software to cover TalkTalk Mobile devices, the UK ISP is now able to protect customers and their families on any internet-connected device in any location.

If a smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, the user is able to locate, lock and wipe the entire contents of the device – keeping all user content safe.

Dan Meader, director of TalkTalk Mobile, explained, “”As a trusted provider of internet services to our broadband customers, with our Super Safe Boost, provided by F-Secure, and TalkTalk’s unique HomeSafe filtering solution being used in more than a million British homes, the next logical step is for us to extend our leadership in online safety to our mobile customers.”

Allen Scott, managing director of F-Secure UK & Ireland, commented, “Consumers are looking to their mobile provider to ensure that their mobile experience is safe and secure. TalkTalk is well positioned to capitalise on this market need using MobileSafe.”

Now GoMo News has had a lot of trouble sorting out who is actually behind TalkTalk Mobile.

TalkTalk used to be part of the Carphone warehouse (CPW) empire and as such CPW’s first MVNO used to run on the one2one/T-Mobile network. Now EE, of course.

But back in in 2010 Fresh was discontinued in favour of TalkMobile which runs on Vodafone.

TalkMobile claims 500,000 subscribers whilst Dan Meader has just said, “More than 200,000 customers are already with TalkTalk Mobile.”

Both Talkmobile and talktalk Mobile are on the Vodafone network but you can only get a TalkTalk Mobile SIM if you are a TalkTalk fixed line subscriber.

They are probably both run by the same organisation, although TalkTalk is no longer part of the Carphone Warehouse Group having ‘demerged’ back in 2010.

What we can’t work out is how all 200,000 of TalkTalk’s mobile network users can benefit from this as the company has just claimed.

You can buy a Nokia Lumia WP8 handset or a BlackBerry Q10 from TalkTalk Mobile and MobileSafe won’t un on those.

We like to point these things out.

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  1. TalkTalk get so much bad press, but they really do offer one of the most comprehensive services compared to sky or virgin, at a fraction of the price! This just confirms that even more!

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